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21-09-2009, 12:52
I just returned from a 5 game tournament called Icehammer.

The tournament was based on a points level of between 2000-2500 depending on which army was played.

2000pts for

Deamons of Chaos
Vampire Counts
Dark elves
Lizards with more than 1 monster (Stegs and Carnosaur)
Empire with Steam tank and war alter


Most armies

orcs and goblins
Few others.

There where also a few other restrictions, magic was restricted to max 9 power dice and 10 dispell dice with bound items counting as 1 for the first one used and 2 for the 2nd used in a turn. Dispell scrolls counted as 1 DD for the first and 2 for the 2nd and 3rd etc.

With such a restriction on magic I thought there would be very few magic armies but it turns out there where a lot!!!

The army I played was as follows:
Lizardmen 2250pts

Slann 455pts
Plaque of tepok
Bane head
+1 dice dicipline
Negate enemy mages 6s dicipline
Dispell scroll
Dispell scroll

11 Temple Guard 229pts
Blood statute of spite

Priest lv2 100pts
Engine of the gods 290pts

Scar vet 136pts
Jaguar pants
Enchanted shield
Light armour
Great weapon

Scar vet 144 pts
Stegadon armour
Great weapon

17 spears 228pts

2 Salamanders 150pts

10 skink skirmishers 70pts
10 skink skirmishers 70pts
10 skink skirmishers 70pts

11 skinks + 1 krox 118pts
11 skinks + 1 krox 118pts

6 Chameleon skinks 72pts

I wanted to try some block troops so I took the spears and temple guard, would have liked terradons but I didn't have the models. I also thought I would give the T6 Scar vet a try for kicks.

The armies I faced where:

Tomb Kings
Dark Elves
Deamons of Chaos
Warriors of chaos

Battle reports to follow...

21-09-2009, 13:27
Game 1 against Tomb kings.

Tournament restricted troop choices to max 3 of the same, 2 for special and 1 for rare with a character in a chariot taking of the chariot slots. (hence no king in chariot in this army)

Opponents army

King with flight and some S7 weapon that can get 2 auto hitting, killing blow strikes on everything in btb. No armour!

Lich priest (dispell scroll item)
Lich priest (dispell scroll item)
Lich priest (Hieratic jar)

6 Chariots
5 Chariots
5 Chariots

10 archers
10 archers

5 swarms

Screaming skull catapult with burning skulls (or whatever its called)

I will keep the first games brief as I didnt take notes and will just go over the more important details.

Game type was pitched battle.

I won the roll to choose sides.
I had some forrests on my side to put my skinks in and to annoy his chariots, he had a hill on his far right side where he placed his catapult, all the heroes and a chariot unit, the hill had only 2 ways up or down, 1 towards my deployment zone and 1 in the center of the board, meaning only 1 unit at a time was likely to be able to charge at a time.

Skink on engine rolls Comet of Casandera and 2nd sign of amul
Slann takes light and gets all but the 2nd spell (which is worthless anyway)

I set up my army as follows.
SK=skink krox
TG=Temple guard
SW=Saurus warriors


Opponents deployment looks like


He then sets the other scorpion and the swarms to show up in my deployment zone right behind the tomb guard and skinkkrox on the left.

Game highlights.

Lizards turn 1, cast irresistable comet of casandora into the center of his army, this forces the tomb kings to abandon the plan to charge straight ahead with all 3 chariot units on their first turn and instead divert 2 units to running around a large forrest, slowing their attack down by 2 turns.

Tomb king turn 1.
They use their armies 2 pool dice to dispell the comet with a perfect 6,6!!!!
Screaming skull catapult makes a direct hit on the stegadon and causes 4 wounds!

Turn 2 armies move closed, no combats, tomb kings tunneled troops fail to show up.

Turn 3 my skink krox on the left gets into combat with the chariots on the far left, tomb kings tunnelers show up, swarms attack the 1 wound stegadon and take it down, scorpion and the king attack the tomg guard while a unit of chariots also attempts to join but battle but their movement spells are dispelled (forced to use both dispell dice)

King kills 2 tomb guard, return hits take off a wound or two due to him having no armour, scorpion kills a tomb guard or 2 whilst also taking a wound. Combat res kills the king! kings curse then kills 4 tomb guard! Cleansing flare finishes off the combats in the lizard magic phase.

