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15-01-2006, 16:46
There's a 1000 point tournament I plan to go to at the end of this week and this was the list I was thinking of taking.


Scar-Vet, light armour, shield, great weapon, jaguar charm, quetzl and sotek


10 skinks (jav, i know i know, everyone loves blowpipes, but I find i do more damage with them charging lone wizards or war machine crews)

10 skinks (jav, same reasons)

12 Saurus, full command (there to act as a distraction for the rest of the army)

2 Jungle Swarms


3 Kroxigor (don't need an explanation)

3 Terradons (fast, moble, hit and run, just haven't played with them a lot)


2 Slamander Hunting Packs (Again wanted more shooting, and an effective anti skermishing unit)

So what do you think? I'm open to any and all sugestions.

15-01-2006, 19:14
Yup. Drop the swarm for another sallie, use the other swarms worth of points to boost your skink or saurus pool. 20 saurus is a lot in 1000pts for just one unit IMO, sure you don't want to split it(+the points from the swarm) into 2 units instead? One lone unit of saurus is probably easier to handle than two that can offer mutual support along with the krox.

12 skinks is a rather bland number, 10 or 13(for the extra kill needed for panic) is more common. If you want advice( and you probably do, as you've posted the list) I'd say scrap the chameleons in favor of an ordinary unit of scouting skinks with blowpipes. Or javelins if you prefer.

As characters goes a lone priest is kinda weak. It doesn't add anything to melee and only marginally to magic by its own. Funny thing is that nobody in the entire army is going to listen to a skink general, everyone has equal or better Ld:). If you somehow could free up the points I'd recommend going for a Scar-vet with mark of Tepoc. It give your skinks a better chance of staying in the game longer as well as providing lots of melee prowess. Kit it out to be a JSOD and you have a pretty standard list that deals well with pretty much everything.

I've just drawn together a counter-proposal I hope you find inspiring. Please pick anything you think can work with your style of play.
1 JSOD(Jag. Charm, GW, LA, Sh, Sotek, Quetzl)
1 Priest ( diadem, lvl.2)
10 Skinks(javs)
10 Skinks(javs)
10 Skinks(pipes, scouts)
3 Kroxigors
15 Saurus Warriors(Std, Quetzl)
2 Salamander Hunting Teams
999 pts, 58 models, 4(6)PD, 3(5)DD.

15-01-2006, 23:47
Thanks for the help Kroxhandler let me run through it one point at a time.

Drop the swarm for another sallie, use the other swarms worth of points to boost your skink or saurus pool
Easy enough to do, just means I'd have to paint and buy another Salie, and paint more saurus.

I'd say scrap the chameleons in favor of an ordinary unit of scouting skinks
Would Give it a try, but I've only got 27 skinks models (box of 24 + Classic Skink command). Though I could easy boost each squad to 13, buy say dropping a saurus.

As characters goes a lone priest is kinda weak.
I normally run a JSoD Scar vet, but since this is a tournament I wanted to at least be able to put a dent into magic heavy armies (no way I'd want to try and shut them down, would take to many points). I could use this insted:
Scar-Vet, LA, SH, Jaguar Charm, Quetzl, Tepoc(+1 dispel)

16-01-2006, 01:17
I normally run a JSoD Scar vet, but since this is a tournament I wanted to at least be able to put a dent into magic heavy armies (no way I'd want to try and shut them down, would take to many points). I could use this insted:
Scar-Vet, LA, SH, Jaguar Charm, Quetzl, Tepoc(+1 dispel)

Hey, glad to be of service. Maybe you want to have a look at a southlands list? They don't get any saurus but some really decent anti-magic dirtcheap.
Here's a sample of what you can get for 1000 pts:

Skink chief( LA, Sh, Tepok, Steg. Helm)
Priest ( lvl.2, Tepok, Diadem)

1 Jungle swarm
13 Skinks (javs)
10 Skinks(pipes, scouts)
18 Skink cohorts

3 Kroxigors
3 Terradons

2 Salamanders
999 pts, 58 models, PD:4(6), DD:5(7)

It's alot more skinks, too bad you haven't got more models, maybe you can borrow some from a friend( or opponent?;) ).
This list has a couple of weak/strong points IMO. It's got a decent leadership(7 due to helm) and plenty of troops. Even though they are paperthin they can be used as bait and support for the kroxigors. Basically the swarm is used to trap opponents(although 2 bases would have been prefered I don't see how to afford it at the moment), terradons pick at characters and war machines. The jav-skinks provide cover for the kroxigors while the cohort either baits enemies and/or provide kroxigors with ranks. Sallies do about the same as usual, keep them close to the cohorts to discourage tricksters...

