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lucifer light bearer
22-09-2009, 00:32
I played fantasy way back in the days of 2nd edition (orcs) and I'm thinking of starting again. If I do it'll be dark elves this time mostly just because I love cold one knights. so I'm here for advise on how to build a relatively inexpensive, but still competitive 2000pts using as many cold one knights as possible. I'd also love some tactical advise as well. My dream is to do this for under $250.

22-09-2009, 04:20
With Cold one knights it won't be that competitive being that they have stupidity and aren't that hard hitting for heavy cavalry or only T3 with a 2+ save. It will be a fun and interesting army but not always that effective. Better to go with a themed list the way your going, lots of cold one knights and chariots too. A cavalry or monster theme perhaps.

For cheapness go for warriors and crossbow men and throw in a healthy sprinkling of assassins to make then effective. Harpies and dark riders as well, they may not be cheap but are must haves. Corsairs are decent and cool looking and would fit the scaly skin feel of your army.

Though black guard are quite effective, they'd be too expensive to for your 250$ limit.

22-09-2009, 04:26
Just buy 4 boxes of cold one knights, take the units 6 wide and mount all your characters on cold ones. Throw in a chariot, a hydra and some warriors and you're all set.

This will set you back around $300 though, you're just not gonna get 2000pts of anything in fantasy for under $250.

22-09-2009, 09:09
This will set you back around $300 though, you're just not gonna get 2000pts of anything in fantasy for under $250.

You might be lucky through any second hand site (or if you are even luckier some bargain bins on the first day of a game convention)...

22-09-2009, 09:46
and aren't that hard hitting for heavy cavalry
With hatred and S6 on the charge they're pretty damn hard-hitting I'd say.

22-09-2009, 15:10
Well, the DE battalion box is pretty good value IMO, also WE glade riders can easily be converted-up as dark riders and the new daemonettes would make great looking harpies too, I even think they sell the harpy wings separately on the GW site and together they come in cheaper than the metal ones.

lucifer light bearer
22-09-2009, 21:54
I thought cold one knights were considered good? I like the idea of converting glade riders to make a cavalry list but what do you do about magic in a list like that? also would a battle standard allow me to reroll stupidity?

lucifer light bearer
24-09-2009, 16:59
it seems to me that cold one nights are a very powerful unit, but the question I have is it worth taking a 10 model unit to better absorb fire and try to auto break units with fear, or is it better to use 5,6, or 7 models and take 3 units instead of 2?

24-09-2009, 17:11
lots of things wont autobreak to 10 fear causing cav models. Either because there are more of them or because they cause fear themselves. I would go with units of 6 models in each