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14-01-2006, 19:58
My friend have made a WE border Patrol and would like some feedback, seeing as I am a Chaos player, I figured you guys might have something to say about his list, and here it goes.

(It's wardancer themed)

Wood Elf Noble, Wardancer Kindred... 105

10 Glade Guards, Full Command... 144 pts

12 Wardancers, Musician, Bladesinger... 237 pts

Total... 486 pts

Another Border Patrol (I suggested something similar to this one)

Wood Elf Noble, Greatweapon, Amber Pendant... 138 pts

12 Glade Guards, Full Command... 144

5 Glade Riders, Full Command... 84 pts

5 Waywatchers, Shadow Sentinel... 128 pts

494 pts

He allready have the models for the Wardancer BP, so it's mostly thatone he wants to know what small changes he can do to, he also want's to know if there re any really good ways he can use these two warbands in.

15-01-2006, 09:21
Wow. That's a lot of wardancers. I rarely field them in units of more than eight. Dryads are excellent in Border patrol, so I'd condsider trying something like:

Wardancer noble - 105

10 Glade guard - 120
10 Dryads, Branch Nymph - 132

8 Wardancers - 144

501 points.

As for the second list, I think it's slightly unfair. We have an unwritten rule at my local club that at 500 points no more than 50% of models may have a ranged weapon. shooting is too powerful at lwer points level. Particularly with a 30" range.

15-01-2006, 10:17
What do you do about Seaguard then?

16-01-2006, 08:33
No-one plays them at less than 2k. They don't the free round of shooting unless they have a sealord.

16-01-2006, 08:49
I'd split the huge unit of Wardancers into two units of 6.

16-01-2006, 09:25
In border patrol you can only have one special OR rare choice. So you can't have 2 units of wardancers.

16-01-2006, 12:05
Oops, sorry, I've been doing 500 point battles using normal rules.

In which case I'd cut the Wardancers down to a sensible size and get another unit, glade riders if possible.