View Full Version : Fighty Great Shaman? (no wand)

17-09-2009, 20:31
I was thinking about this build:

Great shaman w/ battle axe of the last Waaagh, boar.

Now you have a Lvl 4 mage that also is fairly decent in combat as well.

A varient on this would be to make him savage and drop the boar.

So what do you think? Great all-rounder or waste of points?

17-09-2009, 20:45
Except for his extreme vulnerability I'd say it's cool....when I read this at first I thought about Chaos Sorcerors and their ability to actually kill things if you spent points on a magic weapon, but the reason they can be multipurpose, imo, is because they can get up to a 2+ AS just by getting on a horse and come with 2 attacks on their profile.

An Orc shaman's really just counting on his T5 to save him, w/a maximum of 4 WS3 S7 hits...since I'm assuming you can't count a rank bonus beyond 3?

Maybe Porko's Pigstikka w/those iron gnashas? 4 S4 KB? I dunno, the Orc shamen, strangely, don't seem like they can viably be kitted out for killing.

17-09-2009, 21:39
I'd say a savage on boar/wyvern with the pigstikka+'ed kickin' boots and the amulet of protectyness.
Potentially 6 S5 Attacks, and a bit of save if you pic your foe well, or just choose the best boss 'at for the 5+ ward.

17-09-2009, 21:45
Haven' tried it yet, but what about making your Shamen a savage one with Kickin' Boots and Best Basha? That would allow you to add Waagh Paint (If you really want your shaman in combat, you should really consider this) and either Amulet of Protectiness or the Big boss' Hat.
Not as hitty but better protected and has enhanced magic, too!

17-09-2009, 21:56
Mount that Shamn on a Wyvern and we'll talk

17-09-2009, 22:11
one of the things that iritates me is the total lack of stat improvments on high level shamans/wizards (presume its the same with most races). theres no way a shaman gets to be a great shaman without knocking some heads, no matter what his magical abilities are!

anyway, as for combat builds how about porko's, waagh paint, amulet of protectyness on a chariot/wyvern? if you intend to have him in combat a lot then waagh paint's a must i reckon. gives you that nice boost to your casting, which considering you've paid for a lv4 shaman i assume you want to be doing a bit of?! for a lv2 savage shamen i like the best basha, amulet of protectyness and waagh paint on a boar running with the boar boys.

also if you flank charge a unit do you get porkos' bonus as they don't get a rank bonus? this could make a difference as it would mean having to charge the front of a unit and he'd probably not be able to take on a fully ranked unit on his own, making the wyvern build not so good with this weapon. thoughts??

17-09-2009, 22:12
A varient on this would be to make him savage and drop the boar

since you are thinking about doing things that you don't normally do... why not make him savage, keep him on the boar, take the ironclaw cleava instead, and put him in a unit of savage boar boyz?

of course that's extremely risky, and a big point sink, but you could pull it off, with proper deployment, screening, etc etc. it would be underhanded/unexpected indeed, but perhaps not super-effective... low ws and low # of attacks...

about the wyvern...
the battleaxe of the last waaagh! is dependent on rank bonus. obviously you get 0 rank bonus if you are on a wyvern, because you can't join a unit.