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14-09-2009, 22:38
I've been playing warhammer for a good year now and I was looking for a chang in army. Now I was looking at daemons (yeah I now). Now I was wondering:

1. If a full slaanesh army is tactically sound?

2. Does the demon book actually benefit more from be diverse in your choices?

3. Which chaos god would tactically be best to do a full army of?

4. Where the hell are half the models in the book? lol

14-09-2009, 23:03
1. Yes, DoC are strong enough to go mono-god.

2. Yes, most maxed out lists are multi-god.

3. Tzeentch is gamebreakingly sick; nurgle is powerful; khorne is also still competitive and slaanesh is on par with nurgle/khorne, but the leadership bomb build is sickening. I personally think mono-slaanesh is most original and definitely the most versatile and fun to play with.

4. Many units do not currently have models, but there is a new wave of releases coming up.

15-09-2009, 01:49
I'd say Nurgle is the most insane out of the four, with Tzeentch a close second and Khorne a close third.

Tzeentch Flamers are insane, but Tzeentch spam would get neutered by a High Elf army (who all seem to have a giant death unit of Dragon Princes around here and their "hurr, immune to Tzeentch armour"). Nurgle on the other hand just doesn't die to anything, period. Tzeentch is strong against Nurgle, but Nurgle is strong againts everything, so if you want to play it safe mono-god in competitive you go Nurgle, from what I've seen locally.

Khorne is brutal, but squishier than Nurgle and not nearly so fast and destructive as Tzeentch. A Bloodthirster somehow finds his way into every army though.

Back to the topic... Slaanesh is definitely viable as a mono-god, but just be prepared for people giving you dirty looks for playing Daemons, even though you have quite possibly the weakest god.