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23-09-2009, 16:53
Hi all.

I have done one project log before. my Orks. This however fell to the wayside when I was challenged by a friend of mine to a game of fantasy.

The challange.

To pick a new army that neither of us currently had.
To buy and paint it in under 1 month.
1000 pts.

So I chose Empire. Why????? Simple. They are a well rounded army. Plus I wanted to add a twist to the army. I wanted no games workshop miniatures in the army.

I have recently fallen in love with historical miniatures, with this in mind I went to warlord games website and ordered myself a load of Parliamentary miniatures.

23-09-2009, 16:59
With all the hand gunners in the box it seemed to make sence to base the army on Nuln. What I had to do was cut off the plastic bases and glue them to the normal ones. When you get 48 miniatures in each box the process begins to drain you. I almost lost my eyes from bits of plastic flying off in all directions.

Now, basing this army on Nuln I decided to run with Engineers as the main character. I know its controversial being arguably the weakest of the heroes. But it fit with the theme. My first conversion was a long rifle.

23-09-2009, 17:04
I knew that an army of hand gunners was doomed to fail. I love the pike miniatures so decided to run with a regiment of them, being 5pts a miniature they were cheap as chips and are going to look great.

Ranks of 7........ because I could and that would give me 15 attacks if I was charged.

23-09-2009, 17:08
The color scheme was going to be simple. It was going to be Black, Yellow and white. Yes its going to look like an army of religious people, thats because it is. Its kinda based on the uniform of the New Model Army. Which ties into Nuln.

23-09-2009, 17:13
And with that done, it was only 2 hours before I had a completed Unit.

Guys let me know what you think..........

23-09-2009, 18:36
sweet hey-zeus! for a log to pop out of nowhere and you are already done with your first unit? did i catch that right and it only took you 2 hours from open box to painted unit or just the painting?
looking pretty cool and cool figures!

23-09-2009, 19:40
yarp, 2 hours, im not including the time it took for the pva to dry. These guys are multi part but there isnt that much to them. The most time consuming thing has been cutting off their bases.

2 hours to paint as i production lined them, after the 1st guy. The faces are just tallarn flesh with a wash then tallarn re applied. The sash is the foundation yellow with a wash. Gun was kemri brown with a wash. Boltgun metal with a wash and the collar was white..........with a wash.

Dry brushing the bases was like 10 minutes......

Have got the steam tank coming......... but till then am working on pikes.

23-09-2009, 22:04
For two hours these guys look great!
Sry if I missed it, but what will you use as a stank?

23-09-2009, 22:28
Its a surprise........

Im kinda wanting to see what it looks like before I post it on here. It can go either way at the moment......... ie im having doubts about the miniature since ive never seen one in the flesh.

According to my source it will be here tomorrow.

23-09-2009, 23:24
Oh, that's interesting. :) Would the integral bases be too big to fit on a 20 mm base?

Looks great for a speed paint job. :cool:

Idle Scholar
23-09-2009, 23:30
Damn you Sir! You've pre-empted my idea by a year! (I'm waiting on the plastic cavalry and to have a good portion of my WoC done). It's nice to see those models painted up, and amazingly quickly too.

BTW this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afUSQGJK_S8) seems appropriate.

24-09-2009, 08:30
mrtn : The integral bases only slightly overlap. I mainly did it my way to make the bases look ok. Ie no obvious raised lump in the sand.

Idle Scholar : Doh........

In the pics are 4 regiments. A second handgunners, The main pike formation and what will be a detachment of halberds. Im thinking of throwing in an Empire Captain with a war banner. This should give my unit a combat res of 6 before I cause any wounds, and with 18 attacks if Im charged.......Im going to hurt something.

The halberds are the gunners with the old plastic empire arms. I got these from ebay for 2. Slightly larger hands, im going to paint them up as leather gloves.

My goal for today is to finish the 2nd unit of handgunners.

Now the fourth is a unit of armored pike. These guys wont be in the battle, I just love the minis...........

