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16-01-2006, 11:16
Hey folks. I'll cut to the chase here and just lay it down.

If you're interested in Macross (or even Robotech, though this board isn't about Robotech despite its strained relation to the original Macross), these guys have been a popular source adapting Paladium's rules from their (now out of print) Robotech/Macross II line.

It's called the "UN Spacy Database":

If you're interested in doing some role playing -mainly related to Macross though I've seen discussion for games that aren't related, they have a pretty structured way of doing things to keep things from plunging into chaos and move the game along much like traditional sit down games.

Here's the Forum:

Here's their Main Page -I'm not so fond of the layout since I find it hard to read for whatever reason, so I include this lastly:


18-01-2006, 15:48
Seems the board was down for a couple of days. It's back up now if anyone cares to look. If I ever get things ironed out in r/l, I'll likely try and run a game either here or over there. Not sure yet if it would be Macross related though.