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18-09-2009, 08:29
I was considering buying a unit of Ironguts for my Empire.
Just wondering if any one else out there uses ogres? and how they have faired in your army?
Are Ironguts the best choice? I like the idea of a fast moving strength 6 unit that can dish out a bunch of attacks, they seem like ideal flankers.
Plus i personally think they're very nice models and would add some thing to the army.
I'd be using them instead of my Steam Tank though would that be a good trade off?

18-09-2009, 08:50
Great choice and good idea. I have my own OK army and often use them for my other armies. Ironguts are good, but what you really need to focus on is the bull charge; that can potentially devastate an enemy unit, especially when you flank charge them; ouch!!!

Make sure you take a unit of about 5 ironguts as a minimum, like that they can take a bit of shooting and still make it to the bull charge. Also take advantage of their 6 movement, this means that they can potentially charge on the second turn. Obviously your opponent might know all this as well, so the plan might not always work :rolleyes:

Anyway, good luck with them, I'm sure they won't let you down.;)

18-09-2009, 13:50
I'd say to go for a smaller unit. If you're fielding 5 of them, and no other Rares, may as well take one more and split them. Ironguts in an Empire army work well as flankers, and no unit this game worth flanking will have a flank large enough for 5 whole Ironguts to fit in. Having 5 Ogre-bases will also cause you consternation when trying to maneuver for charging, as that's WIDE. 3 is good, as even 2 of them can take rank bonuses and chances are you won't get more than 3 in the fight anyway. If you're worried about shooting... That's what Archer screens and the likes are for, yes-yes?

Another one to consider are a unit of 2-3 Leadbelchers, who can pump so fast cav full of lead, and then flank or reload to do it to another unit. They're generally not as high on the priority list of the enemy, so tend to survive longer than Ironguts.

Hrokka `Eadsplitter
18-09-2009, 15:53
Are you going to use the ironguts as Ogre Mercenaries or how would ogres fit in in an Empire army?
But it's a great idea!

18-09-2009, 17:07
Are you going to use the ironguts as Ogre Mercenaries or how would ogres fit in in an Empire army?
But it's a great idea!

They fit very well in the Empire fluff - there used to be a time when you could actually take Ogres, Dwarf clansman, and halflings as core choices for the Empire - it represents the imperial dwarves who live in the EMpire, the huge number of ogre mercs, and of course halflings from the moot

in todays world you also see them as dogs of war for the empire - theres even an empire themed man eater

and in terms of gameplay they also fit very well into th army - a nice T4 unit with str 6, great movement, and immune to fear

18-09-2009, 23:26
Unit of 5 with a warrior priest with them. 15 strengh 6 sttacks that have hatred.

18-09-2009, 23:38
I used a good unit of Maneaters with my greenskins.

Expensive but awesome.

19-09-2009, 00:05
Non-Dogs of War characters can't join Dogs of War units, so no Priest

19-09-2009, 00:23
i've thought about the same thing.. leadbelchers aren't really worth the points, just go with the helcannon for that purpose.. but ironguts are definitely worth it.. 3 of them and a steamtank gives plenty to split fire anyway

19-09-2009, 01:41
also.. there was a guy using a giant in an empire list at the lone wolf tourney.. it even comes with empire-ish bits.
i plan on using the one i started for a goblin army and redoing him for empire

19-09-2009, 04:43
Non-Dogs of War characters can't join Dogs of War units, so no Priest

Old rule which does not exist anymore

20-09-2009, 10:47
Non-Dogs of War characters can't join Dogs of War units, so no Priest

Wheres it say that?

20-09-2009, 14:03
I'm just going to echo what everyone else has said.

I got pretty close to starting Ogres, then went to Empire, but I still have a box of bulls remaining, and have a real soft spot for them.
So I'll almost definitely be adding them for a while, and even when I get to 2000 points+, I wouldn't take a steam tank, and flaggies I can get for core with a WP.

So yeah, I say go for it.

Ogres are fun.

20-09-2009, 21:22
I sometimes field a unit of Ironguts, and they have almost every time fared well.
I field them 4 with full command and a warbanner, and they can do some punch on the charge. I tend to have unit of knights helping them to bait enemy units or just to screen them. Besides they are fun to use and its kinda cool to have some fluffy mercenary ogres in the empire army.