View Full Version : Would this work well as a deathstar army?

23-09-2009, 19:51
Sigvald the magnificent


Helm of many eyes
Collar of khorne

18 chosen
Full command
Great weapons
Banner of Rage
Favour of the Gods

5 marauder horsemen
throwing spears

5 marauder horsemen
throwing spears

5 marauder horsemen
throwing spears

5 chaos knights


MoS exactly 2000 points

23-09-2009, 20:25
why not try it with a unit of 15 trolls-Sigvald makes 'em stubborn and he's stoopid anyhow.

A bsb with the doubles or a single "1" banner means that they only break on a 5+6 with a reroll, unless out numbered by a terror causer-in which case you have probably lost anyway.

I was gonna go for a DS for the bsb and another hero with magic resistence or a HOME for ASF with a +1 attack sword.

This would give (7+5) 13 A at S5 ASF before the 2 shrines kick in.

12-15 trolls gives you ranks and the characters make it hard to charge without getting bingo'd-a hero with the immune to KB and poison (Crimson A of Dargan I think) could be useful to suck it up from assassins.

The huge points sink in the trolls means that your opponent will try and put the hurt down on them bigtime-but every 2 regens is a roll on the table o' the Gods-so thats interesting.I was looking at the banner that actually hurt the trolls on purpose in order to get rolls on the table-probably wouldnt work though as you can only get 5 trolls in btb contact, 5 T tests = 2/3 fails with 1-2 wounds caused and 1-2 regens made.

A scroll caddy is a must as there are too many Slann/vamps/demons around that choose a whole law-mmmmm crispy trolls.......

Crown of taidron is also unreliable -any other ideas how I can wound my own stuff on purpose?


23-09-2009, 21:57
A few reasons why I wouldn't do this, although I have looked into it.
1. Trolls aren't immune to terror (fear in trolls). At some point they are going to get out numbered by a terror causing enemy which equals double 1 (although this won't happen that often).
2. The initial role on the eye of the gods chart that chosen get helps them to survive first turn relatively unscathed most of the time, just in case I don't go first.
3. The trolls only have regen=bad against flaming attacks. There's way too much flaming stuff out their now.
4. Sigvald is impairing the trolls speed, the main reason why I'd use them.
5. can'yt give the trolls the favour of the gods item so can't alter roll, even with a character in the unit, as the role does not effect him.
6. The width of the troll unit would make it awkward to navigate the battle field and only about 3-4 will ever fight in a combat.
7. very low WS
8. The unit would look messy with infantry models in it.
9. It requires my models to get injured and die for my unit to improve. If I wanted my trolls to reach mega hard status, probably 4 to six of them would die, leaving me with less ranks, a lower unit strength and a smaller impact on the game.

I can see how it could work although I find that the chosen unit would work better, plus, they're immune to pschologyon account of being frenzied.
I reckon a big ass troll unit would work far better with valkia for re-rollable eye of the gods.