View Full Version : Bretonnian 1500 Army list (Errantry War)

24-09-2009, 01:29
So anyway...re-starting my Bretonnian army. (Not sure what the fluff behind it is yet, but I'll get there.)

Paladin on warhorse: General, Knights Vow, Lance, Virtue of the Joust, Armor of Agilulf.

Paladin BsB on warhorse: Virtue of Duty (hehe), Banner of the Lady

Core units:
Two regiments of 11 Knights Errant (with Musician)

Two regiments of 12 Knights Errant (with Musician)

Special units:
One Regiment of 3 Pegasus Knights

And with all that it rounds out to about 1501 pts. (Oh noes!)

But anyway...any thoughts? Good start?

(Ooops. Forgot to list the armylist deal.)

24-09-2009, 02:10
You will probably find that lances 4-deep are simply TOO big.

I try to run a 6-man lance for every 9-man lance... that seems to be a good mix for me.

Banner of the Lady might be a bit too expensive (in general n/m at 1.5k)... I tend to go for the Warbanner and VoDuty combo for a nice static CR bonus.