Magic Karl
24-09-2009, 10:28
its imaginative things like this that annoys me at how GW dont allow non-GW models into tournaments, atleast 70% isn't it? But I thought of doing the same! They have some greta looking models at even better prices, dont you agree?

24-09-2009, 12:30
Ok I have based a few more minis now. There is sand everywhere....... running out of plastic glue and also getting quite high, must open window..........

Magic Karl : I agree but then they have a monopoly on this. Im not even sure what the exact ruling is. I like using Pig Iron Heads on my guard, but have been told I cant use them.

BTW guys the steam tanks are here........... will post up a knockup of one in a bit, just need to find my plasti card. Oh and those metal Pikes are deadly....

24-09-2009, 16:13
My hand hurts.......... think this hobby is giving me rsi..........

2nd unit painted. Gonna have to take it slower now. Games day is round the corner and cant wait. Its my 1st in 19 years.....

Must have caffeine. Oh and the resin on my steam tank has killed my superglue.

Sad now.

24-09-2009, 17:18
These are bloody brilliant! really nice simple paint scheme, and you are really crankin em out. Could you provide a link to the site that you bought the minnies at please? I can't seem to find them, but that is probably just my nonexistant skill with a computer.:D

Keep up the great work,



24-09-2009, 17:39
Dakkapantz : For the infantry I got them from http://shop.warlordgames.co.uk/parliament-infantry-40-plastic-miniatures-1455-p.asp

Actually i bought them on ebay for around 14

The engeneer im using these, http://shop.warlordgames.co.uk/pike--shotte-specialists-1693-p.asp

and this


the cannon im getting from this site as well......

check these out for priests or wizards. just ordered some.


24-09-2009, 18:20
Those priests are awesome! I think they will be really cool, as they are just your neighborhood priest of sigmar, rather than one sent by the high and mighty emperor or whatever.

So do the parliament infantry come with enough pikes for everyone AND enough handguns for everyone? regardless they really are a good deal, I might have to pick some up, even though they dont really fit in with my GW figs. maybe i;ll do an army of them too!:D

And do they have cavalry?



24-09-2009, 21:02
Wow, the speed with which you have worked is astounding.
Could you maybe take a picture to compare the size of the Warlord Games minis with a GW mini?

Idle Scholar
24-09-2009, 21:30
And do they have cavalry?

Coming soon I believe. First plastic 'normal' cavalry which are the inspiration for pistolliers, then dragoons which will probably make good outriders, and hopefully finally curassiers which should be good for knights.

Goblin Gonads
24-09-2009, 21:59
If you are in the UK try here, 93 for 6 boxes of 40 + an extra box of firelock muskets. Makes you wince at GW prices

Hadriel Caine
24-09-2009, 23:06
as a member of the sealed knot historical reenactment society and a wargamer the speed of this log and the content are bloody impressive. the models look great painted up. I can't believe how fast they have been painted, especially considering the high tabletop standard.


Idle Scholar
24-09-2009, 23:50
Which regiment?

edit: And I can't wait to see what you're using for a Stank :?

25-09-2009, 08:53
Hadriel Caine : Thanks fella. I live in Tewkesbury and love it when you guys come here for the medieval fair........ so much mead.......

Idle Scholar : will be unveiled today in about 2 hours........

Goblin Gonads : Yarp, so for 93 you get 72 pike ie 6 x 12 with command, 168 handgunners and another 18 firelocks ( handgunners running forward). 258 minis......

25-09-2009, 09:25
What ive done is enclose the driver, moved the flame cannon forward. Im saying that the actual cannon is under the bull thing, it gets rammed forward when it want to fire.......

This thing killed my glue though.

Will paint this today. Ive got some great greatswords on the way as well. This is kinda going beyond 1000 pts........

New Cult King
25-09-2009, 10:12
Beautiful minis and great paintjobs. I hate the frilly pants and sleeves of GW's Empire minis.

25-09-2009, 10:44
New Cult King : Couldn't agree more..... dont they just look rubbish, well thats my opinion.

EmperorNorton : sure, but it does mean I have to go and get some batteries for my camera.....outside bad, inside good....

