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15-09-2009, 21:49
I really like the idea of running chaos trolls in my smaller games (fun not tourney). They dish out some real damage in combat and with their vomit attack, suitably nurgly.
I'm not interested in the Throgg all troll army, although 15+ trolls would be kinda fun, but want them as a flanking unit to support my WoC in bigger combats.Also at 270 for 2 units of 3 is a steal imo (so long as they don't dumb out all the time).

Was just looking for some advice on whether they are worth taking would be much apreciated.
Ty H2O

P.S big, strong, regen and unashamedly stupid, whats not to like?!:D

15-09-2009, 21:54
They get murdered by anything on the charge, after all they are still WS3, T4 models

15-09-2009, 22:01
I don't know about that...negating 50% of the wounds you suffer is damn useful, especially against units like Knightsor Chariots who tend to negate armour saves with high S attacks. Around here, players tend to use them in units of 4 and a common ploy is just to shove them in front of a Chariot/"Ogre type unit" or Knights. Against 2+ save Knights, use their attacks. Against 1+ save Knights, just vomit on them.

Adding Throgg to the army would really help. You don't need to take an all monster army to take Throgg, just make your list(including the Trolls) and when you are done...swap an Exalted Champion for Throgg! :p

15-09-2009, 22:15
Trolls are damn good. Stupidity is pretty much their only weakness, but if you're willing to live with some unreliability they're great.

They can be a bit vulnerable if charged, and with their stupidity, they're prone to being so. I'd put an Exalted Champ on a horse in the unit, with the Helm of Many Eyes and Great Weapon, and maybe even make him a Battle Standard Bearer.

The Trolls make an excellent bodyguard for the Battle Standard, the unit benefits from a big Leadership boost. The character won't suffer from the Helm since he's in a stupid unit already, and if the Trolls are charged, they have to get past 4 Strength 7 attacks before they get to attack.

15-09-2009, 22:29
Correct me if i'm wrong but if a ItP char joins a unit the unit then also becomes ItP, yes? So if i gave a hero helm of eye (stupid) + bronze armour (ItP) he and his unit don't need to test for Stupidity and he attacks 1st...

15-09-2009, 22:31
ItP doesn't negate Stupidity unfortunately. (That was last edition IIRC)

This is why you don't see Dark Elf Masters with the Pearl of Infinate Bleakness leading Cold One Knights by the way. :D

The way players around here use the Trolls, failing a Supidity test every now and then isn't too bad. They are, as you noticed, quite cheap. :)

16-09-2009, 01:26
Trolls are quite bad against units with big static combat res. They don't really have the ability to negate it. E.g. charging a block on infantry the trolls are already 5 behind. Given they are WS3 it makes it quite hard to them to even draw. WS3 makes them quite vulnerable and makes them average against cheap infantry (which tend to be at least WS3, although there are exceptions- im looking at you goblins).

They do well against infantry units in the flank (but most things do that :) )

However, they are really good against small units. Things like knights, or small units of infantry (e.g. units of 12 warriors etc). Troll butcher such units.

I personally would be very hesitant to field them in an army with less than Ld9 on the general though. Maybe its just my experience but Ld8+stupidity= far more failed tests than is acceptable. To put a tiny bit of maths in, ld 8 fails slightly over a quarter of stupidity tests. It just seems to happen too often to be worth it.

You also need to be careful keeping your general near them, i play OnG with trolls and i made the mistake of pursuing an enemy i had beaten, this left the trolls out of his leadership bubble, they lost combat by 1 but that means Ld3.. (having throgg will help this particular problem)

Throgg, however, is completely nuts. I would take him even if i wasn't taking trolls just to buff hounds leadership and since his combat abilities are horribly good. You can use him on his own if they dont have any/much warmachines.

16-09-2009, 01:38
I'm also under the impression that Throgg can join Marauders or Chaos Warrior/Chosen units if you want to field him solo and protect him from artillery at the same time.

16-09-2009, 02:06
GW on barded steed only gives +1S.

Sigvald is fun to run with trolls.

16-09-2009, 02:28
I'm also under the impression that Throgg can join Marauders or Chaos Warrior/Chosen units if you want to field him solo and protect him from artillery at the same time.

I think he can too. You can also stick him with dogs.

16-09-2009, 02:41
I guess sticking him on a 50x50mm base would be the best idea then otherwise wierd ranking with all me 25x25-50mm will be a pain.
Heres a link to possible army list if i drop Festus, or one of the wizards, for Throgg.

<-^->This way (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=220657)