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17-09-2009, 14:04
The Enemy of my Enemy

Hey there guys, just posting up the pre-game stuff for our latest battle, continuing the story from Blood and Dust (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=219245) we bring another player from our gaming group (and member of the forum) Dwalin into the game. This time, we see the Archmage Beldrian enter into an uneasy alliance with the Tomb Kings in order to combat the forces of Nagash. Like before, we'll be posting the lists of all the forces and giving you a shot of the deployments. Let us know how you think this next epic conflict will go!

Also for this there was an objective, marked by the Tomb King Ruins. The rules being that if a company of unit strength 5 or more held the ruins (uncontested by enemies) for a whole turn then the game was an instant victory.

Dwalin's Vampire Counts

Vampire Lord
dark acoylte, flying horror, lord of the dead supernatural horror
wristbands of black gold, armour of night, helm of command. 440
Spells: Raise Zombies, Curse of Years, Wind of Undeath, Summon Undead Horde

Manfred the acolyte, skull staff. 250 (for this games purposes it wasnt the actual Manfred...)
Spells: All of the Lore of Vampires

Vampire: dark acoylte, avatar of death(great weapon), staff of dispelling, talisman of lycni. 195
Spells: Gaze of Nagash

Vampire: dread knight, death walking, battle standard bearer. 175
Spells: Summon Undead Horde

Vampire flayed hauberk, infinite hatred, avatar of death (additional hand weapon).170
Spells: Curse of Years

Wight King barded skeletal steed, sword of kings, gem of blood. 145

necromancer book of akhan. 80
Spells: Invocation of Nehek

necromancer dispel scroll, black periapt. 95
Spells: Invocation of Nehek

20 skeletons; full command. 180

20 skeletons; full command. 180

20 skeletons; full command. 180

20 ghouls; ghast. 168

25 Zombies. 100

8 dire wolves. 64

8 dire wolves. 64

corpse cart; balefire. 100

corpse cart; balefire. 100

5 black knights; full command, royal banner of strigos. 215

5 black knights; full command, banner of the barrows. 225

3 spirit host. 195

20 grave guard; full command, warbanner. 295

20 grave guard; full command, great weapons, banner of hellfire. 300

4 cairn wraiths. 200

4 cairn wraiths. 200

vargulf. 175

TOTAL: 4, 491pts


Stormcrow's Tomb Kings

Grand Vizier Ahmen Rastep
Tomb King; Scorpion Armour, Spear of Artanhak, Collar of Shapesh, shield. 273 points

Artillery Master Karnak
Tomb Prince; Golden Ankhra, great weapon. 153 points

Grand Heirophant Bast
Liche Priest; Cloak of the Dunes, Hieratic Jar. 160 points

Amenist, Keeper of Souls
Liche Priest; Casket of Souls, Plaques of Mighty Incantations. 310 points

10 Archers. 80 points

10 Archers. 80 points

3 Chariots; standard, Icon of the Sacred Eye. 180 points

20 Tomb Guard; Full Command, Banner of the Undying Legion. 295 points

4 Ushabti. 260 points

4 Ushabti. 260 points

Tomb Scorpion. 85 point


Screaming Skull Catapult; Skulls of the Foe. 110 points


Alathir's High Elves:

Beldrian Starweaver
Archmage; Level 4, Dispel Scroll, Ring of Fury, Seer Staff. 350
Spells: Burning Gaze, Healing Light, Dazzling Brightness, Cleansing Flare

Captain Daelin
Noble; Battle Standard Bearer, Armour of Caledor, Great Weapon. 143

Milamber Starweaver
Mage; Level 2, Jewel of the Dusk. 150
Spells: Fireball, Burning Head

Captain Eldriad
Noble; Temakador's Gauntlets, Heavy Armour Armour, Great Weapon. 127

19 Spearelves; Full Command, Lion Standard. 221

19 Spearelves; Full Command. 196

20 Phoenix Guard; Full Command, Banner of Sorcery, Gem of Courage. 390

Tiranoc Chariot. 85

Tiranoc Chariot. 85

14 White Lions; Full Command, Standard of Balance, Amulet of Light. 300

Repeater Bolt Thrower. 100

Repeater Bolt Thrower. 100

TOTAL: 2247

Deployment Shots:


Using the first picture, I'll list out the units...

For the vampire side from bottom to top... We have Dire Wolves, Black Knights, Varghulf, Cairn Wraiths, Zombies with Skeletons in front of them, Grave Guard with Great Weapons with a corpse cart behind them, Skeletons with the Vampire Lord behind them, Grave Guard with Ghouls behind them, Skeletons with the Corpse Cart behind them, Cairn Wraiths, Black Knights, Spirit Host and finally more Dire Wolves.

The Allies side should be easy enough to tell whats what from the two pictures. Those are Phoenix Guard next to the chariots if anyone wondered.


The stranger came to a stop as he neared the camp; spying the figures that were the leaders of the Nehekharan army he had just fought so bloodily. Many elves had died for a burden that should have been Beldrian’s alone to bear; he would not have their precious lives go to waste. The Great Necromancer had returned once more and Beldrian would not sit idly by and let him threaten the existence of all life upon this earth. Such was the reason that the Archmage travelled to treat with the ancient Nehekharans, the elf had befriended the king known as Thumu-Ra before he was killed during Nagash’s first rise and they had spoken of measures they would take to defeat the Great Necromancer – it was time to make put those measures into action.

