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17-09-2009, 10:15
In around 10 days time I’ll be having my first game of Warhammer (Fantasy Battle) with a reasonable sized force. I have had dabblings with small forces before, but not a proper sized game…

I’ll be leading 2,000 points of Bretonnians against a friend’s Daemons. We are both new to Fantasy (he’s had a couple of “learner games” against Tomb Kings), so we are really trying to find out what we like, so my list has a few different unit types, just to get the feel of them.

That said; I don’t want a humiliating defeat. I have acquired pretty much 5K of Bretonnians, (many, many knights and many, many bowmen) about the only models I don’t own are mounted yeoman and grail knights.

We have been fairly open about what units we’ll be taking (but keeping wargear and magic items to ourselves), so I gather that he’ll be bringing:

GUO (General)
Herald of Nurgle (Battle Standard Bearer)
Herald of Tzeentch

So my list was going to be:
Bretonnian Lord, Grail Vow, Royal Pegasus, Virtue of the Ideal, Sword of the Lady’s Champion, Mantle of Elena, Shield

Paladin (General), Questing Vow, Barded Warhorse, Morning Star of Fracasse, Armour of Agilulf

Paladin (BSB), Barded Warhorse, Warbanner, Virtue of Confidence

Damsel, Barded Warhorse, Level 2, 2 x Dispell Scroll

Damsel, Silver Mirror

8 Knights of the Realm, Musician, Standard Bearer

19 Men at Arms, Full Command

10 Bowmen, Full Command, Braziers

12 Bowmen, Full Command, Braziers

5 Questing Knights, Musician, Standard

Grail Reliquiae, 6 Extra Pilgrims

4 Pegasus Knights

Field Trebuchet, Craftsman

If you could point out any glaring mistakes, omissions or must have units that I haven’t taken (other than mounted yeoman and grail knight (who I know would be great against daemons with that immune to psychology and magical attacks stuff…) I’d be really grateful!

For example Should I loose the Pegasus Knights in favour of some Knights Errant, immune to fear and terror on the charge?

17-09-2009, 14:02
You have 5k of brets but this will be your first 2k game? Wow...

The list really has some trouble... the biggest mistake is the Morning Star of Fracasse since all his things are 'gifts' and can't be destroyed. Lame I know...

I'm afraid you've fallen into the trap of putting WAY to many points into characters. Sure Brets can have 5 characters in 2k but those points are MUCH more effective in knights.

Also you took the Grail Reliquiae but only a small unit so they will get outnumbered and they will be auto-broken thanks to the fear and their stubborn will count for nothing.

At this point I guess it's kind of too late as you are 'open with your lists' so you might just want to play it out to see what I mean... however I would suggest you tell him "Man I really screwed up my list, can I change it?"

Things Brets want against deamons:

-A lord with ld 9 or better (one time use item). You need the charge and failing a fear test (or terror) can really mess you up (lucky for you he doesn't have any flesh hounds yet...
-Just 1 scroll caddie. There are only a few key spells you need to stop so don't go crazy with magic defence.
-Lots of knights. To beat deamons you need them to pop, to do that you need to beat them by a good deal, to do that you have to hit each unit with at least 2 units at once.
-Knight errarnt, questing knights, and grail knights are great. Not having to deal with the fear tests (or having an easier time) really makes your life easier. And since they don't have much shooting grail knights are a safe bet.
-Banner of chalons. The once good unit they have that does shoot, flamers, can easily be dealt with if you have this magic banner on the unit that is charging them (should just need 1 unit).

Other things to keep in mind are that you don't need to kill all his units. That GUO is VERY tough and is best left alone if you can. Just change and destroy the other units and run on past.

This is the kind of 2k list I'm talking about:

Lord w/ horse, lance, shield
Paladin *BSB* w/ horse, warbanner, virtue of duty
Damsel on horse w/ 2 scrolls

8 KotR w/ FC
9 KE w/ FC, errantry banner
9 KE w/ FC
9 KE w/ FC
9 KE w/ FC

5 pegasus knights
9 questing knigts w/ FC*

*Normally people hate questing knights but against units that don't break and thus will lead to continued combats they can really help.

17-09-2009, 15:52
Wow, so no peasants at all? I had kind of thought that the flaming attacks may have been good against his plaguebearers (I understand they regenerate?).

(Yeah I have loads of models, bit of a hoarder, so will be nice to play with them!!)

Thanks for your help!

17-09-2009, 17:28
Flaming arrows sounds good but they really aren't that effective.

5+ to hit at long range
5+ to wound
5+ ward save
So a good sized unit might kill 1 a turn... I'd rather have more knights ;)

17-09-2009, 17:35
60 skirmishing bowmen, with flaming attacks, in one unit - 20 hits - 7 wounds - 2 saves - 5 popping each round, and point for point its a nice deal of damage.

remember, they are quite flexible aswell being skirmishing.

17-09-2009, 17:43
60 skirmishing flaming bowmen eh? So 425 points to kill a single block of PB over the game... (assuming of course that their target doesn't get into combat or they themselves charged and eliminated). I also like the rounding you did... (not overly bad but they shouldn't even be killing 5)

Rather go with the knights if you ask me...