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14-09-2009, 14:35
Posted this in another forum and got no feedback whatsoever, im hoping that i can get some from the steemed Warseer crowd :) Thanks !

Well, i havent played the boys in a while, they've been taking a long break, i was aflicted with Animosity-fobia ( came from failing 14 animosity rolls in one game )
but i've been playing arround with couple of lists and thought this would have a chance vs all the crazy stuff out there. Tell me what you guys think.

Black Orc Warboss: General
Boar, Martogs best basha, Armor of Gork, Talisman of Protection, Nibbla's ring. heavy armor, shield

Black Orc warboss:
Wyvern, Shaga's screaming sword, Warboss Best ward, Guzzlas battle Brew, heavy armor, shield

Black orc bigboss: Battle standard
heavy armor, Boar, Mork Spirit totem
Goblin Shaman:
lvl 1, wolf chariot, 2x dispell scrolls
Goblin shaman:
lvl 1, wolf chariot, staff of sneaky stealing
Savage orc big boss:
boar, sword of might, kickin boots

Orc Boys:
25 boys, shield, full command
Orc Boys:
25 boys, shield, full command
2x Snotlings= total 4 bases
Night Goblins:
25 NGs, 2x fanatics, nets, full command
Night Goblins:
25 NGs, 2x fanatics, nets, full command
Wolf Riders:
5 riders, spears, bows, musc
Wolf Riders:
5 riders, spears, bows, musc

Spear CHukka
Spear Chukka
Rock Lobba
Savage Orc Boarboys:
5 boys, full command, War banner

Giant: El Gigante
Giant: El Chupacabra

Im planning to load one of the flanks with the 2 giants, the boarboys, the warboss on the Wyvern and the 2 chariots. I'll TRY to start advancing the loaded flank, the Warboss on the Wyvern with the screaming sword works perfect in this type of Tournament because people are gonna load on on Characters so he'll be goign at it with an obscene ammount of attacks are super high strength..and hopefully with hatred.

14-09-2009, 22:21
Stands no chance at all ? :(

14-09-2009, 22:39
your general can't have both the armour of gork and heavy armour, unfortunately. it's really difficult to get a decent save on greenskin characters unless you throw them on a boar or steal your enemy's save.

also, i don't really think rock lobbas are reliable enough to make their points back, especially when you can take 3 spear chukkas instead for just 5 points more.

15-09-2009, 18:34
I gotta say, a Black orc warboss in a wyvern with guzzlas battle brew :D hahaha taht is some orcy *****, i like it!
Gotta love the giant's names aswell, hehe love it.

about the massive flanking planned...i dont have experience, could work, could fail. That area will get hammered at with warmachines, then the opponent will use their troopers to handle youre night gobbos and orcs.

I would say axe one of the giants, youve got three large targets, i think 2 is enough. That will give you more points, i would beef the units up with those points.

about the lobba, i love it, hehe

15-09-2009, 20:04
Thumbs up from me.. Very Orcy indeed.

16-09-2009, 13:48
Thanks for the feedback guys.

I like the Rock Lobbas, im pretty good at guessing range, 95% of the time im right on target with the guess, and i like its ability to cause massive damage to something, specially nice blocks of infantry.

The one thing im undecided on is the Savage Boarboys, this guys have the potential to do a lot of hurt, but they are so expensive and they die sooo easely. Any subjestions on what i could take instead of them ? maybe a couple of Boar Chariots ?

I like the 2 giants, one always gets singled out and dies fast, with 2 of them moving at the same time the enemy has to reaally split their fire, and even if they make it with 2 wounds left to their lines, they are gonna wreck havok.

I love my Blorc on Wyvern with the Brew and the Shagas sword, he can get an obscene ammount of attacks if placed right, and if i get hatred..even nastier.

I do wish i had room for at least 2 more spear chukkas, maybe by removing the Boarboys and replacing them with chariots i can grab 2 more chukkas.

I hope i get to try them out before the Ard'Boys, i wonder how this list would do vs Demons.