“I am Beldrian Starweaver, I seek the king known as Thumu-Ra!” Beldrian called, using the tongue of the Nehekharans.

There was no movement amongst the camp, the solitary figures ahead of Beldrian appeared completely still. Sweat began to bead upon the elf’s brow and he began silently weaving spells of protection should the arrows of the Tomb Kings be loosed. Then, from the darkness came forth one who had led the army against Beldrian – this was to the elf’s shock, as he would have sworn the Chracian axes had seen that leader felled.

The imposing figure, adorned in the strange and ancient armour of his fallen people, stood before the elven archmage. Even the wizened Beldrian felt shivers of fear down his spine as his eyes met the commander’s. The cadaverous face contorted into what could only be loathing. “You dare show your face here, servant of the Great Necromancer?! My blade shall reap your blood!”

Before the enraged commander could lift his sword, the voice of another Khemrian sung out, staying his hand. “I would hear his words, Grand Vizier. He has come here alone.” The body that the calming voice belonged to came into view; she was a Priestess by her garb, her face hidden by a beautifully carved mask of gold. She stood beside the Grand Vizier, from her stance it seemed that for all her tolerance it would quickly wane thin were Beldrian’s words not to her liking.

“I am foe of Nagash, just as you are. I was once a friend of your king, Thumu-Ra, when he lived as men should. I came here to speak with him; together I believe we can put events into motion that will see the Great Necromancer ended.”

With greater swiftness than Beldrian thought possible, the Grand Vizier took hold of the elf’s neck within his skeletal grasp, pure hatred in his eyes. “The ending of Nagash is the sole duty of each and every Nehekharan, it belongs to no other! You know nothing of what you speak.”

Beldrian quickly felt his neck being slowly crushed, the air thinning around him, the strength of his seemingly frail corpse was staggering, many times that of an elf.

“Ahmen! The Sun God forbids you!” Spoke the Priestess with authority. The Vizier unhanded the elf, letting him fall to the sands, gasping for air. If not for her actions, Beldrian would have been surely dead.

The elven archmage slowly rose to his feet; trying to maintain his composure in the face of such strength was not easy. The Priestess spoke once more. “I believe you are who say you are. But we must finish the task we were bidden, aid us and I will take you to Thumu-Ra.”

The archmage ran his hand along his chin. “What would you have us do?”

“Beyond the plains and before the mountains lies an ancient temple created during the betrayal of Nagash. Its power has been dormant for many centuries but with the proper rituals it can be restored.” The Priestess spoke, gesturing towards the distant horizon. “Once activated, its power will ensure an eternal sunlight, a gift from the Sun God, a light that bathe’s all in his righteous power. The cursed vampires of Nagash will not be able to withstand such judgement. And so, it is a place of great importance.”

“That is impressive magic.” Said Beldrian to no one in particular. “But I assume that it is not going to be as simple as you make it seem…”

“It has been made known to us that a great host led by one of Nagash’s foul servants makes its way there already. Should the temple be defiled, the power of the Sun God will fade as will our fortune in this war.”

Beldrian understood. “Then we should not tarry, my kin will need time to recuperate before we can leave though.”

The Grand Vizier snorted at that, moving to return to his awaiting army of skeletons. As he walked past each of the dead warriors, they fell instep behind him…

Beldrian made his farewell to the Priestess and began the walk back to his people. It seemed that, for the moment, a tentative peace had been agreed upon. However, should something ill fated befall that Priestess and the Vizier find himself without opposition, that peace would be shattered in a moment.

These were dark times…

17-09-2009, 17:29
I said solid win for the vampires but I think it might be an auto-win with the objective.

The HE force is all on the opposite side of the objective while the vampires have all of their big blocks there to take it. Usabti are tough but they can't beat ethereal units... and there are a lot of chariots for the str 7 lycni vampire to take out...

Hopefully it will turn out to be a great game :D

17-09-2009, 19:55
The objective rule is pretty powerful, you should add that zombies are too stupid to hold the objective, otherwise your opponant can simply raise a unit in there putting you under instant pressure.
Do the King and Prince ride chariots?
Try and get rid of the carts and wraiths early, avoid GW vampire with chariots.

18-09-2009, 04:23
Can't wait for that, although I too am concerned about the "instand win" aspect of the game. Not sure that was the best option. (Mainly because it could lead to a very short battle report!) :D

Just hope that he rolls two or more 1's when he tries to dispel the Casket. Always hilarious to watch Undead get hit by that thing!

I didn't vote, simply because I'm not sure entirely sure how the game works.

If say, you hold the objective by the end of the game, how exactly do you determine if it was a Massacre, Solid Victory or Minor Victory?
If the entire game is based on that objective, surely having to count up the victory points anyway defeats the purpose? :)

More importantly, if you held the objective and won that way, but he was 1500 VP's ahead, well, what result would that be? ;)

18-09-2009, 05:00
Can't wait for that, although I too am concerned about the "instand win" aspect of the game. Not sure that was the best option. (Mainly because it could lead to a very short battle report!) :D

Just hope that he rolls two or more 1's when he tries to dispel the Casket. Always hilarious to watch Undead get hit by that thing!

