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20-09-2009, 13:07
Heya folks, I have a tournament to go too in a few weeks, its a 2,000 pt affair with little restrictions (no named or special characters) and most of the missions are very similar. With that said heres my armylist- (sorry if its as new as the wheel)
Any comments appreciated, I've only played 2 games with my WoC so far.

Sorceror Lord, level 4, disc, mark of Tzeentch, golden eye of Tzeentch, enchanted shield, skull of katam 400
Sorceror, level 2, Mark of Tzeentch, disc, infernal puppet, talisman of protection 210
Sorceror, level 2, barded steed, mark of Nurgle, dispel scroll, book of secrets , 206

5 marauder horsemen, MoS, musician, flails 91
5 marauder horsemen, (unmarked) musician, throwing axes 81
5 marauder horsemen, MoS, musician, spears 86
5 warhounds 30
5 warhounds 30
5 warhounds 30
5 warhounds 30
5 warhounds 30

5 Chaos Knights MoK, musician 240
5 Chaos Knights MoK , musician240
5 Chaos Knights MoK, musician 240

Chaos spawn 55


20-09-2009, 19:32
Why on earth are there no standards in with the knights!?!?

20-09-2009, 19:45
Free vp's for my opponent. I'd only ever take SB's if they were magical, I don't have the points hence they don't.

21-09-2009, 15:15
dude putting a standard in the knights isn't free victory points, the knights will maraud their lines quite happily I promise, (with or without the standard actually) but the standard is quite handy and looks cool

21-09-2009, 15:50
Unless you plan on moving your casters around in a very tight cluster, the Skull of Katam is a bit of a waste. There are cheaper ways of giving your Sorc. Lord +1 to casting rolls.

23-09-2009, 23:00
It was for 2 tzeentch sorcerors on discs to bomb about :0 Changed now.