Turn 4 and final turn (we were both very slow players!)
Some small fighting with another chariot unit and a scorpion (I think I won both but nothing special), due to time restrictions we had to call the game there.

I had lost a skink krox unit and the engine + priest, more than half of my tomb guard, mostly due to the kings curse and possible due to a slann miscast that also killed a fair few, can't remember exactly.

Opponent lots 2 scorpions the king and a few chariots, opponent may have had an extra quarter.

Game ended 13-7 to the tomb kings despite the kings suicide.
Another chario

21-09-2009, 13:36
Game 2 vs Dark elves

I don't know too much about the army.

His list was as follows

Walking CC Lord
Lv 1 mage caddy
Lv 1 magecaddy

large block of some kind of elite troop
large block of some kind of elite troop
Repeater archers
Repeater archers

Skirmishers with GWs

Repeater bolt thrower

I dominated the magic game from the start and got him to use his scrolls in the first few turns, I managed to get uranons thunderbolt on the skink and the slann took light again for the cleansing flare. My nike saurus took off on turn 1 to charge a unit of archers on a hill in front of the repeater (blocking its los to half my army for the entire game) it took about 4 turns of fighting for the archers to break and not before a unit of skink krox join the battle, due to high ground, outnumber and a banner? my nike saurus lost every round but never ran.

His hydra took 3 wounds from skink blowpipes and then charged my saurus spears which took it down in 2-3 combat phases. Between the Engines magical attacks and the slanns cleansing flare the t3 elves fell fast.

I won 18/2

21-09-2009, 13:43
Game 3

Deamons of chaos (my first game against the army)

Opponent had the lord of change
a khorne herald on juggernaugt
lv 2 mage

10 horrors
10 horrors
12 deamonettes
5 khorne dogs (jugger went here)
6 Khorne dogs

6 flamers

Turn 1 my opponent flies his LoC to my left flank with the intention of flying behind my army for the rest of the game, my 6 chameleon skinks have another idea! 12 shots = 3 poisons and 3 normal wounds of which he fails 5 saves and DIES!

Turn 2 the dogs with jugger attacks some skinks in front of my temple guard and slann while the other unit of hounds attacks the temple guards flank, the skinks break and the temple guard and slann are now being attacked from the front and the flank!

luckily the temple guards T4 and 2+ save keep them alive in combat for about 4 combat rounds, meanwhile the slann is casting cleansing flare the the engine is using its magical attack to whittle the unit down.

In the end the temple guard all die and the slann is left in cc with the herald and 2 dogs, I flank the enemy on both flanks with my temple guard and a unit of saurus.

Rest is moping up the enemies shooters, nike saurus takes out the flamers in cc.

This game could have gone very differently!

My opponent losing his lord of change meant he had very little magic defence for the rest of the game giving me free reign in the magic phase. Also I rolled fairly well on my saves for the temple guard which kept the small unit of just 11+ slann in the fight for 4 combat phases before my backup could come to the rescue!

Chameleon skinks have been great! (though normal skinks would have done much the same tbh)

20-0 for me, I think it put me in 2nd place after day 1!

21-09-2009, 13:56
Game 4 was against Lizardmen

Opponent had
Old one on horned one, +1S no saves sword
Engine, scroll, some item
Priest, Rod of storm, scroll

15 hand weapon saurus
15 hand weapon saurus

5 cold one riders

2 salamanders
5 chameleon skinks


This game did not go well for me. I managed to get uranons again on the skink and my slann took metal but did not get the number 1 spell which I needed! in order to snipe the enemy old blood.

Mission was kill the enemy general for +400pts...

The game started badly when the enemy stegadon sniped my skink with its bow!!!

I also calculated the usage of power dice wrong in 1 turn and failed to snipe the enemy priest on engine with my blood statue of spite, rules stated that the first bound item counted as 1 PD and second as 2pd, when counting towards the maximum of 9 PD that could be used in a turn so I could not use my statute as it would have been PD number 10 in that turn!

The enemy managed to get most of the charges and this game went downhill fast.