I didn't vote, simply because I'm not sure entirely sure how the game works.

If say, you hold the objective by the end of the game, how exactly do you determine if it was a Massacre, Solid Victory or Minor Victory?
If the entire game is based on that objective, surely having to count up the victory points anyway defeats the purpose? :)

More importantly, if you held the objective and won that way, but he was 1500 VP's ahead, well, what result would that be? ;)

If you hold the objective at the end of the game, it counts as a Solid Victory. It would defeat the purpose but holding it uncontested isnt exactly easy with so many units running around. Well, even if one side is massacred but holds the objective, its still a win. The fluff makes that temple very important!

Any other questions you guys have before I start writing this thing up?

One thing I forgot to mention: Contesting the objective means being within 6" of the temple.

18-09-2009, 05:08
In that case solid victory(objective victory) to the allies! (That's optimism for you...)

18-09-2009, 08:24
If you hold the objective at the end of the game, it counts as a Solid Victory. It would defeat the purpose but holding it uncontested isnt exactly easy with so many units running around. Well, even if one side is massacred but holds the objective, its still a win. The fluff makes that temple very important!

Any other questions you guys have before I start writing this thing up?

One thing I forgot to mention: Contesting the objective means being within 6" of the temple.

The TKs could have had an extra 20 points by not putting skulls of the foe on the catapault.
I almost always automatically put the skulls on the 'pault but its worth noting that SotF is useless vs Demons & WoC too.

Lord of Nonsensical Crap
19-09-2009, 15:06
As much as I'm rooting for the alliance, I'm in agreement with Malorian. The HE/TK forces are too chariot-heavy (vs lots of s7 stuff), and are too dependent on doing lots of damage on the charge. Against magic-heavy VCs, that is never a guaruntee.

That said, I'm still cheering the good guys on.

19-09-2009, 17:16
Allies Turn 1:
Beldrian ordered his army forward, raising his sword towards the waiting enemy; the elegant banners of the elves marching forwards. He spied across the field a vampiric beast of great strength, he knew he must bring that foe down. The elf’s eyes then landed up the sight of the Grand Vizier as his legions moved onto the field with unerring purpose, the ancient temple in their sights.

The battle began with the allies making straightforward movements towards the Vampire lines. Grand Vizier Rahstep ordering his revered Tomb Guard towards the objective, the hulking forms of the Ushabti in tow alongside his flanks. The elves quickly followed suit, keeping pace with their slower allies. The White Lions knew the fearsome Black Knights could gallop through the dense woods swifter than any steed should and thus kept their distance. The Tomb Kings then began their ritualized magic, chanting their sacred texts aloud across the battlefield. However, the mystical might of the vampires was made clear to the Nehekharans as all of their incantations were dispelled through the overpowering will of Nagash’s servants, even the casket was made silent. However, the Vizier’s will was more powerful than even the Vampires estimated and a group of the hulking Ushabti were borne forward upon his righteous will.

It was at this moment, seeing the strain the Vampires exerted to contain Khemri’s power that the Elves launched their own magical assault. Beldrian, flanked by elven chariots, boldly stepped forward and felt the winds of magic surge through him. His Burning Gaze found the Varghulf, the Vampires unwilling to stop it – perhaps arrogantly; the holy fires setting the creature alight with silver flame. In moments it was reduced to ash. Following his father’s example, Milamber launched a fireball at the distant Grave Guard who bore large, double handed blades, and four of their number were brought down. Both father and son saw a chance to calm the winds of magic, attempting to cast Drain Magic and hamper the ability of the Vampires; however this was met with great resistance from the enemy, who used a scroll of mighty dispelling power to end the elves attempts. Beldrian’s attempt to utilize the mighty magic within his enchanted ring was also thwarted by the Vampires.

The Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers launched their deadly missiles at the Black Knights, the sky streaked by white fletched harbingers of death; however their shots were not true and fell amongst the unit, causing no harm to the knights. Karnak, a renowned artillery master in life, ordered his catapult to fire upon the hideous constructs that were the Corpses Carts. His sight was keen, living up to his reputation however ill fated winds forced the mystic skulls to only graze it, causing only two wounds to the contraption.

End of Turn 1 for the Allies

Vampires Turn 1:
Lord Dremireze, a loyal and powerful servant of the Great Necromancer, let his rage ring out across the battlefield. So pathetic were his thralls that they could not stop the magic of the fey folk! He understood now that only his brilliance could see this battle to victory, only his skill would garner the attentions of his terrifying master. With a howl that would have sent shivers down a demon’s spine, he ordered his minions forth. That temple would be destroyed, Nagash willed it, and that was all that mattered.

