View Full Version : 1000 BoC (noob at BoC)

Philip Bright
26-09-2009, 13:21
I looked in my apartment and found some beast! now I was thinking that it might be fun to have an army to play some games with, so I can alter from my DE. I like the fact that this army have T4 on almost all models, it's a big difference from the elf's! So can this army work, the experience I had before I had a break from this hobby is that BoC is really hard to play and win with. Might be because I made poor composted armies! ^^

Wargor (General) -- 74pts
- Undivided, hand weapon, enchanted shield, heavy armour
Bray Shaman -- 151pts
- Undivided, lv2, braystaff, powerstone, chaos armour

Beast herd -- 151pts
- 12 gors (2hw, Full Command), 8 ungors
Bestigor herd -- 156pts
- 12 models, undivided, std
Tuskgor chariot -- 85pts

Chaos Ogres -- 164pts
- 4 models, hand weapon, heavy armour, shield
Chaos Trolls -- 220pts
- 4 models

4 PD (& PS), 3 DD
34 infantry, 1 chariot, 8 ogre sized infantry

The main idéa for tactics is to use the herd to screen the bestigors, ogres and trolls that can break the enemies in combat. Also I was thinking of using the shaman for an extra hth punch with bears anger.

Any thoughts?!

27-09-2009, 09:02
Personally I would ditch the bestigors and throw in another maxed out beast herd. In fact, I find 3 beast herds works extremely well in small games as you can mob down pretty much anyone, and with a wargor in the front rank they are actually reasonable at cc. Also, 4 Trolls is a pretty large investmant for a 1000 point army. And ogres suck. You pay the same as an Ogre Bull for the same thing with no bull charge. I would throw them out for more herds, or Centigors. I love Centigors.