Oldblood attacked my unit of spears with both scar vets,1st combat phase my scar vet he challened went to the back to hide but I forgot to use the pants to fly out of combat so it died the next turn, the old blood lost the first 3-4 turns of combat but never ran and eventually destroyed the unit and both scar vets inside!

My temple guard and slann where in combat with his 15 saurus warriors, would have been fine if his 2 uranons prior to the battle hadnt taken out 7, this meant my slann could not cast onto the old one because it had no los.

game looked like a 20-0 loss untill the last turn.

I managed to get the slann out of cc by beating his saurus warriors with some help. Slann had 1 wound left! as did the stegadon I also had in the combat!
His old blood also finnished off my spear saurus.

He then turned his old blood to face my slann, which in its turn moved to the old bloods side, out of its charge view, I managed to cast spirit of the forge and kill the old blood with 1 spell. Things where looking good due to the extra 400pts the general was worth due to the mission.

On the opponents last turn he had a chance to turn things around.

He had 10 skinks shoot at my slann, he had his salamanders fighting my steg also on 1 wound AND 2 cold one riders could now charge my skink krox (which I moved right infront of them a few turns earlier as I wanted to charge them... which I forgot to do now giving him the charge opportunity!)

at this point I was winning with a huge lead... that was untill the skinks put 2 poisons onto the slann felling it! there went 650pts! the salamanders who had failed to wound the steg in the last 2 combat phase also upped their game and finnished off the steg, there went another 290pts and finally the cold ones also killed my skinkkrox unit with a banner giving another 220pts! I lost 1160pts that last turn and the game ended 12-8 to my opponent!

Lessons learned, take more temple guard! the scar vet in a block of saurus is fairly pointless, T6 armour is especially pointless, the only one that will attack him is someone who can take it out without problem, essentially making the armour pointless as anythign else will just attack the saurus.

I like the spears, but they cannot take on a hero or lord, even with a hero in the unit, in this case the placement of the heroes was bad, not sure how it should be done really to avoid what happened.

In this case the T6 hero with GW could never attack as it was not in btb with the oldblood, this left him looking on as the unit was taken out slowly...

21-09-2009, 13:57
Isn't the tomb king army illegal if your only allowed 2 of the same special choices?
He has 3 chariot units.
Liking the reports so far, you were very lucky with the lord of change!

21-09-2009, 13:57
Game 5.

Final match! I think we were playing on table 2 (as in 2nd highest table) at the tournament if I am not mistaken. Either way quite high.

My opponent was a Warriors of chaos player. It was about time I ran into one as of the 30 players at the tournament 10-13 had WOC!

I guess it was in part to them having a new book and also because the tournament restrictions made it a good army to play.

I was quite looking forward to a game with WOC since one of the people I rode with was playing WOC, he went on and on how great they because of the Gateway spell which is the answer to everything...

My opponents army was as follows:

Lv4 wizard with chaos armour and shield riding a dragon.
Lv2 wizard on disc, scroll

5 khorne knights with frenzy
5 Nurgle knights with some banner

5 Marauder horsemen with javalins
5 Marauder horsemen with javalins

5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds

Chaos chariot

14-20 warriors of chaos

I decided to take the lore of metal and rolled all spells except the 2nd one.
Skink priest rolled Uranons thunderbolt and 2nd sign.

The only piece of terrain that had much effect during the battle was a wood in my deployment zone and a hill on his, it meant the opponents knights would have a hard time all attacking from 1 side meaning he would have to split his forces a little.

Opponent has the advantage for deployment and gets to place his heroes after I place mine so deployment is as follows.

Dragon on mage, disc sorcerer both hiding behind a wood on the left flank.

Then from left to right he has, a unit of warhounds and marauder horsemen to the left of the wood, on the right he has another unit of warhouds and marauders at the front, behind them a unit of khorne knights, to the right he has the nurgle knights and the chariot.

I deploy nothing but a unit of skinks and a skink krox unit on the left, prefering to split his forces I deploy most of my army towards the right. I put another skink unit and later the chameleon skinks into a wood in the center of my deployment zone, also the salamander join them to take advantage of the wood. Having skirmishers in the woods makes it hard for his cavalry for flank me.

On the right I have the temple guard and slann next to the woods, the engine next, followed by the spears and on the far flank I have a unit of 10 skinks which is joined by the nike saurus and a skink krox unit.