The Vampires began their movements in damage control; the flank that the Varghulf’s vampiric will would have seen quickly across the field was now a mass of ashes. The Wight King, sensing his master’s will, began realigning his unit and bringing them to the center battle where they could have the will of the vampires infuse their sluggish forms. The skeletons marched forward, eager to meet their foes and the Grave Guard who opposed the Khemrian Tomb Guard eagerly moved to meet them, not to be out done by their Nehekharan counterparts, they were close enough to disturb the allies from beginning any rituals and thus contested that imperative temple. The silent killers that were the Cairn Wraiths sifted through the woods, sensing the presence of weak, mortal flesh. Whilst in unison on the other side of the battlefield, the Spirit Host clambered forward, wailing their tortured screams as they went. The Black Knights, seeing the waiting White Lions, positioned themselves for a charge, their Vampire leader gifting them with unholy speed.

The Vampires then sent their lifeless minds beyond the physical plane, weaving their terrible magics across the battlefield. The allies knew they could not contain the enemy’s might entirely, so great was their power, and thus it was made known as the nearly destroyed corpse cart was reformed, fallen zombies picking themselves off the ground as rotten wood was sewn together like muscle. However, fortune was not with the Vampires entirely as the winds of magic receded; their attempts to will the fallen Grave Guard back into their eternal service was met with failure. The dreaded Curse of Years was to be placed upon one of the elven phalanxes but the combined might of the allies did not allow it. One of the Necromancers – hoping to capitalize on the allies weary defences - began reading from the Book of Arkhan, attempting to utilize its forbidden power but the allies magicians saw fit to halt the casting – the book’s power had been stalled, but not exhausted.

End of Turn 1 for the Vampires

Allies Turn 2:
Grand Vizier Ahmen Rastep knew now the might that his ancient enemy possessed – their magic was powerful and such a force was not to be trifled with. But if these beasts wanted to take a single step into that holy sanctum they would have to go through his blade – not to mention all the blades of his bodyguard. The Vizier would hold this ground and he would do it without the assistance of those heathen fey folk. His ancient skin creased into a battle-hungry grin, seeing the approaching ‘elite’ of the enemy. The Vizier lightly fingered the edge of his sword; soon it would reap ruin amongst the foe.

The turn began with the fearsome Tomb Scorpion burrowing forth behind the Vampire lines, its hulking form crashing into the rear of the Black Knights that were threatening the Khemri chariots. The White Lions, catching sight of the wailing Spirit Host, knew they had found a foe for their thirsting axes. The Khemri Charioteers, their skill in death as great as it was in life, expertly weaved into a more favourable position, preparing to take the fight to the Black Knights if the Scorpion could hold their attentions long enough. The Tomb Guard moved to make safe the objective and the elven phalanxes took up defensive positions, readying a glimmering spear wall for their enemies. The Phoenix Guard were more aggressive, trying to goad their lesser foes into a fight far beyond them. As the elven chariots continued up the flank, one of the pair caught ear of terrifying sounds within the woods, the horses went wild and the riders feared foul magic was at work, this overwhelmed their better judgement and they fled.

The Tomb Kings prepared their exotic incantations once more, Karnak using his will to order a salvo upon the approaching unit of wraiths, knowing his ensorcelled ammunition would make a mockery of this ethereal foe. His aim was good; one of the wraiths burnt into nothingness. However, the defenses of the Vampires saw the Tomb King phase again silenced. On the elven side, Beldrian felt the revered Banner of Sorcery beaming with power and he added it to his own, slaying four of the great weapon wielding Grave Guard; however Milamber could not grasp the winds of magic as they fluttered furiously about the field. The Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers and the Nehekharan bowmen loosed a deadly hail upon the already dwindled Grave Guard, downing another five. In combat the Tomb Scorpion lunged and swiped at the Black Knights, but they used their steeds to keep the creature at a safe distance, however not all were skilled enough, the scorpion crushing one of his foes into the ground. The ancient construct felt resistance welling up around him, the magic that bound the creature would dwindle away soon if help did not arrive.

End of Turn 2 for the Allies

Vampires Turn 2:
Dremireze saw the arrogance in his foes, saw how it guided their steps and clouded their judgement – hah! Such beings were beneath his brilliance and he was determined to prove it, not that they deserved it. With no more than single step he burst forth into the sky, soaring across the field like a leaf on the wind before landing harmlessly behind the elven lines. Soon, he would reap disaster amongst his foes.

Battle would soon be joined as both forces made ready their battle lines. The Black Knights on the left flank arrayed themselves to charge the Phoenix Guard, hoping their unnatural swiftness would take the elves unawares. The wraiths stalked through the woods, moving to the flanks of the Phoenix Guard, the other Wraith unit moving to stand before the Ushabti – disrupting any support they would hope to lend. The Spirit Host shifted to intercept the White Lions. One of the Vampires, bearing the Talisman of Lycni, bound forth from his skeletal unit and made ready his ambush within the woods, spying the elven chariots with a bloodthirsty glare, clutching his great weapons in cold fingers. The magical efforts of the Vampires were kept at bay for the most part by the allies, however, the elven forces turned wide eyed as six decrepit, long dead corpses burst forth from the ground behind their lines. Beldrian and his son quickly saw that no more zombies would threaten the elven forces. As the enemy lord tried to summon a vast undead horde, the allies dispelled his efforts with an irresistible force!

The scorpion prepared to launch another flurry against its mounted foes but it was then that the Vampire leading the unit stepped forward, clutching the Battle Standard in one hand and his slender blade in the other, he carved into the Scorpion’s armoured body with impudence, proving swifter than the construct as it fell to the ground, nearly cut in twain.

