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Col. Frost
17-09-2009, 14:46
Im a new player to fantasy and have decide to run with Bretonnians.
I have written up a 2000pt force to start to collect and would like some feedback if possible.

Bretonnian Lord, Grail Vow, Virtue of the Joust, Heartwood Lance, Gromril Great Helm, Warhorse, Shield

Paladin, Battle Standard, Knights Vow, Virtue of Noble Disdain, Warhorse, Lance, Shield

Damsel, 2x Dispel Scrolls, Horse

Damsel, 2x Dispel Scrolls

12 Knights of the Realm

8 Knights of the Realm (BSB goes here)

8 Knights of the Realm (Damsel goes here)

20 Bowmen, Defensive Stakes

10 Bowmen, Skirmishers

Grail Reliquae +6 Pilgrims

5 Mounted Yeomen, Shields, Musician

5 Mounted Yeomen, Shields, Musician

5 Grail Knights (Lord goes here)

Feel free to be as brutal as possible :cries:, as long as it's constructive brutalism :D

17-09-2009, 17:39
"constructive brutalism"

You asked for it ;)

Ok first off, magic defence. When you WILL be charging in turn 2 (turn 1 if they move up) there really isn't time for your opponent to use magic on you, and what they do use is typically just stopped by your armor and ward. In many cases I don't take any magic defense at all and only recently added 1 scroll caddie as I've faced some pretty magic heavy armies. Always keep in mind this question, "is the amount of points I'm spending on magic defence save that many points in knights?". So in this case do you think you will lose a full unit of knights of the realm over 2 turns of magic?

Secondly the lord and BSB. The bsb is an easy on as the #1 setup is virtue of duty and warbanner. This guy adds 3CR before he even swings his sword and is the reason 90% of bret players take him. Now the general... once again with the general you should ask yourself the question, "would the amount of points I'm spending on the lord kill as much as the same points in knights?" In almost every case the answer is no (my build of silver lance and virtue of the ideal comes close though). The lord can be nice for the LD or can be used to hunt monsters like OnceBitten does, but other than that you are better off just taking knights. (Side note on the great helm, sure it looks good but if anything is getting to attack back at your lord you did something wrong.)

Grail knights are good but are a HUGE missile magnet. Putting a lord in with them only makes them more so.

Archers are cool but don't over do it. If anything make them skirmishers (so only 1 unit).

Grail reliquae and mounted yeomen can add a lot of tactical options but I find it's better to just have more knights. I certainly wouldn't knock you for using them though.

Col. Frost
18-09-2009, 09:35
Thanks, exactly the sort of information i need!

In terms of taking only one Damsel, which would be the better option, sticking her in the middle of a unit of KotR or on foot with the skirmishers or dumping them altogether and buying another unit of knights?

18-09-2009, 10:38
I agree this might be magic defence overkill, maybe don't need 12 Knights in the large Realm unit, 9 should do, maybe 10 to account for losing 1 before the charge. Other than that, 2 points - If your Knights get bogged down they will struggle, because they have huge flanks and you have nothing to support them except each other, also, if you have a Trebuchet, I recommend you take it - It's the best thing the Bretonnians have for taking out enemy Knights, which are probably the only thing your knights might have a harder time against - on the whole Bretonnian Knights strength is in their numbers and the lance, but if enemy elite units can get at your flanks, you'll loose lances very quickly.

Freman Bloodglaive
19-09-2009, 02:12
I think it's been said already. Bretonnians excel in one, maybe two areas. Manoeuvre and the charge. They're not quite a one trick pony, but very close to it. Every point you spend in your army should be dedicated to getting as many knights charging in together as possible. With two knightly units hitting one infantry unit (with lance formation very easy) you should destroy them. Avoid unbreakable units like Slayers or Flagellants unless you can be certain of killing them (with Slayers you can't) and stubborn units are equally annoying.

Too large a unit and you have massive undefendable flanks so as already said 9-10 is about optimum. Grail Knights are very powerful, but also very expensive reducing the number of knights you can field in total.

Virtue of the Joust and the Heartwood lance looks like a good combination for someone spearheading a lance strike. You should rack up 3-4 kills on the charge easily with that. You don't really need anything else, after all you have the Lady's blessing if you choose to take it.

As already said, BSB with virtue of duty and the warbanner adds +3 to combat resolution, unfortunately he doesn't have a lance to add to the attacks.

For what it's worth, I think Bretonnians are all about knights in shiny armour, sweeping their enemies away in glorious charges. If you want shooting and war machines, play Empire.

19-09-2009, 05:24
I agree with alot of the points that have been raised.

I'd drop the Bowmen (prob all of them, but at least the ranked up ones), as well as the Grail Reliquae (too slow). One scroll caddy should be enough defense... most of the time.

However, I'd keep the Yeomen. I use two units all the time. They are great at harrasment, protecting your flanks, redirecting chargers/frenzied troops, etc...

Having lots of Knights is good, but you also need some tactical flexibility in your list.

Re:BSB, I personally take a BSB w/VoDuty and the Sword of Might and give the Warbanner to the unit I plan on joining. This gives you the same massive CR bonuses while having a respectable Str 5 on the BSB. As well as the added bonus of having the CR bonuses spread out (in case something bad happens, you won't lose all of it).

19-09-2009, 10:33
For what it's worth, I think Bretonnians are all about knights in shiny armour, sweeping their enemies away in glorious charges. If you want shooting and war machines, play Empire.

I have to say, I'm definitely an advocate of using blocks of Men at Arms. They can be well equipped and are incredibly cheap, so you can get a block of 24 (6x4) with Light Armour, Hand Weapons, Halberds, Shields and full command for just 167 points! Also, their banners are worth no VP's to the enemy, and they can use the Ld of any Knight within 6". Very underrated units.