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Awilla the Hun
13-09-2009, 15:45
As some of you may know, I collect a Peasant Themed Bretonnian Army. You can see it in more detail down there, if you want to. But this isn't advertising.

It is almost at its 2000 point completeion. Now, I will be playing it as many times as possible.

The challenge for me is to have an opponent describe it as somehow "overpowered", "wrong", or generally ridiculously over the top in game terms. Even more points if it gets described on the internet as "overpowered", "wrong", and so on.

What are my chances of success?

Awilla the Hun
13-09-2009, 15:51
Mods, delete this please. This thread may be illegal. I have too many points already. And it is more appropriate in my battle reports thread anyway.

13-09-2009, 15:56
Hmmm... Unless you have a whiny opponent or one who tailors his list against you expecting the RAF or multibus knights and finds himself with an ineffective army I think the only way to be called "overpowered" is through flawless play and good luck. I haven't played brets since 5th but I can't imagine massed peasants are game breaking.

13-09-2009, 16:45
I would love to play masses of peasants no matter how powerful they might be.

I'll bring my masses of orcs.

13-09-2009, 20:27
Heh, finally i see someone with the same kind of army as me :D

I play a Brettonia "Pessant army" and find it quite good. It goes better than you would think. My list consists of 2 heroes (army standard bearer and general). 3 grail knights (to give it the feeling of divinity:p). 5 Knight of the realm. 3 Pegasus knights, and after that i just add as many pessants as i possibly can. Yeomen, grail reliquae, men at arms and skirmishing bowmen. (I might make the pegasus knight and grail knights a bit larger depending on the game size) Works splendind. My last 3 games were: 2 minor victories and (won) one massacre. All these games were against the friends in my gaming group, all experienced gamers. Perhaps they just underestimated the strenght of WS2 pessants?:evilgrin:

14-09-2009, 11:30
I could see fear and terror being a significant problem for a peasant army...
That Ld of 5 gives them a 28% chance to pass an unmodified Ld check...
Ld 6 is a much better Ld at 42% chance to pass though.
So those men-at-arms and bowmen are easily scared, as will those mounted yeomen.

So I could see that some armies could simply run you off the board without much actual fighting.

The only thing that would most likely stay and fight are the knights and battle pilgrims.

14-09-2009, 11:40
I'd like to see 200 peasants vs 100 slaves, and 100 clanrats. :D

14-09-2009, 19:11
So I could see that some armies could simply run you off the board without much actual fighting.

You are forgetting the "pessants duty". It allows any pessant witin 6" of a knight to use the knights ld. Thereby bolstering their ld. You just have to use tactics and pick your fights. Oh, and one more thing... banners captured from pessant units dont give victory points. Worked like a charm for me :D

Also, im not playing my pessant army to win, im just playing it cause it is so ludicrously funny:p

Also just for a note, one of my pessant bowmen regiments shoot better than waywatchers (not by rules). In one of my games 10 pessant bowmen killed 1 hellfire volleygun crew, 1 wizard, 1 great cannon crew and 10 handgunners :p

14-09-2009, 20:11
Ah yeah, forgot about that.
*a few salamanders and lore or metal spells later*
... What knights? :p

14-09-2009, 20:33
Peasant armies are far more fun than pure knight Bret lists. I've run both of them before.

However, with DoC out and loads of other overpowered lists I think the only people who cry cheese at your list will be kids with very little experience. Good luck though.