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25-09-2009, 03:59
Ok well it doesn't really feel like a real Red Crest army to me but it does have Tehenheuin and nothing but skinks and thier beasts. This list might be a little extreme even for 'ard boyz but here goes

3000 Point 'Ard Boyz list


Tehenheuin EOTG 540


Skink Priest Lvl 2 EOTG Plaque of Tepok Power Stone 425

Skink Priest Lvl 2 EOTG Rod of the Storm Dispel Scroll 440

Skink Priest Lvl 2 EOTG War Drum of Xahutec Power Stone 435

Skink Priest Lvl 2 EOTG Blood Statuette of Spite Diadem of Power 440

Skink Priest Lvl 2 EOTG Cube of Darkness 430

2710 on Characters

11 skink skirmishers 77

10 skink skirmishers 70

10 skink skirmishers 70

10 skink skirmishers 70

287 on Core


20 Power Dice
14 Dispel Dice

2 Beast Spells
11 Heavens Spells

Plan is to keep the Stegs close together with the skinks providing charge blocks against anything really nasty and hopefully taking the brunt of the normal shooting so I don't get unlucky and have a priest shot off with bowfire. Keeping the ward save up as I advance and boosting my lores before letting loose with a rediculous blast of burning alignment. Hopefully I'll keep at least four of them on thier feet by the time I get close enough to punch a huge hole through my opponents army. Tehenheuin gives my skinks LD 8 which is nice for panic and fear tests and he's got 3 str 5 poisoned attacks on the charge, not amazing but pretty good for a skink, enough that with a bit of luck he might win a challenge. He's also unbreakable and I could probably use the little bit of diversity in the magic phase, I can see a use for everything but Bear's Anger in this list, even that might work if a steg goes down and the priest lives. I'm not really relying on the priests to do a whole lot of damage with their spells but if I can get a couple thunderbolts a turn I might be able to knock out some war machines or small units early with a little luck or cause a panic with a comet. With 14 dispel dice I'm not really too afraid of magic but I figure I've got a 50% chance with the cube of darkness to be totally safe for one turn, especially if I lose first turn and don't get my wards up. Blood Statuette is a sneaky hope to take out a hero first turn and Rod of the Storm should take out a knight or two. The Plaque is for an extra chance to get a comet with the power stone and the War Drum will keep at least one of em moving around behind the lines although I expect most march blockers to crumble away pretty fast to burning alignments.

A couple things I've been thinking about possibly changing. I have a ton of dispel dice, should I grab a staff of sorcery to maximize my ability to shut my opponents down, once I get in burning range I don't expect enemy mages to live very long but I need to get there first. Should I replace one EOTG with a slann? He can add some nice magical diversity, leadership and a bsb, I was thinking Life would be nice to stop some shooting and heal any stegs who survive a cannonball or bolt thrower. The biggest problem fielding a slann(besides the fluff of him being in a red crest army) is his Move of 4", he's gonna fall behind everyone else in about two turns. I'm not really worried about him being ganked since I should be able to blast anything that's fast enough to get behind me fairly easily but if he get's outpaced he might not do all that much. Is 41 skinks going to be enough at 3000 points? I could drop one EOTG and field a whole horde more skirmishers along with maybe a few terradons or chameleons to march block and annoy war machines. Mostly the skinks are just there to stand and shoot and take the charge against bloodthirsters, dragons and the like. If they do a wound or two that's great but thier biggest job is to take the charge and let the guy overrun into a steg allowing me to blast it with as many burning alignments and impact hits as it takes to knock it over in my turn.

Obviously this is kind of a rock paper scissors type list, it should decimate most demons and undead but against artillery heavy empire or dwarves I could be in a lot of trouble. One thing that seems to help out is that the two biggest threats to my list will very rarely be in the same army. If they are fielding lots of artillery I don't expect to have to worry much about fast dangerous monsters rushing in and killing my preists so i can spread out and increase the odds of arriving where I need to, with unlimited range magic missiles I can focus down machines one at a time where they might have to spread their focus between a few stegs. And a single EOTG should be a pretty big threat if it makes it to the gunline. If they are running a double dragon/bloodthirster type list they won't have cannons or stonethrowers(the only one I can really think of is Chaos Dwarfs with great taurus and earthshakers/death rockets so I feel fairly confident) so I can group up and outnumber his monsters with mine. Most other armies I think I can just rush forward and blast away. Anyone with lots of smaller units is gonna be in a lot of trouble and any big tarpits will probably go down fairly fast if I charge with two or three stegs. I'm expecting most low leadership armies to panic fairly fast in the face of terror and destroyed units so I'm not too concerned with orcs or skaven though they have some sneaky tricks. Warriors of chaos, bretonians and anything else relying on combat infanty or cavalry is probably gonna be toasted. If I can catch wood elves I think I'll get them down but I can see not getting a whole lot of points if they continually back off through the woods. I actually think ogres might give me a pretty decent fight compared to a lot of others if they can break my screen and get a charge on the stegs, losing several wounds from alignment is a lot less devestating to a unit of ironguts than a unit of knights and they hit about the same

So what do you guys think, will it do well? Is there some obvious flaw I'm missing? Will I get punched in the face for fielding this or is it not 'that' bad?

25-09-2009, 14:12
That's.... extreme. Seriously extreme.
I wouldn't even bother with the whole 'red crest' thing. Just own up and tell your opponent its the Stegzilla list of doom.

As for awkward match ups... Actually can't think of that many. Maybe full on Thorek gunline could, possibly, annoy you - but, with the ward saves etc, the cannonballs will probably kill 1 steggy a turn. Take you roughly 3 turns to get there, at which stage his guns explode. Its also a LOT of power dice - and a lot of potential comets.