It is now sprayed and the gold has been inked........... just need to do a slap of badabb on the silver to tone it down......

I was thinking the 1000 pt list would be as follows

2 x engineer with hocland and light armour 174pts

1 captain with banner and war banner 101pts

10 handgunners with a marksman and hocland 105pts

20 spearmen with command 120pts

steam tank 300 pts

2 x cannon 200pts


either that or drop the steam tank for 2 more units of handgunners and a volley gun. One of the units wouldn't have a marksman and that would be the support unit for the spear men.

However, the steam tank would be rude in 1000pts......

Idle Scholar
25-09-2009, 11:33
Lookin' good there, your conversion have all worked out really well. Also is that a Saker I see in the background?

As far as the army list you don't really have many troops for a 1000 pts empire army. If I were you I'd drop either the Stank or the cannons and invest in a 2nd unit of spears and convert one of the engineers to a captain for the leadership. If you lose the cannons you could get ten strong halberd detachments for both spears while if you lose the Stank you can get the halberds and a second unit of handgunners.

Just my 0.02p

25-09-2009, 12:20
EmperorNorton : Ask and you shall receive.....

Idle Scholar : Good points, Im not a grand player, I am going for a theme and on that note Im sticking to list one. Should be less to paint, but I am flying at the moment. Thanks for the advice. Its hard as I dont know what army Im up against.

The pike are 80% done. I will stress Im not doing much to them. ... The skater cannon are also on the way.

The pike have had extra metal helmets bought for them as there isnt enough in plastic, about 5. These are from Warlord website and so cheap it makes me weep.

25-09-2009, 13:21
OK, Here is the army so far. I know the painting isnt up to scratch, but im powering through on caffeine and pills. Listening to Robert Jordans wheel of time unabridged.

God bless inks and bbc iplayer for keeping me entertained....

25-09-2009, 14:13
Hang on..... 7, 8 9 10.... Yarp thats it. 1000 pts. How did that happen........... Ah stank of course.

Guys do you want me to continue to 2000pts?

25-09-2009, 15:23
Incredible! I go to sleep, come back and find all this new stuff. The speed at which your painting is uncanny! Oh and I love the Stank. :)
And yes of course we want you to continue to 2000pts.

25-09-2009, 15:33
Gargobot : Painting fast because im signed off Ill and the pain medicine doesnt work. This keeps my mind off it so keep the responses coming.

Col. Frost
25-09-2009, 15:40
Love the look of this army, the blocks of pikemen have a certain 'hedgehog' look that i think works very well.

The painting is simple, but very effective.

Idle Scholar
25-09-2009, 16:53
Now that's what I call speed painting :eek: and yes you should definitely press on to the 2k :D

25-09-2009, 19:03
Fantastic effort they look fantastic.

Whats your running total (cost) vis a vie GW for same units?

Oops forgot to say yes would love to see you take it to 2000 pts.... want to see how you handle some knights in there...

25-09-2009, 19:33
very cool stuff!

25-09-2009, 22:52

Ok so gw prices are about what 280? ish

Idle Scholar
25-09-2009, 23:06
Yeah it seems that warlord stuff retails for about 1/2 GW prices. What are you using for the greatswords? Also how many pike can you make from each box set, including/excluding command?

26-09-2009, 08:04
Idle Scholar : In each box of 20 you get 24 handgunners and 12 pike. the command can be made into extra guys as you get 4 of them. It breaks down into 1 captain, 1 sergeant, 1 bannerman and 1 musician. The musician has a choice of drums or pipe.

12 pike is including command. you really need 2 boxes to make it a decent regiment. I opted to get the armored ones because they looked so cool. Plus I sold some stuff on ebay to fund it.

Now the greatswords are here...........

I got them from here.... http://www.frontrank.com/lev4_4_2_1_WOR_Infantry.asp?startnum=9

ordered 20 got 21.......woot. Converted a banner guy from one of the axe ones, ordered a captain from the same site. The ones at the top of that page.

