View Full Version : WoC: Screening Knights with hounds

24-09-2009, 09:44
I've read in the forums that knights and hounds work well together, but I can't found specific deployments or tactics. I would like to know how exactly you use them, against gunlines or others.

24-09-2009, 10:13
It's pretty easy, just place the hounds in front of the knights so that the enemy can't see them or can only see them with a few units ( the ones that don't hurt as much). The trick is position the hounds the turn before you charge so you can see the enemy with the knights and charge the hounds out first (preferably at a different target), then the knights.

This tactic works well with any cheap screener with heavy cavalry, ex; bloodknights and dire wolves, coldone knights and harpies, wolf riders and boar boy.

25-09-2009, 02:23
It's useful for when your knights are marked Khorne or carry the Banner of Rage, to prevent them from being suckered into Harpies, Eagles or a countercharge.

25-09-2009, 06:50
You use Hounds in two ways when screening Knights- to protect them from magic/shooting, and to protect them from Frenzy baiters.

Position your Hounds in front of your Knights in deployment, and advance them similarly. Do not advance directly in front of your Knights, but off to the side that hides them from the most dangerous things. To prevent baiters from going on the opposite side, simply trap the Knights with the Hounds, making them unable to wheel to face the baiters by virtue of having a Hound base in the way. This also gives your Knights selective vision as they're not completely blocked by the Hounds, so you can point them towards the right target.

When the time comes for the charge, have the Hounds declare a charge first. It matters not if they make the charge or not, this will move them out of the way of the Knights, who are then free to charge (remember the Knights must be able to see the unit before the Hounds charge to declare the charge). Alternatively, when your Knights get to the enemy flank, just move your Hounds away, there are rarely bad targets when a full-unit of Knights is looking down the flank.

25-09-2009, 08:40
The tactic can best be described as making a cheap "Meat Shield.":evilgrin: