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22-09-2009, 12:15
Tyrant – Heavy Armor, Cathayan Longsword, Luck Gnoblar, Beastkiller, Wyrdstone Necklace, Greedy Fist, Greyback Pelt

Kitted to survive CC with most large stuff, as i know the caranosaur is going to be used, this is the way i feel most comfortable with him, i do so cause the caranosaur (and any monsters with WS3) hits me on 6's with this build. - Goes in the Runemaw irongut unit.

Bruiser bsb tenderizer, HA, Luckgnoblar

As the BSB model can not take mudane weapons, and i do not want to be without _some_ kind of extra weapon equiptment, the tenderizer goes here. It can also make for a suprise, as most expect it on the tyrant. - Goes with the tyrant

bruiser - 2 thiefstones, sword of might, HA, luckgnoblar

For protecting the other big irongut unit from magic, and a magic weapon cause i dont have much magic attacks to deal with ethereals.

bruiser - Greatskull, Fistful of laurels, Great weapon, HA, luckgnoblar

In the same unit as the thiefstone bruiser. Great protection from magic, and the reroll for breaktest so that i am not dependent on the bsb

5 ironguts, banner champ - runemaw
5 ironguts, banner champ

My main units, not much can stand a charge from these, and not with tooled up characters aswell. Going to deploy them 3 wide, and characters in the front (total of 5 wide) But as a wise man wrote on a forum once, that formation is not something you stick to from round 1 to 6, it is something you consider each movement fase.

3 bulls
3 bulls
2 leadbelchers - champ

Throwaway units. Baiting, fleeing, redirecting, sacreficing. The leadbelchers are there to preforme the exact same duty as the bulls, but with the added skill of shooting. If something moves out of their unit, i probably should be able to get off 2 wounds on a T4 model. Statistically its 5 shot per leadbelcher, 10 shoots from the unit, 5 hits, and 2-3 wounds, and 2-3 saves at -2

3 ironguts - champ

Shock troops. They hit hard, and used right, they can be really devestating. The giant is only 11+ more than the irongut unit, so i fielded him instead of 3 other ironguts. He should keep away from big stuff, but could prove a gamewinner against little stuff. The only real drawback against little stuff is pick up and ... as he is not stubbourn, but with all the other 3 attacks, he should probably win or at least hold with his Ld 10

8 trappers

Might do some good. Great having a scouting unit, and hopefully i am able to feed these to the caranosaur, getting his frenzy on.


- trappers and 1 luck gnoblar
+ gorger

- slavegiant, 3 bulls, 1 luck gnoblar, champ for leadbelchers
+ 2 gorger og 3 ironguts with champ

- 1 irongut and 2 luck gnoblars
+ 1 gorger

- 8 trappers and 2 luck gnoblars
+ 1 gorger

- slavegiant, and 2 ironguts and 1 luck gnoblar
+ 2 gorgers and 3 ironguts

Changes from my other thread is marked in bould. The proposed changes here would be nice to have some brainstorming around. I showed the list to my club, and they looked at the lack of gorgers as potentially the worst problem. Even tho i do like to run gorgers in pairs mostly, but i feel that the giant aids more to my army on an "all commers" way than gorgers do. Currently there are only 1 empire, 1 dwarf and 1 orc's and goblins army listed to join the local turney anyway, compared to quite a few other armies signed on that doesnt have warmashines. (Or any warmashine i care about :p) so i feel the single gorger should probably be enough. But a fair bit of brainstorming would be awesome! And if you have other proposed changes that would be nice.

Currently the most interesting change is in Itallic, and even tho i loose the giant, i feel like its an ok choice. Its another bunker for some of the characters, should they loose their original one to shooting (or magic), and 3 ironguts can be pretty dangerous to certain foes, in much the same way that the slavegiant can. I loose mobility, immunity to panic (from fleeing troops) a terror causer, and a potential "what if" threat (and a center piece for my army) - but i gain gorgers, a new potential bunker for my characters, and some consistancy (as in no random attacks, and no falling over my own troops ect).

And on the rule for allocating - as i probably end up having 4 Rank and file models in my 2 big ironguts units, do one allocate on shots there? Hitting on 1,2,3 hits unit, hitting on 4 hits the unit champion, hitting on 5 hits character 1 and hitting on 6 hits character 2?

22-09-2009, 14:46
That's a LOT of combat characters...

Please please please don't fall into the trap of deploying those ironguts 3 wide... it's such a waste...

Leadbeltchers should have a bellower, not a champ.

I agree with the bottom option to get to 2250.

22-09-2009, 17:03
Why is it a waste to deploy ironguts 3 wide? And how would you deploy them? And why?

At the stronghold people say 3 wide is nice, and especially since i have got 2 characters in them, i dont want them any wider as they will use up to much movment wheeling. Or do you dissagree?

22-09-2009, 17:08
Some people like to deploy them 3 wide so that they have 'ranks' and look pretty. The problem is that you aren't getting a rank bonus anyway and are just losing out on attacks.

