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26-09-2009, 06:20
Well, here's the list I'm taking to 'Ard Boyz now that my High Elves were stolen and I had to put together the collection of models I had to struggle and make 3000 points. Going for a laugh and to hang out with friends...also I have to run it....

My goal is to get Karl to charge a Thirster at least once. If that happens I will be content. Other than that I'm just looking to cause havoc.

My one option would be to trade the pistollers and Flagellants for a second Steam Tank, but I thought that might get a tad extra overkill-y.

Karl Franz, Imperial Dragon, Ghal Maraz

Arch Lector of Sigmar,
War Alter, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Biting Blade

Warrior Priest, HA, Shield, Barded Warhorse
VanHorstmaan's Speculum, Sword of Battle

Battle Standard Bearer, Plate, Barded Horse
Banner of Arcane Warding

Wizard LV1, 2x Scroll

Wizard LV1, Rod of Power, Ring of Volans

Flagellants x 20, Prophet of Doom
Handgunners x 10
Hangunners x 10
Knights x 5, Musician
Knights x 5, Musician

Inner Circle Knights x 10, FC, Steel Standard
Pistollers x 5, Musician

Great Cannon
Great Cannon

Steam Tank

TOTAL 3000

Guard of Itza
26-09-2009, 21:25
Extra steam tank, in not two extra steam tanks. You want ard' boyz with empire. As many steam tanks as you can put on the table (only three sadly).

Sucks that your army was stolen. Lousy luck but remember steam tanks just have to be there with some paint on them. Have fun with the situation you can, always sucks to have someone take away your hard work and probably not understand what that feels like.

26-09-2009, 22:43
Need more stanks :D

27-09-2009, 01:35
Well, as Organizer I got to play my "privilege" of being the odd man out when there were an odd number of players, but I did get one game in after a player left, and got to beat the tar out of an Archaeon/Kholek WoC force. Kholek ate cannons and dropped FAST, and Karl Franz freakishly smashed Archaeon in a challenge and ran down his Swords of Chaos afterwords. A good day for the Reich!