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18-09-2009, 19:17
I posted this on the army list forum, but I think it was the wrong place to get noticed. Could a mod delete the other thread?

So I pretty much run full Tzeentch, because its fun (no gateway spam), but i'm having a tough time getting a proper hero selection.

Ideally I want : sorcerer on disc, fighty on disc, fighty on daemon steed.
Mandatory : I must have one character on a disc and one on the steed at a minimum.

I like the Tzeentch magic, but loading up a Sorcerer Lord is costly. If I don't take a level 4 I would need to drop a fighty on disc so that I can have two level 2 sorcerers. My list below leaves me with 695 points for characters so roughly 230 each if I take 3 of them. I can drop the Chosen or reduce the Chaos Warrior block as well to free up more points.

So, what would be a good ratio of characters:troops? Should I drop some troops to expand my character selection a bit?

The list as it stands right now is :

20x Chaos Warriors, shields, Tzeentch, Command, Raptuous Standard
20x Marauders, Light Armor, Flails, Tzeentch, Command
10x Chosen, Great Weapons, Tzeentch, Command, Favor
5x Knights, Tzeentch, Command, Blasted Standard
1x Chariot OR Shrine, Tzeentch
1x Giant, Tzeentch

Which comes to 1,555 at the high end.

I will optionally take 10x Warhounds with poison for 90 points if it seems warranted.

18-09-2009, 19:24
Character load-outs that I found useful (mostly) -- free points get filled if there is room with scrolls or other crap.

Sorcerer Lord
lvl4, Tzeentch, disc, Golden Eye, Blood of Tzeentch, Bloodcurtling Roar

Tzeentch, daemon steed, Father of Blades, Armor of Damnation, Diabolic Splendour, shield

Tzeentch, daemon steed, Sword of Change, Morrslieb, Diabolic Splendour, shield

Tzeentch, disc, Runesword, shield

18-09-2009, 19:46
I prefer

lvl4 tzeentch on disc
lvl2 Nurgle
lvl2 Nurgle

lvl2s draws dispel dice or kill enemy casters/heroes/champions using buboes and then the lvl 4 makes as much damage as possible hopefully with gateway.

I usually put at least one scroll on one of them and puppet on another to give me some protection against miscasts

sometimes a 3rd lvl 1-2 caster or a hero on chaos steed with flail but usually only 3 characters. I dont think that the daemon steed is worth the extra points compared to the normal steed.

18-09-2009, 19:53
I've seen a common goal is for 6 power dice. So I could run a lvl 4 and a lvl 2.

I have Archaon painted up as a Tzeentch character and he's a bit of a centerpiece aside from giving my knights some extra punch so he'll probably remain unless I can find a replacement model in short order.

18-09-2009, 20:57
I think you need one more core unit. You only have two. Unit of Marauder Cav with flails, lt armor and musician is easily doable.

First off, to gain some points, drop 2 Warriors and the Champion from the warriors unit. Run a 3x6 unit. Add Halberds (which will cost you one of the two warriors). That should buy you about 40 points to mess with. In fact, lose the champs on all the units. They have to challenge. You're asking for problems.

For your Sorceror Lord, I recommend Disc, MOT, Enchanted Shield, Golden Eye, Book of Secrets, Spell Familiar. That's a 1+ AS and 3+ Ward against shooting. Don't get into hth. Also gives you 6 PD for just him. If you want to get into hth, then drop the Book of Secret or Spell Familiar and grab Sword of Might or Biting or something. Total is approx 375 pts, give or take.

Other Sorceror, MON or MOT. 2 x dispel scrolls. Barded Steed. ~180 pts

For BSB, put him on barded steed and give him a shield, Armor of Morslieb or Zhrakk, and a magical sword .

All Told, that's about 730 pts of characters (give or take). Plus the Marauder Cav means you're still over the point limit.

Unfortunately, you might need to drop the Giant or the Chosen. I think dropping the Giant is a better move. That's alot of points and the MOT isn't doing anything for the big guy. MOS is better IMHO. Use those points for the Marauders and the characters. But that might also give you points for Dogs too. But if you do, take 2 separate units of 5 and don't give them poison. They're screens and only around to die.


18-09-2009, 21:20
Thanks JMZ - that was very helpful!

20-09-2009, 00:45
20 Warriors is a massive unit, far too big IMHO. Drop it down to 12-14 with no Champion and you will save yourself 100-ish points there and then.

Because you have lots of infantry in your army, I'd definately go for the Warshrine over the Chariot, especially if it is MoT like the rest of your army....Deploy it smack bang in the middle and let the opponent shoot at it's T6 3+Ward Save!