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21-09-2009, 16:47
So I was wondering for doubles tournament, most specifically Conflict Scotland as thats the one I'm most likely to be heading too what teams can ally with each other?

Its either Tomb Kings, Empire or Lizardmen I'm thinking of starting with a friend using High Elves and basicaly different websites claim different things, some claim Tomb Kings would be distrustful while others say they can't ally and its the same situation with Lizardmen.

Any imput would be helpful, or even the current official allies table...

Also, when about will Conflict Scotland be held? And are there any other doubles or singles tournaments in Scotland?

21-09-2009, 18:00
There is no official allies table. It's not a standard game rule; permissible allies have to be specified by the specific tournament. The rules pack should contain the information.

Rules vary. The GT Doubles gave pairs of different races three options - friendly, difficult and impossible - impossible pairings couldn't happen, and difficult ones applied penalties to units in proximity to allied units, and friendly worked happily together. Some tournaments may remove the "difficult" category or do other things.

21-09-2009, 20:49
So is there no way at all I can know if my army can ally with a friends or are there at least rough guides to who will be aloud to ally???

And will any older allies tables be available anywhere for a rough estimate of what future years will be like???

Thanks for your help.

21-09-2009, 21:42
most team tournaments allow all combinations. if there are restrictions, they are mostly balancing restrictions. so if you play an A army (DE/VC/DoC) you can only pair with a C army (O&G, OK, BoC, DoW). fluff tournamets are rare here.

basically you will run well with the neutral armies: Tomb Kings, Wood Elves, Lizardmen, Dogs of War and Ogre Kingdoms. though you will have the odd guy that does not know about fluff and claims that TK and OK were evil while WE and lizzies were good. they are wrong.

there is no old ally table for TK as they were a part of the vampire book back in the day.

21-09-2009, 21:46
Well, if you've got the same army, they should be able to ally. Otherwise, the background is usually the guideline - "good" races can ally with each other but not with any of the "chaos" races who can also ally with each other, Ogres to ally with anyone, and maybe some division around the big three.

Seriously, I can't predict what a particular tournament will allow. Doubles and alliances aren't in the BRB, so you have to go with each specific tournament.

21-09-2009, 21:49
I think there was a warband alliance chart? I could be mistaken on that though. I do believe there *was* an alliance chart somewhere on the old GW site, but where/what/when it was, I have no idea.

22-09-2009, 06:52
the border patrol has a table i belief that contains the tk
but like said before it is only a sugestion no official rule

22-09-2009, 16:16
it might be the same chart as above, but thier was an ally chart in the same whight dwarf as the legendary battles rules. dont think its official but it might give u an idea of a more updated version, if its not the same as the one above!


23-09-2009, 01:46
Thanks for the chart, it may not be exact for all tournaments etc but its at least a brief outline/estimation of what it'll be.

Thankies xD