End of Turn 2 for the Vampires

Allies Turn 3:
Beldrian could see that the battle would soon reach its climax, on all sides the Vampires forces were moving and their magic had been difficult to contain – even for a mage of Beldrian’s prowess. He saw that the Vizier and his bodyguard were attempting to make safe the Nehekharan temple, if the leader’s temper was any indication of his skill at arms then the Vampires would have a fight on their hands. Beldrian turned his thoughts to the winds of magic, beginning to weave his spells through their tumultuous ebb and flow.

The turn began with the elven force’s will being tested by the terrifying aura of the Vampire Lord, so tangible was the sense of dread oozing from that beast that many of the elves thought to turn and run, but their sense of duty and kinship held them firm. The fleeing charioteers finally calmed their elven steeds and prepared to return to the battlefield. On the far right flank, the Chracian Hunters roared a bestial warcry and charged at the tortured Spirit Host, their Standard of Balance calming any fears they may have had. The Tomb King Chariots, attempting to bypass the Black Knights, tried to reach the Dire Wolves who howled upon the hill but the distance was too great. The elven blocks took up defensive stances and waited for the enemy to meet their shining blades.

The Tomb Kings began to mutter their incantations, the Grand Vizier willing his bodyguard headlong into the waiting Grave Guard, leading them was a female Vampire – and Ahmen Rastep’s lifeless heart burned with uncontrollable rage as he recognized her armour and garb as one of Lahmia, that cursed realm! He lifted his blade and roared with a boundless hatred, this cry sounding out across the din of battle. So great was his will, that the Vampires could not halt the Vizier from urging the Ushabti into the waiting Skeletons. However, the elven mages were unable to break through the mystical defences of the Vampires, save for a fireball that saw another wraith ended.

The Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers sent yet another volley into the dwindled Grave Guard, in moments all remnants of their unit was gone, their rotten corpses lay still amongst the field. The White Lions lunged at the ghostly Spirit Host - their Guardian, clutching tightly his enchanted amulet, feeling its subtle magic weaving through his warrior’s weapons. Their blades met their foe’s frail forms as though they were flesh and blood, many of them vanishing in a cry of terror and relief. Only two ghosts remained after the onslaught. The Ushabti, not to be out done by the elves, threw their hulking forms against the Vampire’s skeletons, their blades carving through their armour and shields like paper. This was a massacre worthy of the Sun God.

The Grave Guard met the Tomb Guard with deathly silence, the Vizier sent forth his champion and the Vampire met the challenge with her own. The strength of Khemri was instantly shown to be anything but faded as the Grave Guard’s head was cut clean from it shoulders with a single stroke. Roaring his pleasure, Ahmen Rastep lashed out at the Lahmian Vampire who, to the Nehekharan’s ire, was as skilled a warrior as he. Despite her considerable power, his blade pierced her amour and wounded the beast, weakening but not defeating her. Retaliating, the Vampire’s own blade flashed in a flurry of strokes, finding naught but steel. As the two units clashed, it was immediately clear that they were equally matched, neither side willing to give an inch of ground.

End of Turn 3 for the Allies

Vampires Turn 3:
Dremireze sensed the time was ripe, launching into the air once more, coming to land near the fierce combat between his own skilled Grave Guard and the pathetic Tomb Guard – guardians of a realm that had no right to exist. He would enter the combat and show them all who was the superior being here. He then saw the Khemri leader fighting ferociously against one of his vampire underlings – Bah! He thought, why should he waste his energy on such whelps? His hands moved to his ancient helm, exerting his considerable will, he sent fragments of his mind into the Grave Guard who would now fight with the Vampire Lord’s own skill. Dremireze’s brilliance surprised even himself occasionally. He then sent out a command to all of his servants; two simple words that echoed in the mind of all his warriors - ‘Crush them.’

This turn began with some aggressive charges from the Vampires side. The Skeletons charged the Phoenix Guard to their front, as did the Wraiths in the rear but it was too the terror of the elves when the fearsome Black Knights burst forth from the wood, crashing into the flank of the silent Asur. Likewise, Skeletons charged the central unit of Spearelves, whose standard’s mystical aura filled the stalwart elves with the courage of lions. The Wraiths hit the flank of the Tomb Guard and on the far flank, the Vampiric Battle Standard abandoned his Black Knights, seeing the defeat of the Khemri chariots as a task worthy only of himself.

The magic of the Vampires was met by fierce resistance from the allies, however the Grave Guard champion slowly rose to his feet, placing its own head back upon its shoulders and the wounded Lahmian Vampire felt its bloodless body healed.

The White Lions ended the remnants of the Spirit Host with great skill and swiftness, their eyes scanning the area for further threats.

The Vampire bearing the Talisman of the Lycni leaped with impossible speed towards the elven chariot, barely breaking his stride as he sliced apart the pride of Tiranoc and ended the riders.