The skink krox units on the flanks have been really good all tournament, too many wounds for most things to shoot them and they can take out of things that try to flank.

I win the first turn and decide to take it so I can get some magic off..

I move a little closer but not close enough to be charged on the first turn.
I then start with magic.

I cast uranons thunderbolt, my opponent lets it through so he can save his 5 dispell dice for my inevitable spirit of the forge spell. I kill 2 khorne knights with the bolt.

I then cast spirit of the forge with a 1,3,6,6
Spirit of the forge kills 4 nurgle knights leaving the magic banner knight as the sole survivor and my opponent sitting on 5 dispell dice at the end of the phase

My opponent moves his dragon to my left flank and the sorcerer there also, the knights and hounds all move up for a next turn charge.

In his magic phase he starts with the lv 2 casting the tzeenth magic missile on my skink krox, I let it through, he then starts casting with his lv4, he attempts 2 or 3 of the smaller spells, As my slann has the negate enemy 6s which I nominated to work on the lord on this turn, all of his spells fail, he rolls a 6 with each attempt which normally would mean he gets them through at a high casting value, but in this case mean they fail

Quite the frustration for my opponent as me having this skill effectivly shuts down most of his magic phase... unless he stays atleast 24" away from the slann (taking the dragon out of the equation hehe)

The dragon does then scream and do some breath attacks on the skink krox unit which destroys all but the krox which is left on 1 wound.

On my turn I move up my salamanders and get a good 7 hits in total on his khorne knights but fail to kill any. My skinks on the left move to shoot the dragon. 6 cham skinks and 10 normal skinks put a good 3 wounds on the dragon! wizard saves all with its 2+ save. I did tell him I was going to be shooting his dragon with some poison but he waved it off as irrelevent hehe.

My magic kills little as I miscast and it ends the phase. the Engine kills most of the soft things on the left flank, the warhounds and marauders, skinks help a little.

Its not looking that great for the WOC as their mage is somewhat shut down and he is losing troops fast.

The WOC player decides the skinks are annoying after all and flies away from them, attempting to stay over 24" away from teh slann it backs up away from the army, he judged the distance correctly and is able to just target my stegadon with the gateway spell while staying away from my slann. before this his lv2 casts a magic missile on the salamanders which I let through to save dice the coming gateway spell.

the missile kills both my salamanders! (I had eaten my skinks earlier) he then rolls a succhessful gateway on my steg! I want to scroll due to the high casting value but feel it would mean the salamanders would have died in vain hehe, so I dispell it with my 6 dispell dice.

he also charges a bunch of skinks with the chaos warriors and my spears with his khorne knights,

The spears lose a few of their number but hold, the skinks die the the warriors overrun into the engine and temple guard.

In my turn the engine takes out a few chaos warriors and a knight or 2, cc from the temple guard using halberds and the spear saurus, combined with another spirit of the forge takes out most of the enemy, I lose a few more saurus and temple guard but nothing to be concerned about.

This battle rages on for another few turns untill my nike saurus and a unit of skinks attacks the flank of the chaos warriors and finnishes the battle..

At this point my opponent doesnt have much left, though he does have his characters on full wounds still, he could hide and get a near draw but decides to fight, he stays in the open to cast on my but kills little, I let the small bolt through so I can dispell the coming gateway (I still have both scrolls), he gets irressistable gateway on the steg by judging distances well again meaning my slann cannot negate the 6s.

He rolls 7 S5 hits and the steg takes 1 wound or so.

In my turn the blood statute takes out a wound on the enemy sorc, a uranons is cast on the mage and my opponent lets it through to save dice for the coming spirit of the forge, the mage dies.

I then cast a spirit on the dragon and due to banehead both the dragon and the rider die.

The game ends with me taking 3-4 objectives out of a total 4 (special mission) giving me another 900-1200 VPs, I killed all of his army except his chariot (forgot to make the charge with my nike saurus twice!) and he dispellled my magical charge attemps (I was only 5 inches away so no magic needed if only I remembered to actaully charge)

He also had 5 warhounds left.

I lost half my temple guard, 2 skink krox units, my salamanders.

I win 20-0.

I finnish the tournament with 73 game points and come 3rd.

