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23-09-2009, 23:55
i havnt used my vamps in a few months as i didnt like the new rules as i found them overpowered! :(
i want to bring them back out and use a more balanced list so me and my opponent can have a good game. so here is my list what do u think?

vampire lord
*sword of might
*walachs bloody hauberk
VP dark acolyte
VP infinate hate
VP walking death

VP infinate hate
VP dread knight

VP infinate hate
VP dread knight

VP spectral form

zombie x20
zombie x20

ghouls x20 (vampire here)

ghouls x20 (vampire here)

skeliton x20 (vampire lord)
*war banner

dire wolves x5
dire wolves x5

black knights x5
*standard of hellish vigour

wraiths x4 (spectral vampire here)


does this seem balanced? it wont depend in nehek spamming, and only 8 power dice. im looking towards a more combat type force. anyway do you think this is a more balanced force or still overpowered and needs more tonning down?

thanks ky

25-09-2009, 16:53
realy? no comments? i thought this list was going to get ripped apart! i might try and put a list together using the mannefred theme from the vampire wars book! if i do i will start a new thread for that list.

25-09-2009, 19:17
Dear Kyinpie, come to reality! In our antagonistic cosmos who cares for a less powered more balanced lists. Nevertheless, your list is fine.

25-09-2009, 20:41
Ok, I'll comment:

1. You probably have too many infantry blocks to get use out of all of them. I'd go down to 4 blocks.

2. Spears are worthless on skeletons, and very costly considering you are starting with a big unit.

3. Ethereal vamps serve no purpose. The wraiths get just as many strength 5 attacks as a vamp. You would be much better off putting those points towards something else.

4. You are paying a lot for a fairly ineffective magic phase. Just putting the black periapt on one of your lvl 1 vamps will help you maximize what you do have.

5. Why no BSB? You don't have to use the DH banner on it, just take a plain one for the combat and crumbling bonuses.

25-09-2009, 21:13
It's a pretty nice list. You've a lot more basic troops than most lists I see.

The ethereal vampire hero is a bit un-necessary, for the same points you'd get 3 wraiths who'd add a lot more to the unit. The vampire's got very little magic so isn't worth much in that regard. (Although the extra dispel dice is useful.)

To help with supporting the main blocks you could drop that vamp, add 1 wraith and include a corpse cart. The wraith has the same number of attacks and ups the unit strength to 5 which is when they become scarily nasty for attacking flanks. The corpse cart bound spell is very useful and makes spear skeletons a reasonable choice as opposed to a poor one.

Since your aim has been to make a balanced and fun list to have fun games with people I think you've suceeded.