26-09-2009, 09:18
OK guys, im not doing anymore today or sunday as its games day and my partner is giving me evil looks. Gonna have to spend some time with her today, down to cardiff tonight to pick up my handicapped friend and then were off to games day.

Target for monday.......... goldswords and a start on another unit of handgunners.

See you guys at gamesday.....

ps I will be the big goatee sporting welshman stood next to the balding man who looks 40...

pps, I need Cave Trolls and Dragon Ogres............ any condition.

28-09-2009, 10:08
Good to see you yesterday old man...

I hope the tedium of Gamesday didnt make you cry too much.

Love the empire... your new model army is looking fab.


My name is Daniel and I am a wargamer

28-09-2009, 14:23
Def continue to 2000pts if partner/funds allow - i know that look that says you've been spending too much time painting...

v interesting stuff and nice to see this plastic range get an airing - the front rank models look great. Warlord due to release blackpowder rules soon too...

28-09-2009, 15:28
Cant wait, was tempted to get the civil war rules at games day. Any way I will be posting some more pics soon.

28-09-2009, 22:05
Very nice work, love the simplified sceme, and those models work great as empire.

02-10-2009, 14:32
Hi guys, got a bit side tracked with a commission, who knew people would pay to get armies done to this standard. Suppose it was the speed. Im still really disheartening about gamesday. I feel robbed. Well Im going to take a break for a week before i continue. Gonna paint up some LOTOW lawmen. Thanks for all your support and well wishes.

14-10-2009, 18:52
Hey guys, been a while.
1st off, I played the 1000pts game. 3 times...... lost all three.
2nd. when i say lost, i mean ass whooped,

basicaly i was playing against deamons

his army

1 hero on a jugger
the tzeench blue scribes
1 unit of horrors with a herald
1 unit of 20 bloodletters.

oh and 6 flamers!

14-10-2009, 19:26
Well, now that was most unexpected... I'm surprised you haven't become more attached to your army - it's great. :)

Are you really sure about this?

14-10-2009, 19:56
If you get spanked by a cheesey army, shouldn't you give up playing the cheesehead instead of the army?
Someone using a OOT special character in a OOT army in a 1000 point game against a newbie (well, new Empire general at least :)) sounds like someone I wouldn't want to spend time with. Like, at all.

In other words, don't blame yourself for losing the games, blame him for being a douche-bag.

14-10-2009, 20:46
Thanks for all the support,

in the mean time, here is a sneak peek of some of the things on my painting table.

That painting is the 1st ever time ive used canvass and it supposed to be abstract. ( thats my story and im sticking too it!)

Idle Scholar
14-10-2009, 22:30
I can only echo what others have said here, you've got a lovely little army here, nicely painted and unique and not in any way useless on the field. Your friend has just been a bit of an idiot. You don't sound like your both 12 so have a chat to him and get him to tone down his army a bit.

15-10-2009, 17:41
In fact, it might be suitable with a lesson... Can you somehow force him to play with Ogre Kingdoms, or Orcs & Goblins? They're very challenging to gett upper hands with, in my experience.

As for near friends using the strongest army... I know that phenomenon, too. And my friend (also Daemons) played O&G before, but got tired of his constant losses. Luckily he both puts in a lot of effort and is aware that the army does play the game for him, and as such actually tries to compose lists, with the minis available, that can be overcome reasonably.

09-02-2010, 20:51

Its all happening here now folks........

Shadow Viking
09-02-2010, 22:13
These are really well done. The paint scheme is ace and the idea is a good one. Shame they didn't perform well.

10-02-2010, 14:42
maybe they were nervous.......

I will give them a try in 8th ed and see what happens, ive bought a box of parliamentary carvery to use as pistoliers, That may give it a bit of a boost, of and warlord games god botherers to use as spell chuckers. lets see what happens.

10-02-2010, 16:16
ive bought a box of parliamentary carvery to use as pistoliers, .

In know we don't pick up on spelling, but i did'nt know you could use Gravy-coverd sunday lunch in warhammer, i would save so much money :p. But its cool, and cavalry will give you a boost