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Kilor the Slayer
16-09-2009, 19:49
Greetings all,

I too am a long-time lurker here. Seeing as my nemesis Lt. dougheim has begun his Plog about his halflings, I guess I should start my own. I don't have a large collection of ancient models, so most would probably be bored to see just another WE log.

Therefore, I have decided to make an all-inclusive log to showcase what I am working on, what I have done prior to this and what I will be doing.

I assure you that the majority will be fantasy, I have 40k Daemons, but we never play and I am slowly building them to be what I think looks good, not what plays well, so there will be some odd choices to some I'm certain.

Seeing as my new Tree spirit army is now primed black, I won't add any pictures just yet. you wouldn't be able to see much. I hope to start painting the treeman soon, and when I do, WIP will be forthcoming.

To whet your appetites, I now give you the WIP of one of my Daemon Princes for my 40k army. If you look closely, you will see the thousand son logo in greenstuff on his shoulder pad. I plan on painting him like an original thousand son turned daemon prince

And for those who are wondering what the Item is in the back of the first picture, I give you the disk that the DP will be rider upon. I am using a disk instead of wings (because it looks cool):

As you can see, there is a large empty space on the disk that needs something. So I turn to you fellow modellers. Can someone give me an idea what to put there? I was thinking of a bed of greenstuff with some magical symbols. Any ideas?

17-09-2009, 16:06
sorry but the photos are really bad. Try again.

17-09-2009, 16:20
look on your camera, there should be a setting (or a button) that look like a flower.... hit/select it, it allows you to take closer picture without getting them all blurry.

17-09-2009, 18:39
Macro Photography will help you here a lot. But from what i can see they look pretty good.

Kilor the Slayer
17-09-2009, 19:32
I apologize for the poor pictures. I didn't realize how bad they were until I saw them large. anyway I have for you viewing pleasure a few pictures of my ogre army:
My bangstick butcher:
My tyrant:
one of my converted hunters:
another converted hunter:
Bull Rhinox rider:

Kilor the Slayer
17-09-2009, 19:44
I told you it was going to be a Fantasy plog...

another butcher:
a forest goblin that was used as an ambassador model at adepticon. all my gnoblars are forest goblins, hence the fact that there are no gnoblars on any of the ogres
and one of the bellowers to show the scheme used on all the ogres:

This is the first army I really painted to a findished state. A lot of it was done quickly to get it done, so the painting wasn't done to what I would consider my best ability. I hope to spend a lot of time on the WE/forest spirits to hone my painting and hopefully have a force I can really be proud of.

Kilor the Slayer
24-09-2009, 01:55
to continue the pictures and hopefully get some views, I give you the following:

A dwarf Lord that I painted a while back. I always have loved dwarves, but their list is too defensive for me. I may get around to making an army someday.

And the first shots of my WIP Treeman for my Adepticon army for next year. A virtual beer to the first to correctly identify the literary influence for the color scheme I am working with.