View Full Version : Orc and Goblin [1000] vs we

16-01-2006, 11:24
Black orc bigBoss on warboar with heavy armour, shield, and Additional hand weapon. Bashers big Axe of Bashing[+2 attacks]

Night Goblin lvl2 Shamen dispell scroll
Night Goblin lvl2 Shamen dispell scroll

3 snotling bases
26 Nightgoblins spears shields full command 2 fanatics
16 Black orcs with additional handweapons and shields full command
Banner of butchery
6 Orc boar boyz with boss

This is for facing woodelves, i'm fairly limited in the models i can actually use but and certainly open to suggestions, constructive critism.

16-01-2006, 23:13
the black orcs and boar boys dont seem to fit in with what you have there.. i would go mostly cheaper core units if you can. more boys and goblins.

dont you need a minimum 3+ core units anyways? or is it 2, i duno..

if you dont have the models, then im sure you could send the goblins w/ fanatics up the middle, boarboyz on the side to flank, keeping your black orcs a bit farther away because of the fanatics just in case.

black orc hero in 1000pt game? no.. take a big boss and stick him with the boar boys, you dont need lots of equipment if he's in with the unit, just a few extra attacks maybe. its gunan soak up hits though.. so have a backup plan

really, just get more core foot troops

Da GoBBo
18-01-2006, 11:03
I'm quiet sorry to say but this is probably one of the wordt lists you could use versus woodelves. It's really tiny and will defintly get shot to pieces. Swarm them! Big blocks of orcs and big blocks of wolfriders is really all you need. Along with heavy cav armies, a horde is the worst thing a wood elf can face. And that's the strength of da greeinskins, use it. Watch out for them wardancers though, their mean.
Also, yer big boss rides a boar, so he can't have an additional handweapon.

18-01-2006, 13:14
mmmm the boar boys agains WE are not a good opcion :P 3+armor save against alot of shot well tei will die :P

and use a normal warbos ^^

Luky in yu game :D

18-01-2006, 13:40
As a WE player, i'd be delighted to fight this...

The key thing for the We is manoeuvrability. To counter this, you either need to be super manoeuvrale yourself, or swamp them with numbers...

I'd be inclined to drop the Boars if you can and replace them with units of Gobbos, standard Orcs, and a couple of cheap warmachines. The We units are likely to be quite small so inflicting 3/4 casualties in one go is likely to hve an impact...

I like the idea of the shamans. You really need to get your boyz into combat ASAP. Elves die easily when you hit them, so magic them over, or use offensive spells as warmachines.

Depends on what models you have available really...