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10-05-2005, 22:59
EDIT: Contrary to the thread title you saw in the forum, there is a 2000pt army list below, not a 1500pt army list. :o

Now that I am turning my attention towards Warhammer for the first time in two editions, I've been mucking around with some of the army lists which iterest me the most. One of them is the Cult of Slaanesh, simply because I haven't properly collected an Elven army before, and I miss my old Emperor's Children.

So far I have come up with the slightly incomplete army below, though this is at the moment theoretical, no models have been bought, so it can be changed wildly. ;)

Any thoughts, opinions and criticisms are welcome.


Sorceress (90) Mark of Slaanesh (25) Extra Level (40) Dispel Scroll (25) = 180pts

Sorceress (90) Mark of Slaanesh (25) Extra Level (40) = 155pts

Sorceress (90) Mark of Slaanesh (25) Extra Level (40) = 155pts

15 Devoted of Slaanesh (180) Full Command (30) Speed of Slaanesh (10) = 220pts

15 Devoted of Slaanesh (180) Full Command (30) Speed of Slaanesh (10) = 220pts

5 Shades (70) Light Armour (5) = 75pts

5 Shades (70) Light Armour (5) = 75pts

15 Warriors of Chaos (210) Shields (15) Mark of Slaanesh (20) Full Command (30) = 275pts

5 Cold One Knights (145) Mark of Slaanesh (20) Full Command (45) = 210pts

5 Dark Riders (90) Repeater Crossbows (30) Musician (7) = 127pts

5 Furies (75) = 75pts

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers (200) = 200pts

18-05-2005, 13:58
If you dont have a devoted their is no point in taking this list you migth as well just play dark elves they are much more flexible.

Put in a Devoted Lv2 with heart stone of darkness (4+ ward), Quickening blood (strikes first) and maybe the darkstar cloak + GW. Comes in at a pricey 406 but is worth it!

Then if you really want to get some punch drop a level 2 for a battle standard with hydra standard and put it with the devoted in a unit of Devoted! then your basic warriors get 4A abd the champion annd annoited get 6 str7 Attacks and 5 str3 Attacks striking first! which means anything charging in is likely to get minced.

I would drop the shades as think they are over priced along with the coldones (not enough calavry in this list to be worth the points, will get shot to pieces) and the choas knights as they are just too expensive and slow.

When I've played Cult lists I have generally gone something like this

Devoted Lv2 315
heart stone of darkness (4+ ward) 45
Quickening Blood 25
darkstar cloak 15
Gw 6

Lv2 Sorceress 130
Tome of furion 20

Lv2 Sorceress 130

Battle standard hydra banner (Choas Armour) 185

18 devoted Mistress speed of slaneesh 238

10 Rcrossbows 110

10 Rcrossbows 110

15 Warriors with shields, Mus standard 135

15 Warriors with shields, mus standard 135

4 Repeater bolt throwers 400


But i generally play very shooty armies! I basically hammer them with magic and artillery whilst shielding my devoted as best as I can with the cheap spearmen and then unless the devoted into combat where they will mince most things due to the devoted. Its got good magic attack and defense as great shooting. But needs to watch for heavy missile troop armies, anything with loots of bows, crossbows etc will cause so much damage it isnt true due to T3 and little armour but this is true of almost all dark elf armies.

Other tactic is to take the cold ones with a devoted and battle standard, maybe chuck in some darkriders mounted deamonettes and a couple of small blocks of devoted and try and run the enemy! maybe even a spawn or 2 as with 3 dice move a turn should be albe to keep up.

Just my vague opinion and dont claim to be any expert with Cult of slaanesh I mainly used my dark elves in 4th edition rules (Corsairs with magic armour :) ) but Cult are a finesse army difficult to play well as if you take a middle group list with abit of everything it will be hard to win as you can't bring enough strength to any aspect of army. Also the combo of calavry, elves and choas means your attack has 3 movement rates making it hard to combine your units effectivly unless you can hold them in combat which is difficult with T3 troops due to the high casualty rate. If your just getting abck into warhammer I would advise away from cult if you a gamer as is difficult/time comsuming army (lots of conversions) and advise towards something a little more single minded slayers or grimors orcs would be good choices if you like storm of choas armies as they are easier to pick competetive armies i.e. lots of troops and armied characters and charge! Or if you like elves, normal Dark elf army is a lot more forgiving especially with the reduced cost of normal warriors can take an army with much more troops and corsairs which are more robusted then devotes!

Anyway shall bring this essay to a close lol, if you stick with Cult get a devoted they are assume in combat

18-05-2005, 15:35
When you say devoted do you mean annointed?
I dissagree strongly with what you have said gortex as the cult of slaanesh list offers more that that one character. I would say the main pint is the ability to take slaanesh marks and some chaos units units. but that really doesn't matter.
As far as your list goes, I really like it but I'm not so sure about the chaos warriors. I would drop them and the second unit of shades and then I would take 3 of the devoted from one unit and add it to the other as this means that one can act as a flanker which is more reliable than this way plus, it's fluffier(multiples of 6). With the remaining points I would boost the shade unit up to 6 as I have found that this extra shot can make all the difference and again, it's cool to have 6. Then I would get either some more foot sloggers preferably daemonnettes? If you decide to go with these then I would advise dropping the CoKs and boosting your shooting/defensive power by maybe adding in another bolt thrower. If you don't go for more foot troops then I would say keep the CoKs in and get some mounted daemonettes. The charge of these guys / gals is devastating... and they'll work well as a tag team with the cold ones.

Just a few ideas

18-05-2005, 17:20
In my experience, Devoted really aren't that good. I know they're fluffy and all those attacks and Soporific Musk all sound good on paper, but S3 and no armour means they wind up dead pretty fast. Without a character in there, they really don't have enough punch to do a lot of damage. I usually use a single unit of 15 as flankers for my Warriors. If they work for you then that's fine, I just never found their niche in my game.

The one change I think is really vital to your list, though, is dropping the furies and the armour on the Shades for another three CoKs. The 6+ save is pretty useless seeing as they'll mainly be targeted by magic missles, you really don't need the furies with two units of Shades and the Dark Riders. The unit of knights as it stands really is a bit too small to do serious damage, especially seeing as they're one of the heavy hitters in the list.