View Full Version : Wardancer's woven mist

23-09-2009, 22:02
The english version of the rule says: "each Wardancer reduces his or her total attacks by one" which i understand means "-1A" but the spanish version of the book translates to: "each Wardancer reduces his or her total attacks to one" or "1A per model".

Which book is correct? All this years i've been using the spanish interpretation of the book and know i've come across the english one and im confuse.


23-09-2009, 22:11
Sounds like the spanish book is a mistranslation, so in England or touernaments which explicitly state so use the English rules, in Spain use the Spanish rules unless your opponent is fine otherwise.

23-09-2009, 22:16
It doesnt matter much for units.
They only get 2 attacks anyway, so reduced by one, or reduced to one is the same thing.

Its only important on character's where using the woven mist power is actually useful(albeit in rare occurances like against high elves).
The english version is the correct one though.

24-09-2009, 16:15
So a wardancer highborn using the ASF dance would have 4 attacks? Basic 4+1 for wardancer weapons and -1 for ASF dance?

30-09-2009, 15:37
That's correct, 4 attacks on a highborn, 3 on a noble wardancer.