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static grass
24-09-2009, 21:10
Hi Guys, time for another Plog.

This time it is my HE army that sits before me on the magical "desk of painting".

I have had this army unpainted for longer than I care to remember and that is 9 years. Alot of the stuff in the army is ancient and wonderful, whilst other things are new and amazing.

I am hoping that a strong theme will bind all these parts together for a cool looking army.

As you might have guess. I am going for a Hoeth theme, not necessiarly just the white tower itself but I am envisoning the immediate area of Hoeth itself. So Sword Masters yes and the other stuff will also have iconography that I think ties in closely with White Tower.

Okay on to some piccies...

First up is my first mage she was painted as a kind of concept model, I like it alot, it is not to everyone's tastes. Never the less its the strong theme that I am looking for.


Okay now fast forward... some (7) years I get around to painting this guy.

It's eltharion without his eyes! It's a fantastic figure. I learnt a lot painting this guy. He will be a character on foot or some kind or perhaps some kind of homebake special character. The GW rules are insane.


Then move on another year to last year and here I am...



That covers the characters for me right now. I have also been working more on my Sword Masters and Spear Elves over the last 12 months I will update on those once I get the pics done.

25-09-2009, 01:28
Wow, these high elves look great. May I ask what mini is the female mage? I've never seen it before.

25-09-2009, 08:10
Wow, these high elves look great. May I ask what mini is the female mage? I've never seen it before.

It's bretonnian damsel on foot, basic GW range fig. Weird that you haven't seen it before = P

static grass
25-09-2009, 08:48
I think i should probably explain the skin. I went with grey to give them a bit more of a other-worldy feel. Saphery is a very magical place, and I thought what if it had changed the people around the white tower slightly. Kind of like a magic tan. It also ment that I could go for a blue and purple colour scheme without any large warm colours messing it up for me.

So I have been working on these Sword Masters for years. I finally got them finished in time for a tourney this year.

The first regiment just has a normal standard that can double up as a warbanner if needs be.


The second regiment has the lion standard. Orginally I planned to magnetise lots of different standards but that quickly looked like a lot of work. So I will probably paint up some more standards bearers with themed banners so that I have some choice. It also looks nice to be able to see what they actually have.


In gaming terms I am really pleased with SMs they hit like a chainsaw falling out of a tree. I should really have gotten in some practise games before hand though. As a dwarf player the magic phase takes abit of getting used to. Plus now finally I get to charge people and move, bonus!

Next up will be the Spear Elves and Dragon Princes who are the current projects.

25-09-2009, 14:40
Good to see there has been progress over the last 9 years :Ds The blending on the sword banner is great. My vampires look forward to putting their teeth in all that magical flesh!

Magic Karl
25-09-2009, 17:23
but surely the blood wouldn't taste too nice? Though imagine.. ethereal skeltons :o

25-09-2009, 20:29
Excellent painting, I love the banners!

static grass
26-09-2009, 16:02
Hi Guys thanks for the comments.

@Whiteknight. I am happy that you couldn't recognise the bret chick. I was fairly certain a little conversion would go along way :)

First up is my concept model for the spear elves. I wanted to see how far I could get with just a white undercoat, chainmail and inks.


I think It works quite well but not yet good enough.

Here is the first battle ready Spear Elf unit. There are still some features left to do like shield devices and Banner, but I am looking to get to 2000 points of paint points before I go back over details.


26-09-2009, 17:38
Looking good so far. Just wondering what you use for snow as my Chaos Warriors will be having snow bases and I like the effect you've got is it GW stuff? as it looks different to other examples ive seen.


static grass
26-09-2009, 23:03
I mix pva with the GW stuff and apply as a paste with some extra sprinkled on top. I think it is better overall than baking soda.

27-09-2009, 13:22
I agree it does look better. I'll be doing this then thanks a load. Also good luck finishing them all i'll keep checking back on them.


static grass
01-10-2009, 21:39
So I finished my Dragon Prince. Actually I need to find a more Saphery sounding name for this guys. Knights of Tower?


Anyway I am finished with the unit champion although as always with a photo you suddenly see things you don't like!

In any case you can see which way these guys are going. I have not yet decided on what to do for the shields yet. I am quite pleased with him. He is obviously the very old school DP from days of yore when elf and empire steeds looked alot a like! He is surprisingly hard to paint, alot of the details are barely raised over the surrounding area or vise versa which for a basic model is quite tiring.

I have 4 more of these guys underway. So I expect to churn them out of the course of this week and next.


06-10-2009, 22:11
The Knights of the White Tower are coming along nicely :) - and the colour choice really makes for a unique theme. Nice to see some of the old models in use actually, those are great sculpts.

I have no trouble envisioning a full unit of these splendid guys bounce off the shields of my Grail Guards :D

09-10-2009, 03:02
Wow these guys look great. Keep them coming as I will be watching this painting log.

static grass
09-10-2009, 21:14
*Shakes fist at Endor and gives a silent order to dispatch ninjas.

- thanks WhiteKnight

Update time!

I got abit bored and painted the spear regiment's banner. Let me just say this image is SAVAGE and shreds the painting apart. I think I am too close and the flash is going through the paint. In any case it looks a lot smoother in real life :D


I finished my second guy in the Knights of the White Tower unit.

Again the image is quite poor.


I put the two finished knights together and gave my self a happy smile. They are going to look quite good as a unit. The other three are under way.

Yes Endor, the old figures are great but they are so @*#¤ing hard to paint. The heavy purple and blue colour is quite intense, usually HE armies have a lot of white, in mine white is a spot colour. Here is a great link btw so we can argue about colour theory!


I need to get hold of some shields for these guys. I am still abit undecided. I would like them to use something different from the spear guys, but nothing dragony. Any ideas. I need to get my dragon sprayed before it gets too cold as well.

09-10-2009, 22:42
Pha! Your ninjas stumbled in the pile of bones laid out to alert the bones' owners, now contributing to new bone piles. The purple camoflage did not help one bit. Or maybe they just got confused with their own colour theory :D

Anyway, you might consider going with knight of the realm shields. Different from the spears, yet still giving you the option of some challenging freehand work.

I also think the banner with the white tower and runes looks great, although some light grey shading to the tower itself might make it even better :angel:

static grass
29-10-2009, 22:56
Pooh pooh!

I have just "finished" my Dragon Princes, or knights of the Tower as they known locally. Obviously by finished I mean I haven't painted the shields and the banner yet :D In any case these ye olde figures have driven me up the wall with their flat detail for long enough.

I am quite pleased. I knew that individually they might look alittle suspect but all together I think they look quite good. The colour scheme is really strong although to be honest, the 2000 point finishing line looks very inviting.

Enough pifflepaffle! pics!



To speed up the race towards 2k, I am painting up my dragon ( no complaints Endor you have one too! )

To recap I have the following painted with points values...

SM regiment 1 is about 260 (warbanner)
Sm regiment 2 is about 265 (lion standard)
Dragon Princes reg 1 is about 210

Spearmen reg 1 is about 214

Mage 1 is about 150
Mage 2 is about 150
Hero is about 135

totalling up at about 1384 points.

Lord on moon dragon can cross 500 points easy. This leaves me with enough points to do 10 archers and get me to 2K.

Obviously I dont want to run with a dragon all the time so... I still would like to add some eagles. An alternative lord on horse, and BSB. Could pick up Teclis too. I also have a griffon, I want to paint this in snow leopard /white tiger colours, I feel this fits the theme abit better than crowbarring in a dragon.