The Vampiric Battle Standard thrust his lance with all of his unholy strength, smashing aside two of the Khemri Chariots as though they were weightless, blasting apart in a shower of splinters and bone, only one of the Khemri nobles remained unharmed before the slaughter. The combat between the Grave Guard and the Tomb Guard continued on, the Grand Vizier himself slaying once more the enemy champion, the fight was once again brought to a halt with neither side budging despite the assistance of the wraiths. The Ushabti once again laid waste to the Skeletons, beating aside their frail forms with their overwhelming strength. In a moment, none remained standing. The living statues assumed a ready position in an instant, seeking more enemies to crush in the name of the Sun God.

Upon the elven flank, Captain Eldriad and his spears waited for the perfect moment before thrusting forward with their finely crafted weapons. Spear pierced bone but the advance of the undead was unwavering, Eldriad swung his blade in defiance and sounded a challenge – which was met by a Skeletal champion, the elven noble cutting down his foe with two strokes. However, as the Vampire leading the unit tore into the elven phalanx, shattering spear shafts that were aimed against him, the Asur began to lose heart. Eldriad called for them to hold, but the sight of the Elven Battle Standard being swarmed on all sides caused his unit’s will to fail and they broke ranks, fleeing from the undead. Eldriad turned to raise a wounded comrade off the ground but yelled in pain as several blades mercilessly pierced his chest, the Captain’s last sight was of his kin failing to escape their pursuers.

The Phoenix Guard were in dire straits as undead came at them from all sides, the charging knights, led by a fearsome Wight King, cut down three of the silent guardians, the wraiths slaying another. Captain Daelin lashed out with his own sword but only fell one of his foes. Beldrian, a stranger to such close quarters fighting, was unable to lend any real assistance and as he looked around him, all seemed lost even to his ancient and wizened soul – he prepared to flee for his life but the Keeper of the Flame stepped forward, a look of supreme certainty on his face that this was not their day to die. Captain Daelin, emboldened by the Phoenix Guard’s silent defiance raised the standard high and against all odds the elves summoned courage that others would have deemed insane and held their ground!

End of Turn 3 for the Vampires

The rest, soon to be posted! Enjoy.

Lord of Nonsensical Crap
19-09-2009, 23:14
Hooray for insane courage!

The battle is shaping out quite well so far. I'm eager to see how it ends.

20-09-2009, 00:34
I said a minor victory for the allies

I was wrong last time though

20-09-2009, 09:51
I* said a minor victory to the vam,pires but with so many options so likely to be wrong :(

22-09-2009, 17:31
Allies Turn 4:
Ahmen Rastep let out a hiss as he cut down yet another of the Grave Guard, his ancient eyes scanning the battlefield, he could sense that the battle was turning. The fey folk had managed to hold their ground, not bad for heathens, but if the fight continued as it did then this victory would belong to Khemri and no other! With a swipe of his blade, another foe fell; it was then that his eyes finally met the Lahmian Vampire. That traitor would learn the fury visited upon those who betrayed Nehekhara.

The Ushabti waded through the broken skeletons at their feet and prepared to charge the Grave Guard, looking to lend assistance to their lord. The other Ushabit unit, now free of the intercepting Wraiths, charged headlong into the gruesome ghouls – unfortunately the Necromancers had long since abandoned the unit and skirted the flanks of the combat. The White Lions finally caught sight of the Black Knights and charged the undead riders. The remaining unit of elven spearmen, emboldened by the courage of the Phoenix Guard, charged into the flank of the Skeletons just as the Tiranoc Chariot, keen to recover its lost honour, charged into the flank of the Black Knights.

The Tomb Kings, eager to utilize their mystic arts, were completely shut down by the Vampires, even the power of the Hieratic Jar was as nothing compared to the fury of their enemy’s defenses. The Archmage Beldrian gave silent thanks to his allies for weathering the Vampire’s defenses. The elven loremaster saw the courage of his kin and knew it was time for him to show these beasts their place in the world. The elf stepped forward, channeling the winds of magic, letting them course through his body and soul he called down a Cleansing Flare. Golden shards of light tore down from the sky, passing harmlessly through his comrades but ripping into the undead with fiery right vengeance. All the Black Knights save the Wight King crumbled to the ground, two of the wraiths met their end, four zombies were set alight and the corpse cart was half destroyed. The apprentice Milamber, attempting to utilize the furious winds summoned by his father, found his focus slip for a moment and was struck by a minor magic backlash.

In combat, the White Lion Guardian roared a challenge that was met by one of the Black Knight’s number, he was cut down down from his steed in a moment and silenced. However, the combat proved too fierce for both sides, neither slaying the other, the elves proving too swift and their foe’s armour too thick. The magic sustaining the knights soon began to dwindle, two more of the foul knights crumbling to dust.

The Grand Vizier swung his blade at the Lahmian Vampire, anger burning in his beatless heart as hatred burned in his soul. His sword broke through her defenses and found her heart, Ahmen’s gaze bore into her stunned eyes, ‘You are not fit to serve at my feet, wench.’ The defeat of their Vampire leader weakened the Grave Guard slightly, two of their number falling with their master.