The skink chief is actually underused IMO, it's got a great statline for its cost and can actually dish out a lot of pain in CC for a skink. 3+ Save in CC isn't too shabby, you could even increase it to 2+ with an enchanted shield if you wanted to. And even scout at the same time(!). Costs though. Stick the chief in with either the kroxigors or cohort and you've got some extra punch( and bodies for the cheif to hide behind).

16-01-2006, 02:08
If I where going to mass skinks, I'd probly use a Lustria Sotek list. I've used it a few times before and with a unit of 15 ranked skinks you can get 11 S3 WS3 attacks with re-rolls to wound (or get frenzy) on the charge. All that for 152 points.

Hmm....I'll have to have another look at that Red Host list.

Alright I've had another go at this list here.

144 = Scar-Vet, light armour, shield, great weapon, charm of the jaguar, sotek, quetzl

270 = 20 saurus, full command

72 = 12 skinks

72 = 12 skinks

174 = 3 kroxigor

105 = 3 terradons

160 = 2 salamanders

Total = 997

17-01-2006, 18:02
I hate to double post, but just looking for a little more advice on the last army I posted thanks.

18-01-2006, 00:50
I would never drop my jungle swarms when going into a tournament or any other game.

They're unbreakable, skirmishing and poison, meaning they have the mobility to get to your opponents most elite unit and sit on the flank and hold it up for a turn or two. In smaller games this is a game winner. You can support charge the unit with terradons and then break and run.

Swarms will take out gaints, trolls, orges, minotaurs etc, etc, not only are they an excellent defensive choice, but they're golden in offense against light armoured troops.

Personally, I'd drop the saurus(I know its a big call), the reason being is that the rest of the army is very mobile, you'll spend more time defending the points sink saurus unit than attacking with it since the unit will be the target of alot of supported charges, being such a costly unit + standard victory point.

I love saurus units, I just don't think it sit well in the armylist.

Also in 1000pts and tournaments mobility is a key factory, it gives you the chance to pick and choice your fights, but most importantly it makes the army more flexibility to be able to support it's self.

Either take skinks in units or 10 or 13, 10 so they are a low cost through away unit, 13 for panic tests, right now you have 24pts sitting there that could go into other things.

Both the tarradons and salamanders are a good choice IMO, they are both work-horses on the battle field, both are good defensive units against enemy mobile units and both are extremely for dealing damage.

kroxigors are a good choice as well, just look after them.

18-01-2006, 01:23
There is a nice combination that people forget about with swarms. They are classified as "small". Meaning that you can shoot over them. This will really help protect a salamander hunting pack too. The pack can shoot over the top of those little guys.

Other than that, I think that either going to the extreme with shooting or staying balanced throughout is the way to go.

18-01-2006, 02:11
Hows this for an idea then.

Drop 4 skinks (so I'd end up with 2 units of 10), and 8 saurus (for a unit of 12) which frees up 120 points, exactly enough points to add in 2 jungle swarms.

18-01-2006, 07:36
It depends, how are going to run your saurus?

What are your tactic's you running that unit in the armylist?

Personally I'd drop the saurus units for a unit of 3 swarms and more skinks, giving you a tarpit and moble units.

18-01-2006, 13:39
How do I play my Saurus? Hmm well most often I send them straight at the enemy lines (while useing cover so I don't get totaly shot to death). Most of my oponents quickly take notice since it would be a bad idea to ignore them. This means those Saurus get lots of fire power and units setting up to charge or take the charge from them. While this all seam negative if half my oponents army is dealing with my one unit of Saurus most of the the rest of my units get ignored (especially if they're things like skinks and jungle swarms). That then leaves them open to my favorite tactic the skink charge! Yes you heard me I charge with my skinks, not into big ranked units, but into war machines, lone characters and units of archers.

All of that normally means my saurus don't make their points back, but the skinks make double or triple their points back. Such as in the last game I played my saurus got shot to pieces by HE bolt throwers, but one unit of skinks killed both bolt thrower crews, and the HE wizard general winning about 400 victory points.