View Full Version : VC IoN ?

26-09-2009, 02:20
Vampire with Lord of the Dead +1 to cast IoN on skeleton unit.
2nd Vampire without LotD.
Vampire with LotD targets unit of 20 skeletons, IoN successful, unit raised to 25 skeletons.
Skeletons get into combat, 4 die.
In the next turn's magic phase, 2nd Vampire then targets the skeleton unit during his magic phase (now 21 in number), IoN is successfully cast by this vampire.
Can this second vampire without LotD bring the unit back to 25-man size created by the LotD vampire or is he limited to the 20-man starting number?

26-09-2009, 02:24
It's pretty clear that unless they have Lord of the Dead they can't raise them beyond their starting number.

Starting number = the number you paid for in your armylist.

26-09-2009, 02:26
Indeed, that 2nd vampire cannot raise more back than the starting (armylist) amount.