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The Anarchist
20-09-2009, 19:37
So I've heard the idea of them basicly beign space dwarves reimagined? and that they are short squat, amazing craftsmen and they developed the Tau's Ion tech for them.

so firstly are they possibly the reminants of the squats that didn't get eaten by the Nids. but now flying around on their space craft as nowhere else to go, total loss of faith in the Imperium after the nid incident and such.

I'm jsut generaly currious about them beyond this, what is knowen about them, and what sorces mention them other than battlefleet gothic?

20-09-2009, 19:42
here you go http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Demiurg

20-09-2009, 22:00
The short answer is: not much.

BFG is the major source of most of the info, and aside from a few tantalizing concept sketches, that's about it.

Pity, as I like the concept as well.

Lord Damocles
20-09-2009, 22:07
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, pg.109


21-09-2009, 10:08
well, i was thinking, im not sure if we can do this here but is there any mention, of rockets/ misiles?, do they prefer slug weaponry, or energy?, there miners n traders sure, but if we use the bentusi (homeworld thing as a concept) they are pasive, dont fight unless pushed

if you could create a signiture weapon for them what would it be?, i know i know prehaps this should be in creating rules place but if i get enough ppl responding i might create a thread there to band ideas from

oops sorry thought this was the demuirg thread id posted about a week ago my apologies for hijacking

Terror of the East
21-09-2009, 10:29
Ok i rember a story about imperial guard (vallhallans i think)vs Demiurg in the WD, i cant rember the details that well, ill haveto find the story - but the demiurg i think were mining and entrenched themselved deep, there was mention of mortar weapons it think... gah i realy with i could rember , anyone else rember this story?

Lord Damocles
21-09-2009, 11:10
'The Valley of Death' from 'The Illustrious Regiments of the Imperial Guard' (part 1), in White Dwarf 286, pg.29.

It only mentions Demiurg 'heavy weapons' and 'small arms', which fire 'bullets'.

The Demiurg are 'squat semi-humanoids' with a 'highly developed sense of honour'.

21-09-2009, 14:11
i may be mistaken but didnt the Tau ion technology come from the demiurg? if so then we know the demiurg are alse pretty advanced to come up with ion tech

21-09-2009, 14:15
You are mistaken. The Demiurg occasionally work for the Tau as mercenaries, or when there are mutual interests (such as fighting Orks). Tau technology is not dependent on the Demiurg

21-09-2009, 14:51
Tau technology as a whole doesn't come from the Demiurg and isn't dependent on them, but Tau ion weapon technology in particular was given/taught to them by the Demiurg. I don't think this means that even their ion weapon technology in particular is "dependent" on the Demiurg, it just means that's where it initially came from.

22-09-2009, 09:55
Cite your evidence please. I'm not finding anything so far indicating any Demiurg involvement in Tau ion technology.

22-09-2009, 14:50
i think it was in a bfg book or the latest tau codex that mentions this

22-09-2009, 14:56
Cite it exactly. I am looking at BFG Armada and don't see it so far. Nor do I see any mention of it in the Tau Codex. I'm not looking for "I think it was somewhere but I can't remember" type recollection as that is precisely how misinformation or fanfiction gets passed off mistakenly as canon.

22-09-2009, 16:31
its in the lexicanum page for demiurg which only cites:

battlefleet gothic magazine article New Threat Alert, to unite the stars from the BFG rulebook and one of jervis posts on the specialist games forums

it has to be one of them

22-09-2009, 19:18
What 40k needs, I feel, is Trollslayers.



Here we see an 'urg Slayer. He has been kicked out of his clan, and as a result his body has undergone physiological changes including increased muscle mass and the crest on his head and back becoming permanently engorged with blood (and as a result practically glows bright orange.

He is armed with a pair of force-axes which use tractor technology to return when thrown.

22-09-2009, 20:53
Isn't there a seperate subforum for fan-art and such? Threads asking for background info about a certain race aren't the right place for "I feel such-and-such would be cool in 40K so here's a sketch I drew of it".

22-09-2009, 21:32
its in the lexicanum page for demiurg which only cites:

battlefleet gothic magazine article New Threat Alert, to unite the stars from the BFG rulebook and one of jervis posts on the specialist games forums

it has to be one of them

Lexicanum is not accurate as they freely incorporate fan speculations and pet theories in without differentiating between them and the actual sources.

Once again, cite the original source exactly.