View Full Version : Placing a section of Chaos background.

Lord Malice
21-09-2009, 22:33
I've had this image for a while and I don't recall where I got it from. I think it could be from one of the art books, which I don't have but if anyone recognises it then I'd be much obliged to know what book it comes from.


21-09-2009, 23:05
Well, the fact that it talks about the "Inter-Legionary Wars" and the "Treacher Legions" rather than the "Horus Heresy" and the "Traitor Legions", and the fact that it states that the original "treacher" legions have long-since died out, means that it is pre-2nd Edition.

Lord Malice
21-09-2009, 23:43
I've been going through my Realm of Chaos books and couldn't see it although you're right about the language although they just called them Traitor Legionnaires not Treacher which is what made me think it might have been somthing more modern.

EDIT: Ha! I've found it, it's from a White Dwarf.

22-09-2009, 01:00
Which issue? I'm curious now.

Lord Malice
22-09-2009, 01:47
Issue 99 although I have conflicting sources, one that includes that article and one that doesn't; it's probably lumped into a whole section I think pre-viewing RoC. Funnily I have WD 98 but not 99.