Double Dragon + triple hydra lists would more likely be an issue. Any of those can beat up your stegs without too many problems.

Last thing - one the turn you unleash all 6 six Burning Alignments, you have to sing burn baby burn.

25-09-2009, 15:20
Thats not an army list, is the cast from Jurasik Park !

25-09-2009, 17:42
AHHHHHH!!! Thats is a super scary list. As in I don't think my VC could touch it! At ALL! damn damn damn..

Jack Shrapnel
25-09-2009, 17:46
Wow... that is rough.....

will strike fear in the hearts of demons and undead that's for sure..... (and as a vamp player, I would certainly HATE to face that list)

DE would be the one army I think could give you a problem.... double thirsters may be the other..... but anything less than that is gonna find a rough go of it....

Tzeentch Lord X7
25-09-2009, 22:00
6 BURNING ALIGNMENTS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You got up to daemons and VC's and make there armies explode I like your style. One more thing 6 BURNING ALIGNMENTS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GOOD LIST!

25-09-2009, 23:13
I do not fear that list with my VC one bit, as it's rather easy to take an engine out of action. I played a Southlands list with 2 EotG and 2 Chief Stegs at 2,250 and all 4 were dead by turn 5 with the EotG dead by turn 2.

A 2W, T2-3 model with a 2+ armor save isn't very tough to kill.... people do not seem to realize this.

26-09-2009, 08:02
Hehe, that wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Kinda thought I'd get a few more screams of cheesiness but I guess it is for 'Ard Boyz after all. In a more friendly tournament I don't think six lvl 3 wizards on monstrous mounts and minimum core would be all that appropriate but the 'Ard Boyz rules kinda require you to utterly crush your opponent if you want to make it to the next round.

How would you take out the priests mate? VC have no shooting to knock em off and with 14 DD a Scroll and a Cube of Darkness you would have to be built exculsively to dominate the magic phase or hope for lots of irresistable force to get anything damaging off at all. If you're planning on a knight or vampire charge don't forget I plan to keep a screen of skinks in front of them.

Let's say you have a big unit of blood knights with both the regen and ward save banners. Assuming I didn't blast it to pieces with thunderbolts before it gets close enough let's see what should happen. Assuming I don't fail my LD8 cold-blooded fear test the skinks'll take the charge and you'll kill 70 points worth. Then you'll overrun right into a second unit of skinks. Then it's my turn. Any stegs who can will charge in, possibly into a flank and my magic phase happens before you get to attack. Your unit will take at least 4d6(maybe 6d6 if I don't feel I need the casting boost) str5 hits that ignore armor saves. Even with a 4+ ward and regen you're gonna lose several wounds. Then in the combat phase if anythings left there will likely be a few impact hits with a decent chance of killing another couple and I'll issue a challenge to keep you from ganging up on a single model. Then my stegs get to hit and maybe kill another one or two. I'm likely to have cast a couple second signs so i'll get to reroll some saves. You might do a wound or two but I don't think I'll actually lose a whole priest. Or you could attack the skinks and try to win the combat if anything is left alive in your front rank. Combat resolution will end up with a standard and bsb for you assuming they're both still alive and outnumber and flank for me. Depending how the impact hits and steg attacks go compared to wounds on skinks I might be able to strip another couple off you from crumbling, or I'll have to make some stubborn tests on my stegs. Assuming I win you'll lose frenzy, have a very depleted unit and won't be able to heal it until you get past all those dispel dice.

Or I could just move the stegs out of the way and let you overrun past me after killing the second skinks. I'll feed you the rest of the skinks and then it'll be several turns before you catch up to the stegs and the entire rest of your army is likely to be burned and stomped to death by then.

26-09-2009, 08:37
He's also unbreakable and I could probably use the little bit of diversity in the magic phase, I can see a use for everything but Bear's Anger in this list

I hate to mention this but Tehenheuin on a EOTG loses his unbreakable special rule as well as the tide of serpents rule. Otherwise I think this list ranks up there with the Thorek gunline in terms of lists I don't want to be on the receiving end. The opponent will need to be well coordinated and hope for miscasts.

I would give you a 3 for creativity (sadly EOTG lists are abundant) but a 10 for your contribution to the GW stock exchange ;)

26-09-2009, 19:11
x2 bloodthirsters + 18 flamers + blue scribes + pretty much most other things from the ********** deamon book, this would be annoying.
full charge line brettonians could provide difficulty
all the bolt throwers + organ gun + thorik maybe
big monster dark elves, dragons, manticores and hydras

VC would struggle against this because you match their magic pretty well, although unit of blood knights will very easily feast upon a stegadon, and you can have multiple units of those.

but basically, this is a very very very very very gay list so i have two things to say to you.
1. well done on the broken list, i hope u have fun playing it
2. if i ever played you, i would probably get so annoyed you would soon find lots of pointy goblin spears lodged in various parts of your anatomy


Guard of Itza
26-09-2009, 20:19
Your list looks perfectly Ard' Boyz. Inspires me to want more engines. I fell like I would want one more unit of skinks but There is really no need to shuffle more stuff around to improve on a nearly perfect list. I also fail to see a vamp list beating this without some new tactics or some luck. It is not that vamps do not have some great ways to do some damage but there is just not much they can do against that particular strategy. Even if one priest goes down though, well there are four more and an angry prophet of the gods gods all still with their own dinos, not to mention you still have to take out the dino that the possibly dead priest is riding.