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15-01-2006, 13:51
This is a concept I threw up on Asur.org. Basically combining commanders with loremaster in order to not have to use any vulnerable soft mages. Here's the list.

Prince - lance, sheild, dragon armour, barded steed, Radient gem of Hoeth, Seer, Channeller, Silver Wand - 263pts (Joins Dragon Princes)
Commander - lance, shield, heavy armour, barded steed, loremaster - 137pts (Joins 9 Silver helms)
Commander - lance, shield, heavy armour, loremaster *chariot - 120pts
Commander - lance, shield, heavy armour, loremaster *chariot - 120pts

9 Silver Helms - Full Command, war banner - 267pts
5 Silver Helms - 115pts
5 Silver Helms - 115pts

9 Dragon Princes Full Command, Banner of Ellyrion, Amulet Purifying Flame - 309pts
2 Tiranoc Chariots - 170pts
2 Tiranoc Chariots *commanders - 170pts

4 Eagles - 200pts

Total = 2000pts

Power Dice: 6
Dispel Dice: 6

Right, my arguments for this:

Firstly it avoids Intrigue at Court. I could even take the blessed tome for guaranteed ld 10 general. This also means you could take advantage of White Lions stubborn if you wanted to.

You get four combat characters to take it to the opposing army, but instead of being severely disadvantaged in the magic phase like you'd think you would be doing that, you not only put up a good defence, but have a strong offence too!

You get 6 casting dice, which only the prince can cast with. Luckily, he has two spells, and can cast each with 3 dice. Most importantly, he can choose them. So we can take Master of Wood and Master of Stone, which basically means every single turn the Prince is alive, regardless of distance, LoS, being in combat etc, you're throwing 3 dice each at 2 of the scariest spells in the game, and they're only 7+ and 8+ to cast.

Quick points comparison. Totalling up the points spent to turn our elven nobles into magicians - 215pts. For that amount of points you'd just about get 2 level 2 wizards in most armies;

- That gives you the same 6 power dice, but you only get 4 dispel dice, this gets 6.

- You roll for your spells, and will have some turns where you can't cast due to combat/line of sight restrictions. Not so with this.

- You also have to protect your frail wizards from scouts, flyers, fast cav, "sniper" weapons, heavens spells etc. Here, everyone has 2+ saves!!

- On top of all that, your "wizards" can take it to the enemy with strength 6 on the charge.

When I first thought of this, I regarded it as one of those ideas that are cool in theory, and have awesome modelling ideas, but when you break it down, comparing points it falls apart. After breaking it down though, I'm utterly convinced it would work.

I think that's about it. Comments on the army as well as characters is appreciated. See any problems with the concept?


16-01-2006, 02:10
well the most obvious major drawback is that you cant have armour if you have magic...well u can but u cant cast

16-01-2006, 16:41
As I explained, the loremasters don't use the power dice. The prince does, who can cast, because he has the radient gem which allows armour.

Mad Makz
16-01-2006, 23:14
That's actually a pretty cool idea. I like it.

Of course, you want to get it played before 7th edition comes in later this year, as the rumoured change is that wizards will only be able to use their own dice.

But in the meantime I think it does give you a nice, flexible list.

Lord Anathir
16-01-2006, 23:21
drop the reavers!!!!! you need more punch in your army. With the extra points get two more chariots. now the enemy has something to fear. keep the two charoits without characters in the centre, and the ones with the commanders on the flanks, inside the units of 5 helms.

16-01-2006, 23:23
i've been testing a list very similar to this it goes well in a few months it will be ready for tournament play.
The one BIG diavantage is if your prince dies. So i just take one mage which i use for my casting and still give my prince RGH so if one dies you still can cast magic and the other two are exactly the same.

16-01-2006, 23:48
Why not drop the reavers and use the extra 57 points plus the 127 they give you and take 2 more chariots? you are losing 1 bow but gaining tons more hitting power in cc, just a thought :)


17-01-2006, 05:38
As I said on Asur.org, I would be dropping those Reavers in favour of another pair of Chariots for the extra hitting power. Beyond that, the list seems fine. Just make sure that you pick the right spells. ;)

17-01-2006, 19:30
Hey Eldacar. Yeah, I forgot to edit this list when I changed it over on Asur.org. Done now. :p

20-01-2006, 23:28
sorry missed the princes gem DOH

However a seer and channeler are both mage only :(

21-01-2006, 14:10
Once the prince has the radient gem he becomes a level 1 wizard. That is the only requirement for taking arcane items, or magic effecting honours.

21-01-2006, 15:28
its says mage only in there description.
That would imply that only mages can get them to me.

it also makes sense as it a jewel that allows him to use magic, How would he become a seer or channeler, actually not having magical powers himself

21-01-2006, 20:45
At the start of the High Elf book it says terms like wizard and mage are interchangeable and used to describe a magic user.

The radiant gem makes him a wizard = mage so he can take mage only items. It is a valid combo.

Also, try not to look at it from a realistic point of view. That argument wouldn't work if he took the loremaster honour because he actually is a mage, and the only difference in that and the gem rules-wise is the 5pts difference and ability to cast with armour.

And the guy may have had the gem his whole life, in which case, much like a normal HE mage, he could learn to control his powers well. It doens't matter where they came from, birth or a gem.