Winner had 76 and 2nd place went to 74pts.

I had a lot of chances to get a few extra points just by making some simple charges that I forgot to declare so the win was well in my grasp but I made a lot of mistakes.

21-09-2009, 15:30
Great so far.

Those Chariots will be Core I think as he has taken a Tomb King.

21-09-2009, 18:24
Turn 1 my opponent flies his LoC to my left flank with the intention of flying behind my army for the rest of the game, my 6 chameleon skinks have another idea! 12 shots = 3 poisons and 3 normal wounds of which he fails 5 saves and DIES!

HA! Take that Lord of Chickens!!! :evilgrin:

Interesting rules there with different armies allowed to come in with different point totals.

21-09-2009, 21:03
Its like the WD battle report all over again (LoC getting poisoned). GJ so far.

21-09-2009, 21:58
I was very happy with the performance of the slann! it did really well. I did miscast a lot, atleast once per game and often even more as I was mostly using the 12+ spells from the lores of metal and light (10+ in this case but still rolling with 4 dice)

I always managed to get the best spell even with only 5 spells available to me. Taking the "slann knows full lore" would have cost me the use of 1 PD as per the tournament rules which is why he didnt know the full lore, otherwise I would have taken it and given tepok to the skink.

I was very happy with the performance of the army, though the T6 scar vet was a waste.

The chameleon skinks where really good, perhaps chance but they did a lot of wounds onto enemy monsters, stegs, dragons and the hydra! Being chameleon meant they would normally get an extra round of shooting on the monsters, though on many occasions the monsters came to the skinks, I guess people just dont want to change their attack plans because of 72pts of skinks.

They didnt get to march block much but they did a lot of damage.

The skink priest died a lot, as to be expected when the engine is used aggressively but taking the 2+ ward save item seems a good choice if your not taking the drums.

The slann should really take some form of miscast protection, seeing as I was going magic heavy this meant the slann was very important to my game plan, even just losing 1 turn of magic due to a miscast ending the phase is bad, losing the model would be catastrophic. I would go with the 2+ to give the miscast to the enemy over the re roll but it does take up his magic allowance. Normally I would prefer to pump the slann with power stones and take the reroll.

Taking one on a cold one is definitely a better choice, that way he can attack out of the unit.

The salamanders didnt do too much but they where fun and my opponents seemed to fear them, I didnt really play a single army that would run from their panic, I wanted to try the doom and darkness spell combine with salamander fire but my opponents wouldn't allow it.

I really liked the skink krox units, with their 12" charge they where good on the flanks, they could go after war machines and archers and flank the units charging my solid blocks of saurus and temple guard. They worked well together with the engine in the middle to counter charge and use the magical attack to thin the numbers of the enemy.

The skinks where great as well, never leave for battle without them! their rock at monster hunting.

Against the lizard player 1 skink unit charged another skink unit, it was 10 vs 10, they count out the winner with 7 skinks left, they charged a unit of the enemies cham skinks, killed those and continued onto the enemy skink priest!

They also put huge dents into the enemy monsters, perhaps their best use was a human shields, protected against shooting and magic by screening the army, also they could be in the way forcing my opponent to charge the skinks first, I would often let them take the charge with a stand and shoot reaction, die. When my enemy then overran into my blocks, I had 1 magic phase to cleansing flare and use the engines magic to really hurt the enemies numbers before CC would start.

Normally they would lose a rank or 2, or I could snipe some models from within with steal soul or the first metal spell. After some magic the chargers could do little.

I had a fair bit of luck in the tournament, Heaven is not the most reliable lore since the default spell is not great, I was lucky enough to get good spells on the skink, comet in the first game and uranons in atleast 2 others, normally I dont like taking the skinks without diadam as often the dice will be wasted, in this tournament it was irrelevent as the slann could use 9 dice on its own.

In the end the only thing I would change about the list under these restrictions would be to either drop or add a cold on to the scar vet.

Adding a unit of terradon riders would be great (just didn't have the models yet)

It stops enemy characters from roaming wherever they like, though I do occasionally like for them to do this so the nike saurus can surprise them.

22-09-2009, 19:44
congrats to a well played tourny and some interesting reports. With these rules for points used what were the top armies in addition to yours?

