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Lord Asuryan
24-09-2009, 21:02
okay, revised my list a little what do yout think?

Lord: Black Orc Warboss Vagraz Skullcrusha: Ulag's Akrit ax, Umm's best boss at, ironback boar, shield, heavy armour

Black Orc Big Boss Morg the flagboy: BSB, morks spirit totem, boar, heavy armour.

Orc Shaman Grulgag the Brainbursta: level 2, power stone, waagh paint, best basha

Night Goblin Shaman: level 2, 2 scroll

2x25 orc boy, full command, extra hand weapon (1) shields (2)

Them runty sneakers (30 night gobbo): full comand, 2 fanatic, netters

4x5 spider rider

The Eleet Ladz: 20 Black Orcs, full command, shields


2 spear chukka

10 squig hopper


2 Snotling Pump Wagon

what do you think? any changes?

25-09-2009, 09:21
First of all i love teh warboss =)
in my 1.5k list i got my general on an ironback boar, with best basha, shield and heavy armor. Its awesome to have 5+1-3 strenght 5 attacks when charging. Can chop about anything up real good.

Why do you have 4 units of 5 spider riders?

25-09-2009, 09:35
I do kinda agree with Deglosh on the spider riders. If you had the models available I think 2x5 spiders and 2x5 wolf riders would serve you better (sometimes flatout speed will be more useful than being able to negotiate terrain), but if you don't have the models then just go with what you have.

I also like the warboss, I have the same setup on mine at 2000pts.