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18-09-2009, 09:54
Hello everybody !

I will play a hard tournament in October, and i need advice for my army. I played Lizardmen for a long time but i stop playing at the v6. So it's my first tournament in v7.

(1) Scar-Veteran- : 160 points
Light Armour
Piranha Blade
Enchanted Shield
Cold one

(2) Scar-Veteran- : 160 points
Light Armour
The hot blade of Chotec
Mirror Shield
Cold one

2nd Level Skink priest on an EOTG with : 440 points
diadem of power and one scroll

10 rank Skinks : 50 points

10 skink skirmishers : 70 points

10 skink skirmishers : 70 points

15 saurus spearmen no champion no musician : 192 points

5 Cold one riders and sun standard of chotec no champion :245 points

4 Terradons : 120 points

4 Kroxigors : 220 points

Total : 1727 points

The first (1) scar Veteran will go with the cold one riders and the second with Kroxigors or the spearmen.
Skinks with shield will be used to redirect charge or charge flank to cancel the bonus row.

Thanks for your time.

18-09-2009, 10:06
What kinda point value is this tournament? :eyebrows:

18-09-2009, 10:11
What kinda point value is this tournament? :eyebrows:

I would assume 1731pts...

18-09-2009, 10:14
I just don't think anyone would be weird enough to organise a tournament at such a strange point value.

18-09-2009, 13:03
it's not 1750 points, just because the location it's number 31 ;) but what do you think of this army ?

18-09-2009, 14:05
Drop the kroks, drop the banner of cotex from the cold ones, drop the mirror shield scar vet. drop the scroll and the diadem from the eotg.

Add plaque of tepok to the skink.

Buy a kitted out Slann with BSB, bane head, and the ususal disiplines.

Make the spear saurus into temple gaurd.

18-09-2009, 14:06
i can't take lords it's under 2000 points

18-09-2009, 15:20

Brain not working....

In that case, take the spear saurus up to 18, 6x3 is much much better than 5x3 when you have spears...

I would still drop the krox and the cold ones magic banner for a second 6x3 unit of saurus.

20-09-2009, 19:13
Seriously get another priest on a second engine and drop the mirror vet, that would rock a bit since no one is going with lord lvl mages. Points is wierd, care to detail why? ;)