22-09-2009, 20:57
There were some WOC armies high in the rankings, though with 1/3 armies played being WOC its hard to say how much was due to the army.

There was a Tomb King army right up there, King with 3 priests, a large block of tomb guard or whatever their called. The magic restrictions worked well for the tomb kings as they where not hurt by it.

A lot of people went magic heavy just because under the tournament settings it was possible, most armies can get 9 PDs in a useful way.

Deamons where well up there, there was also a VC army that did quite well I believe.

There was only 1 O&Gs army at the tournament, no ogres, 1 Dogs of war army.
Even with the additional points allowed there were very few people playing armies that were allowed 2500pts and none did very well.

The 2000pts armies still did very well.

That said the other tournament restrictions may have made a difference as well. Tomb kings could not take 3 scorpions, Dark elves couldnt have 2 hudras etc.

Necromancy Black
02-10-2009, 06:02
I managed to get uranons again on the skink and my slann took metal but did not get the number 1 spell which I needed! in order to snipe the enemy old blood.

I'm sorry but what?

Was there some extra rule on magic spells? You can always change any spell you roll to the number 1 of any Lore. So you could have changed something like Law of Gold to Rule of Burning Iron and sniped away the enemies Old Blood.

Very lucky with the LoC. Overall it seems you did pretty well with your army.

Also, I agree that with your list taking the armour to get the +1 T is a waste. It's better off in an army without a Slann and given to the BSB to keep him alive and the unit he's with from being out numbered by fear causers.

02-10-2009, 19:02
Great reports. Congrats on a great time at the event!

Tournament restricted troop choices to max 3 of the same, 2 for special and 1 for rare with a character in a chariot taking of the chariot slots. (hence no king in chariot in this army)
I like the rules of this tournement, except for this one. Limiting to 3 of the same choice could really hurt some core-based armies, especially any based on MSU tactics.

I like that it would restrict gun lines, or loading up on some of the more powerful units, but others would be unduely limited, me thinks.

Dwarf armies with multiple blocks of Warriors, for example.
Empire Mounted armies, my VC Skeleton horde, most any gobbo army or skaven armies, Ogres with multple units of bulls or guts, etc.

Eh, I guess its not so bad, but seems like the core restriction is a bad idea, though I do like the special and rare limitation.

Isn't the tomb king army illegal if your only allowed 2 of the same special choices?
He has 3 chariot units.
Liking the reports so far, you were very lucky with the lord of change!

As I am sure others have pointed out by now, Chariots become Core if your army is led by a Tomb King.

03-10-2009, 11:00
Well, certain armies like the ogres did get points increases so I don't think any ogre players would be complaining seeing as they are playing 2500pts vs say a VCs or deamons 2000pts.

Upgrading a few units of bulls to ironguts shoulnt be too bad.

I don't think anyone really had much problems with the comp, Tomb kings had to take a hit in that they couldnt really use the chariot characters but then they didnt lose out at all in the magic restrictions like a lot of other armies did.

My slann alone could have put out 9 dice per turn so that meant my skinks priest, effectivly a lv 3 and the bound items where just extras.

03-10-2009, 11:05
I'm sorry but what?

Was there some extra rule on magic spells? You can always change any spell you roll to the number 1 of any Lore. So you could have changed something like Law of Gold to Rule of Burning Iron and sniped away the enemies Old Blood.

Damnit!!! That might have been a fairly useful thing to remember! especially since I was actually getting a fair few spells off that turn and the old blood took about 4-6 combat phases to kill the unit since he spent 2 turns killing my heroes and 1 fighting the champion.

I will have to remember that for next time, should come in handy, though I did forget to make about 4 critical charges during the tournament, any of which could have given me the extra 3 points needed to come 1st for in the tournament...

I am a 40k player so I haven't yet gotten used to the fact that charges come first, as opposed to last like in 40k.

I have another 2 day tournament coming up in 2 weeks and possible a 1 day tournament next weekend so I should have another battle rep up shortly.

Considering taking 2 engines for that one, they are so good it feels like cheating to do so though.

Necromancy Black
03-10-2009, 14:35
Considering taking 2 engines for that one, they are so good it feels like cheating to do so though.

Hehehe, don't worry, I'm sure your opponents will feel the same :p