I would deploy them 4-5 wide. 4 is the amount that can usually attack and 5 is can be good if you are taking on more than one unit at a time or to stop yourself from being flanked. Otherwise just think of all the points you are paying for models that can't attack anyway.

Put those two units front and center and use the rest to support and you really should need to wheel them much at all so it becomes a non-issue.

22-09-2009, 18:19
Agreed, but having them 6 wide would be crazy, we are talking about two units - so 12 wide 40mm models with space between them.

Anyway, the 4'th irongut is only to soak up wounds anyway, not really needed in CC with all the other firepower.

22-09-2009, 18:40
Ok so if I understand what you're saying there, when you said you would have them 3 wide you were meaning 3 wide + the character = 4 wide. Is that right?

23-09-2009, 06:46
Im having them 3 wide + 2 characters in each unit = 5 wide. The tyrant and the BSB in the runemaw irongut unit, and the two other bruisers in the second unit. Making both irongut units very hard to get magic missiles on.

23-09-2009, 18:31
hey bud, Dan here from Bergen, this army ain't bad but you don't have any scrolls-Khemri will have a field day vs your magic res and runemaw combo which is only good against spells targeted at you (res) and the maw is great against shooty magic like my chaos army-but only for 1 turn.

Still lookd like fun though.


23-09-2009, 21:02
Remember that the MR works against the cascet - but a dual screaming scull would tear my army apart in 2 turns. Against movement spells, careful manovering of support units _should_ be enough to stop threats, but you would have to be a good general to make that work. (Besides, no Khemri is currently listed to play at the turney :p )

The main problem playing ogres at the moment is that 3 butchers with scrolls doesnt really change much. Sure i might stop some gamewinning spells in round 2-3, but other than that they dont contribute. The remains in play spells would be dispelled by the massive pile of powerdice in my opponents fase anyway and they wont do anything to a dragon/giant/hydra/caranosaur, but with 3 bruisers, i can actually be quite dangerous on a charge. Especially considering bruisers actually hit some stuff at 3+, instead of the ironguts hitting only on 4+.

The worst fears i have against your army is the giants and the dragonogres. Why would the maw only be great for one turn?

See you at the club tomorrow? :D

23-09-2009, 21:43
Actually scrolls are the way to go against TK.

With those high priests casting those game winning spells with 3 dice, twice, you need to shut them down when you need to.

Sure this might only be for a turn or two, but really this is all you need as there's typically one critical turn where either you stop his magic and you get a massive counter attack or you fail and get crushed.

It's because of the local TK player that I had to add scrolls to my lists when before hand I was against them.

24-09-2009, 10:54
Sorry, got runemaw and Hellheart mixed up- yeah see you at the club, you are playing Hans' nasty Empire right? Good luck with that one, should be interesting if you can dominate the centre of the table with your charge arcs-getting first turn could be very important.


28-09-2009, 18:50
The new list. Added some more fun stuff like swordgnoblars on most of the different characters, Brace of Handguns and Maneaters.

Tyrant – Heavy Armor, Cathayan Longsword, Luck Gnoblar, Beastkiller, Wyrdstone Necklace, Greedy Fist, Greyback Pelt, brace of handguns and 2 sword gnoblars
Bruiser bsb tenderizer, 2 swordgnoblars, HA, Luckgnoblar
(Hunter, tenderizer, 2 sabretusks) - if i want the hunter, he will be changed with the BSB, and i will rely on the fistful of laurels. - loosing another 2 swordgnoblars.
bruiser - 3 thiefstones, HA, luckgnoblar, 2 swordgnoblars, GW, brace of handguns
bruiser - greatskull, fistful of laurels, gw, HA, luck gnoblar, 2 swordgnoblars, brace of handguns

4 ironguts, banner, log, champ - runemaw -
3 bulls -
3 bulls -
3 bulls -
3 ironguts

2 leadbelchers

4 maneaters BoH, HA


EDIT: The greatskull might be traded for longstrider big name as well, giving the fistful of laurels would have to go to the tyrant exchanging the greedy fist. And probably giving the longstrider sword of might or something.

28-09-2009, 20:17
Remember that the MR works against the cascet - but a dual screaming scull would tear my army apart in 2 turns. Against movement spells, careful manovering of support units _should_ be enough to stop threats, but you would have to be a good general to make that work. (Besides, no Khemri is currently listed to play at the turney :p )

Magic Resistance does not work against the Casket of Souls because the Light of Death is not a targetted effect. GW clarified how MR works recently and stated that MR only comes into affect when a magic resistant character/unit is directly targetted by a spell or affect. Since the Light of Death works on all enemies that can see it, it is therefore not subject to magic resistance.

No worries though...if no TK players are going to be there, there's nothing to be concerned about. :D

29-09-2009, 06:49
Magic Resistance does work against the Casket of Souls, cause when they clarified how MR works, the question about the cascet came, and they said that it worked against that aswell, as it is targeting everyone that see's it.

www.khemri.tk - thats at least the impression these guys have.