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20-09-2009, 22:06
I have heard alot about Nob squads and wound allocation.
Tyranid warriors have 2 wounds and can also all be armed differently.

But I dont really understand how it works. Could someone help?

20-09-2009, 22:12
wounds are assigned in groups.
each warrior that is equipped differently to the others is a separate group.
if a unit of 5 warriors (for the sake of arguement), all armed with different weapon combos is hit and wounded with 5 shots, you can put one wound on each group, then roll for saves.
that way if you fail all five saves, instead of removing two models and having one on one wound, you'd remove no models and have 5 with one wound. it means you have (in this example) to fail 6 saves before you remove a casualty instead of two.

21-09-2009, 13:51
When a unit takes wounds, you assign those wounds to models. You have to assign one wound to each model (your choice of which models unless a rule specifies otherwise) before you can go assigning a second wound to any model.

Then you roll your saving throws for those models. Models which have identical profiles (same stats, same wargear) can all be rolled in a group together and the casualties taken from any model in that group. Failed saves result in models being removed from the group that failed the save.

Here's two examples to illustrate how this works. The first is a normal example of how most people experience wounding and saving throw. The second example is a case where you need to remember the above rules to do things correctly.

1. A unit of 10 Space Marines includes a Sergeant w/ Chainsword and Pistol, 1 Marine with a Flamer, 1 Marine with a Missile Launcher, and 7 regular Marines armed with Bolters and Bolt Pistols. A unit of Shoota Boyz opens fire on this unit and manage to score a total of 5 wounds after rolling to hit and to wound. Since you suffered only 5 wounds, which is fewer than the size of the unit, and fewer than the number of 'ordinary' marines in the group, you can choose to just put all those wounds against the marines that don't have special weapons and then remove the failed saves from the group. This is how everyone is accustomed to removing failed saves, even if they don't understand the rules as to why.

2. The same unit of 10 Space Marines that were just shot at had terrible luck, and failed all five of those saves. Now there's a Sergeant, a Flamer, a Missile Launcher, and 2 regular Marines. A second unit of Shoota Boyz opens fire and scores a total of 6 wounds. That's one wound for every model in the group, plus an extra. You have to allocate wounds to models, always, but this time you don't have a big reserve of plain-jane marines to remove from. They're all different. Each model is going to have to have one wound allocated to it (put a die beside it). Then there's a sixth wound. This wound is going to have to go to someone. We'll put it on one of the 2 ordinary marines, who now has 3 saves to roll for. Now we roll the dice. You roll for each group (a group is any models that are identical) seperately. Since the Sergeant is unique, he has to roll the wound he was allocated all on his own. So he rolls, and fails. The sergeant has to be removed, not any other model. Then the flamer makes his roll, and passes. This model is safe, and can't be removed. The missile launcher makes his roll and also passes. This model is safe. Then the 2 regular marines roll the 3 saves they have to make (because they took 3 wounds. One would for each model in the unit, and then we placed the leftover 6th wound on them). They're unlucky and fail all 3. But even though they just rolled 3 failures, we can only remove models from the group that actually failed. We remove the 2 regular marines, and nothing else - the other guys are in different groups for rolling saves and already passed their saves.

21-09-2009, 16:00
Caern, very good explanation. Nothing to add, just wanted to say well done.

21-09-2009, 16:59
Thank you for that explaination. That helped me understand 'groups' better as I have been allocating wounds slightly wrong.

21-09-2009, 17:15
Then you roll your saving throws for those models. Models which have identical profiles (same stats, same wargear) can all be rolled in a group together (...)

... must? ....

Otherwise great example.
Hendy you can see how this could get a little abusive when squads of multiwound models come into the equation. As wounds donīt spill over into other groups, you can have a lot of wounded models in one squad, before having to remove the first casualty.
This is directly against what 4th edition had to say about the matter ("... remove whole models when possible ... " actually 5th has that, too, but totally destroys it with the above rule), and so many people have problems with that.