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14-09-2009, 03:09
Hey all,

I am trying to work on a tournament list for october. This is not supposed to be completely cheesy(I am not bringing a steam tank:D), but it should be at least slightly competetive. Here we go!


Captain: BSB, Armour of meteoric Iron. 100
Battle Wizard: lv.1, dispel scroll, ring of the volans. 109
Battle wizard: lv.1, doomfire ring. 95

Core Units

23 Spearmen: Shields, full command, 2 detatchments of 7 free company. 228
10 crossbowmen 80
10 crossbowmen 80
10 Huntsmen: Marksmen(the Marksmen is fluff, as I am using Lumpin Croops fighting cocks models as Huntsmen, Gotta represent the Croop!:D)

Special Units

Great Cannon 100
Great cannon 100

C&C are welcome and greatly appreciated.



14-09-2009, 06:40
Seems very small on the model count for a 1000 pts - theres no mounted units in the army at all.
In terms of magic you can shut down magic but against anyone even slightly magic heavy they will shut you down too - so the 2 wizards are pooped! A warrior priest gives you the +1 dispell die, and hatred - so at least a combat unit becomes more effective. IF your lucky he could even pull of a prayer.......
At a 1000 pts I'm not sure if two great cannons will be able to find enough targets to keep them busy - I would have traded one cannon for pistolliers/outriders to provide mobile firepower that can misdirect the enemy, flank charge them, and possibly kill lots of rank & file troops with their mulitple shots.
Crossbows are fine for the extra range but preference would make me take the 2nd unit as handgunners for the extra -1 to armour save for their blackpowder. You will appreciate it loads v's high armour save foes.
Huntsman idea is awesome! IF your from Averland I can see why you take crossbows - they are known for crossbow troops in Averland - but otherwise stick with the above suggestion.
The above list in it's current form would also be considered a gunline by most players so you might want to think about that for your comp scores.
And spearman might not be best choice if you only take 1 unit of combat troops - swordsman at least are harder to hit with their WS4, and they have a decent 4+ save in combat.
Free company detachments - first off once a detachment loses 3 guys it's useless - so take them 9 strong at least.
Secondly the free company are nice because they give an extra attack, but with their ZERO armour save you might find that so many die they will actually lose you combat - even if they take away the enemy ranks.
Lizardmen and warriors in particular are good examples.
So I say take more swordsman - and just 1 detachment of 9.
With the 6 extra troops youve saved get a small shooting detachment for the crossbows - either more crossbows or handgunners.
And finally for 22pts your BSB could be mounted with plate armour. Yes he is only armour save 2+ instead of 1+ BUT he gets an extra str 3 attack from the warhorse -NEVER underestimate what great things warhorses have done with their attack!!! And he also has a fast ride to scoot him out of harms way if the parent unit finds itself in BIG trouble!!!
And thats it - have fun lad!

14-09-2009, 15:06
I suggest you to choose either going magic or not going magic. With the magic you took you won't let loose many spells, while using many points on it.
Just using memory, in 1000 points you could take:
1 priest giving +1 dispel dice, and a magic item
5 pistoleers
25 swordsmen FC +2 small detachments, 1 halberds and 1 thunderers
25 swordsmen FC +2 small detachments, 1 halberds and 1 thunderers
1 Hellblaster
5 knights
1 other hero (captain?) to put in the knights.