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16-09-2009, 14:47
So being an Empire player I really wasn't sure of which army to start next but I decided to go with what was my first choice. Now I am aware that alot of players (even my fellows) think that VC is alittle overpowered atm but heck, I won't even touch that thread regarding op armies/lists. Anywho this is what I have created so far for a 2k list.

Vampire Lord 405points
blood drinker, walach's bloody hauberk, black periapt, red fury, dread knight, infinite hatred
Vampire 300points
avatar of death, dark acolyte, bsb, drakenhof banner
Vampire 195points
tomb blade, flayed hauberk, dark acolyte, lord of the dead
10 Skeleton Warriors 80points
10 Skeleton Warriors 80points
10 Skeleton Warriors 80points
5 Dire Wolves 40points
18 Grave Guard 261 points
banner of the barrows
5 Black Knights 145points
standard of hellish vigour
5 Black Knights 120points
4 Blood Knights 295points
the flag of the blood keep

So that's pretty much what I gots so far, a total of 2001 points so unfortunaly I need to drop 1 point. As per usual any comments/tips are appreciated.

The Red Scourge
16-09-2009, 17:10
No point in using naked skellies, when you can get ghouls instead. Either kit those skellies with full command and magic banners, or you can just start model some dogs running around with bones in their mouths.

Everything else depends on what you plan to do with your characters :)

16-09-2009, 17:10
I'd drop the blood drinker from the lord. Free healing is nice but the extra 2 str from the lance will be even better along with the red fury. With the points dropped I'd then make him a Lvl 3. That extra PD and DD can go a long way.

BSB should be a dreadknight for the better save. Remember that a lot of people will be trying to kill him...

Units of 10 skellies? And only 1 vamp can raise them about starting size? Risky...

You don't want units to be wiped out, so join the black knights together and use them 7 wide. Given your list they shouldn't need the hellish vigour.

If you like skeletons then fine but I think ghouls are better for sure if you don't have command. If you do that obviously drop the tomb blade (that probably isn't worth it anyway compared to the sword of might).