View Full Version : Anointed Vs. Keep of Secrets which to use?

16-01-2006, 00:38
Ok guys. I'm having a little trouble deciding which to use. Now first I want to explain the comparision.

EDIT: Sorry just wanted to clarify based on the last post. Its a CoS list (for anointed of course). There will be a lvl 2 sorcess as the general. The anointed + 2nd sorc or KoS is in ADDITION to the general.

Anointed w/ GW, Strike first, 2 magic levels
AND a lvl 2 mounted slaaneshi sorceress
(there is also some room for some magic items)


1 Keeper of secrets

The two options are very close in points.

Now the reason I ask is because the first option gives you a great knight killer that can hide in a unit of devoted/spearmen and take a charge. The anointed turns your rank and file unit into a beastly killer. Although for 400ish points, he scares me a little bit, because at T4 with a so, so armor save and 3 wounds, he can die very easily. Moreover, the other sorceress spreads the 625ish points around and allows her to run off and cast on something total different.

The keep of secrets however, is a beast. He's fast, cancels ranks, T6 with 6 wounds. He causes terror, is a lvl 4 (so can cast some of the harder spells).

However, he's 625 all in one nice little basket, and is a large target with a so, so ward save. The other HUGE negative is he takes up another rare spot. I typically use two spawns and two reaper bolt throwers, so its really hard to choose which to drop.

So what do you guys think. I am leaning more towards the KoS, just because I feel some armies can't deal with large nasties. However, I think I really will miss the awesomeness of the anointed in a rank and file unit.


16-01-2006, 01:29
well if this is a CoS list... you must have a sorceress as your general...
so thats simple... unless you take the KoS and a sorceress your army will not be legal...
Druchii it is then... unless you want to throw 800pts on characters...