View Full Version : Gyrocopter Crash Rules?

15-01-2006, 06:16
I was suprised to see that there are no special rules or procedures for crashing Gyrocopters in the new Dwarfs army book.
Does anyone know if this is an error or was it intentionally left out?

15-01-2006, 13:11
I think it has been left out intentionally. Perhaps some players used that rule to intentionally get the Gyrocopter to be destroyed or something.

With the new rules it has better staying potential in combat, with a flee option like Fast Cavalry has, and better A and S stats.

15-01-2006, 15:41
I know i sometimes kamakazied my gyrocopter after it had done its role!

15-01-2006, 16:41
I think it was removed because of Teddy C, and because not everyone clearly got the rules. The gyrocopter's crash rules are not the best written out there.

15-01-2006, 16:46
Simplification of rules is my best bet when it comes to the removal of the crashing Gyrocopters rules. :)

15-01-2006, 19:53
I think they removed crash because a gyrocopter was banned from fighting units with us > 1 and was 140 only for the march denial and the pursuit of fleeing units. it couldnt even charge a war machine, loses combat to outnumbering and immediatly crashes... too much points for that. Btb imo, trying to crash it its a waste of 140 points to your oppponent for a very inaccurate attack.

Almost all changes in the book where made to make unpopular choices (longbeards, rangers, organ gun, gyros, engineers, anvil...) more viable, so this rule makes sense with this philosophy

16-01-2006, 09:48
Does anyone know if this is an error or was it intentionally left out?

A whole section of the Gyrocopter rules have been deprecated. It certainly *seemes* intentional. And even if it was an editorial mistake, the gyrocopter is stuck with it until the errata or reprint is published...


17-01-2006, 09:08
Thank you all for your input.

Of course, crashing on purpose was a waste of points, but somehow I think i'm going to miss the apprehention on my opponent's faces when the artillery dice were rolled for direction.

Gratnuk Ironfist
26-01-2006, 18:51
Yeah, I will also miss it. Not a lot, but when the gyro first crashed the first time I used it, it took out 12 Black Orcs in one go. Ah, gyro craches we'll not ferget ye'.:cries:

27-01-2006, 13:00
Did they change the steam cannon as well?

Gratnuk Ironfist
29-01-2006, 01:26
Nah, she's still S3 armour piercing.