As Beldrian finished his furious spell, Skeletons clambered over the bones of their fallen and lunged at the elven mage who had exposed himself in order to make the most of his mystic power. The Phoenix Guard sought to save their liege but too late, one of the rusted blades finding the Archmage’s shoulder, another his waist and a third his chest. His wounded body was heaved away by the Phoenix Guard, as the elves sought to save their general from death – it was obvious he would play no further role in this battle. But even in this the damage had been done as the Undead crumbled to nothing around them, the spearmen saw that death was reaped amongst the skeletons. The Ushabti cleaved through the Ghouls like wheat and soon saw seven of the beasts dead beneath their holy blades; in retaliation the bestial creatures could do nothing to harm their golden bodies.

End of Turn 4 for the Allies

Vampires Turn 4:
Dremireze didn’t understand. Things weren’t happening exactly as he had planned them - his brilliance was obviously being undone by the worthlessness of his servants! If the battle turned against him, Nagash would surely be unforgiving. The answer was simple then, they had to break through now, they had to destroy that temple! Time was running out…

The turn began with the Vampire bearing the Talisman of the lycni sped into the remaining elven chariot, seeking to tear it apart with his great blade. The skeleton unit that had punched through the allies lines now charged into the Tomb King bowmen, joined by the artillery master, Prince Karnak. The large horde of zombies charged alongside the gruesome Corpse Cart into the waiting Spear Elves In an attempt to stall the Ushabti’s inevitable charge into the Grave Guard the Dire Wolves themselves charged into the statue-like warriors, however they were cut down effortlessly, proving less than a distraction. The magic of the Vampires was draining as the battle went on, their minds fatigued, only able to raise a few Grave Guard and boost the newly created Zombie unit.

In combat the Ushabti saw the end of the Ghouls, casting their bodies aside with sweeping strikes from their huge, ritual blades. Milamber, son of Beldrian, caught sight of his badly wounded father and his emotions overwhelmed him. Trying to barge his way through the press of bodies around him so he could be at his side, he did not hear the protesting cries of his spearmen guard, one of the Zombie’s crude weapons found the mage’s side and he fell to his knees, crying in pain. He was dragged away from the battle by his brethren. The elven phalanx, eager to reap vengeance lunged at their charging foes who found themselves impaled upon glimmering spears. Such was the force of the attack that the Corpse Cart quickly crumbled to death, the zombies dwindling to next to nothing. The vampire that sought to destroy the Tiranoc Chariot found his mind suddenly disturbed by the deaths of his servants amongst the field, his blade strikes were sluggish, failing to wound the elven riders despite his amazing strength, himself feeling a part of his life essence draining away. The Vampire that led the skeletons who had destroyed one of the elven phalanxes now found himself met with Khemri bowmen, led by Prince Karnak. The corpse like Prince declared his challenge, slamming his blade into the ground, the Vampire however would not meet it and sent forth his champion who was quickly cut down. The Vampire then saw ruin amongst the skeleton unit, the undead Nehekharans crumbling before the force of the Vampires, only the Prince and two others remained.

The Vizier, confident that victory would soon be his, readied to take down a swathe of the Grave Guard before him but suddenly a great presence infused his soul, his vision blurred and he fell to his knees, ‘I… I sense him there… It’s unbearable.’ Whispered the Vizier through parched lips. Then, a Grave Guard loomed over the stunned Nehekharan and spoke with a voice that was not his, ‘The nightmare returns.’ With that, the Grave Guard plunged his blade deep into the Vizier’s chest who roared in pain, the mystical blade putting an end to his undeath. With the fall of the Vizier, the combat between the two sides was once again locked.

End of Turn 4 for the Vampires

Allies Turn 5:
Captain Daelin, the Standard Bearer of Beldrian Starweaver, held his banner high into the air, roaring a cry of victory that was met by the silent affirmations of the Phoenix Guard – the undead had been beaten back against all odds. The stalwart elven spearmen now only had to see off the sluggish zombies – they were clumsy foes, the phalanx would see them dead with little incident. The Captain made a silent prayer for Loremaster Beldrian, his wounds were most grievous, for him to die would weigh heavy on the hearts of all the elves who journeyed with him. Sheathing his blade, he ordered his warriors to make safe the surrounding area – the fate of Beldrian was held in higher hands than his.

The turn began with two charges that were the nail in the vampire’s coffin. The two Ushabti units, now free of distraction could finally lend their support to the Tomb Guard’s combat, hitting the flanks of the enemy with all of their unstoppable force. The magic phase was completely halted by the Vampires, with both elven mages fighting for their lives; the Tomb Kings could not overcome the mystical might of their foes. The artillery of the allied forces was turned upon the Vampiric Battle Standard Bearer who had torn through the Tomb King chariots; the bolts of the elves fell amongst their target but could not find him, however the Screaming Skull Catapult was aimed true. The flaming skulls falling atop the beast with crushing force, knocking him from his steed, leaving him little more than a burning smear across the field.

In combat, the skill of Ulthuan’s militia was demonstrated, each zombie dispatched without them threatening the shield wall of the elves. The Tiranoc Chariot, it’s riders trying to fend off the savagery of the Vampire attacking them, lashed out with their blades in unison and even the beast’s unholy speed could not spare it from a spear point through its mouth, the creature crumbling to dust.

