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16-09-2009, 02:29
Would like some advice on an army for general gaming, objective to have fun but also have an army capable of winning (without "overpowered" dirty tricks).

Chaos Sorcerer 85
Book of Secrets 25
Dispel Scroll 25
Chaos Steed (barded) 16

*Chaos Sorcerer 85
Level 2 35
Collar of Khorne 25
Dispel Scroll 25

**Festus the Leechlord 185

(Chaos Sorcerer 85
Level 2 35
Power familiar 25
Dispel Scroll 25
**(Exalted Champion 110
Mark of Tzeentch 10
Chaos Steed (barded) 16
BSB & Shield 30
Collar of Khorne 25
Sword of Might 20

15 Chaos Warriors 225
Halberds 15
Shields 15
Mark of Slaanesh 10
Musician & Standard 18
Banner of Rage 35

15 Chaos Warriors 225
Shields 15
Halberds 15
Mark of Slaanesh 10
Musician & Standard 18
Rapturous Standard 20

17 Chaos Marauders 68
Mark of Slaanesh 10
Musician & Standard 12
Light Armour 17
Shields 17

2x5 Marauder Horsemen 65
Mark of Slaanesh 10
Musician 6
Throwing Axes 10
Shields 5

3x5 Warhounds 90

6 Chaos Knights 250
Musician & Standard 30

4 Trolls 180

Total 1993 (2019)

Italics for when a special character cannot be taken.

Cheers H2O

16-09-2009, 02:42
Just a few suggestions;

Give the BsB the Collar of Khorne and upgrade him to have the Mark of Tzeentch for a 5+ Ward save. Such an important model needs as much protection as it can get! I would also swap his Halberd out for the Sword of Might so that he can use his Shield in combat.

This gives your other Mage a few points to spend on magic items so a Power Familiar or a Spell Familiar would be a useful addition.

The unit of 15 Warriors without a magical banner should probably take the Rapturous Standard. It's an great banner and cheap as chips.

The Marauders are ok, but with only 17 of them I'm not sure how useful they would be, even with a 4+ save. My suggestion, split them into two naked(Maybe add the MoS) 10 man units and use them as screens or redirectors.

Are the Chaos Knights going to be joined by the Bsb?
If not, I would add a 6th one.
Either way, a Warbanner would be a nice addition.

The Marauder Horsemen could probably do with the MoS more than the Marauder units, as the Horsemen tend to attract the lions share of the missile fire early on in a game.

I'd be tempted to bump the Trolls up to four models strong.

To include these changes, I'd probably just drop the Warshrine.
(Personally, I think it's far too expensive for what it does.)