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14-09-2009, 07:07
So I've read on this boards that the most succesfull way to play Tournament Khemri is a gunline around Queen Khalida. Now i like her model and rules but i am still not sure i see what's so speacial about it.
I've made a 2000 pts list base on a the very few queen gunlines i've seen but i'm not sure if it's a decent one or even how are you suppose to play it.
Here's the list but i may not be any good at all:

-Priest, 2 scrolls
-Priest, steed, staff of raveging
-Priest (hierophant) cloak of the dunes and hieratic jar

-35 poison archers
-5 light horsemen
-5 light horsemen
-2 swarms

-tomb scorpion
-tomb scorpion
-tomb scorpion
-3 vultures


Total: 2000pts

Is it any good? How is the Khalida gunline suppose to be played anyway? Does it really stand a chance vs stuff like double HE dragon, tanks, deamons, VC or DE?

14-09-2009, 20:11
The Khalida army is pretty nifty, although i do not think it's particularly over powered in any way.
Against large monsters you will always suffer using tomb kings. Your only real chance with this kind of list is getting lucky with catapult hits or extremely lucky with bow fire.
Units like flesh hounds, flamers, light infantry, skirmishers you should be able to decimate with a few rounds of shooting.

Your list should have more archer units not just one huge block.
I would take 3 units of twenty and have a priest sit in each one or behind it.
Though i can see the reason for taking one huge unit to benefit from her queens command rule.
Though you should have enough spells to get some smiting off.
or maybe even 2 large units of 30?

I'd drop one scorpion, the swarms and the 2 units of light horsemen then add a unit of 19-24 tomb guard with the banner of the undying legion as her bodyguard.
And everything else as you have it really (character set up, catapults, carrion, scorpion).

You'll want those carrion to march block as much as possible and unleash asp hell. With the tomb guard you'll at least have something capable of fighting.
I'd even consider some chariots so you can go and finish off the depleted units, as i don't think scorpions alone are capable of that all. Plus they'll be core as she counts as a tomb king.

14-09-2009, 21:30
Take the archers down to 20 and get rid of the swarm (anything they can do the scorpions can do better). MAybe swap the Lich priest for a combat prince. Use the points for tomb guard or a couple of chariots, or even another unit of archers.
Another successful unit is the fast chariot list with a powerful king. Hit weak units head on and use magic to hit tough units on the flank, disrupt the enemy with light horse and pepper them with arrows and flaming skulls.

15-09-2009, 00:18
Drop the staff of ravening, the swarms, a scorpion, one unit of horsemen (or both really) and cut down your archers to 25 max.

Now buy a block of tomb guard for khalida, another unit of archers and upgrades for your SSC.

It's really all about 4 catapult shots per turn, so get good at guessing!