Prince Karnak, finally able to challenge the Vampire who threatened the Khemri artillery emplacements found his skill unable to match the speed of his vampiric foe. The creature leapt about, dodging the strokes of Karnak who, against the now overwhelming odds against him, felt the magic that sustained his body wither away.

The Ushabti lifted their blades and began hacking into the unprepared Grave Guard, like a whirlwind of death they ploughed through the enemy – felling twelve of the wights. Even the powerful magic animating them could not stand before such power and the remainders quickly crumbled to the ground. With impassive eyes, the Ushabti saw the now trapped Necromancers, not breaking their stride as they strode towards the helpless magicians.

End of Turn 5 for the Allies

Vampires Turn 5:
Dremireze cursed all elf kind and all of Khemri! His army had been undone! The task of occupying the temple had been entrusted to that pathetic Lahmian, Abitha, and she had been felled by a weakling Nehekharan! If she were to rise again, he would personally see to her complete destruction. Anger welled up inside the Vampire Lord, he knew that his master would be most displeased with the result here today but Dremireze knew the blame lay with his underlings and servants; it was no fault of his! Feeling the need to vent his fury he unsheathed his long, slender blades and leapt at the Tomb King catapult, with all intention of destroying it before retreating from this battle.

The battle was essentially over the Vampires at this point, in a last ditch attempt to gain some spite kills the remaining skeletons charged the Casket of Souls and the Vampire Lord charged the Screaming Skull Catapult. Dremireze unleashed his fury and tore the Catapult to pieces before flying away from the battlefield; his vampire servant (Manfred) which had punched through the allies lines destroyed the casket as well, cutting aside the guards and plunging his blades into the chest of the Priest before kicking aside the revered casket. The Ushabti surrounding the whimpering Necromancers and hacked and sliced into the dark wizards, naught but ribbons was left of the two after the Ushabti were finished, gore caking their ornate blades.

It was at this time that the silent Tomb Guard surrounded the temple dutifully; the slender form of Grand Hierophant Bast appeared from amidst the fog of battle. The Guards forming protected pathway as she made her way into its ancient halls…

End of the Game!

Result: Solid Victory to the Allies and Objective secured!

Much appreciated to all those who read the report and voted in the poll! Please let us know what you think of our reports and the background behind them. Hope you enjoyed it.


Grand Heirophant Bast made her into the halls of the ancient temple, its walls bore the ornate hieroglyphics of her people which told endless stories of the beauty of the sun and promise of eternal life in death – how ironic those stories had been, she thought solemnly. She came to the center of the temple; an open roof let the light of the day into the halls and massive columns surrounded an elevated pedestal in the center of the room. Upon it was a flawless glass mirror, carved perfectly upon its still shining surface were countless symbols, words of power and enchantments, all there in order to utilize the great power of this place. It was designed by the Grand Heirophant who had served King Thumu-Ra before her. All the symbols here though weren’t familiar to her, she concluded it was entirely possible that the elves may have had some part in this place’s creation.

Her thoughts were echoed by the sound of footsteps upon the temple’s ancient stones, she turned her withered form to see the elf Beldrian, his wounds looked dreadful and he was being held upright by one of his Captains, it appeared he would live though.

It was with great strain that he spoke. “I had spoken of the magic necessary to create a place like this with your King many, many years ago.” He gazed about the temple between his words. “I did not think he would have actually constructed it; it appears he is more resourceful than I thought.”

Bast felt a sense of pride flow through her corpse-like body, her hideous visage hidden by her beautiful death mask. “Our King is many things. You should be honoured that he took such counsel with you.”

The Loremaster motioned to his Captain towards the pedestal in the center of the room, the mage hobbling over to it, gazing upon it with a strange look in his eyes, as though he saw things that weren’t there.. “The magic here is not gone, only dormant. But I assume you knew that.”

Bast ran her skeletal hand over the glass. “If we combine our knowledge then we can ensure this place acts as a ward against Nagash’s armies. The temple will ensure eternal light shines here and force his servants to venture round for miles. The Sun God’s gaze approves not such beasts.”

Beldrian looked at Bast with determination in his eyes. “I will help you restore this temple’s power. But know this; many elves lie dead or dying because of my journey here, among them my son who fights for his life just beyond the temple gates. After this is done, you will take me to Thumu-Ra or I swear by Asuryan I will burn this place to the ground, stone by stone.”

Bast believed the elf could do so, but she did not feel intimidated by his threat in the slightest. She smiled beneath her Death Mask, speaking calmly. “The Sun God will know. He will decide what is best.”

With that, the two began the ritual…


To be Continued in the next chapter!

22-09-2009, 17:37
Nice hard fought battle and a good report. Background is very nice as well.

Man was I wrong... those ushabti really put the hurt to the tomb guard ;)

What do you have planned for your next battle?

22-09-2009, 17:47
Nice hard fought battle and a good report. Background is very nice as well.

Man was I wrong... those ushabti really put the hurt to the tomb guard ;)

What do you have planned for your next battle?

Many thanks Malorian! Indeed, the WS 4 on the Ushabti makes them great options against other undead.

We actually haven't fully decided what it will be, we are considering trying a specific scenario i.e. Ambush, Hold the Line etc. to really mix things up. Anything in particular you'd like to see?

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Anything in particular you'd like to see?

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