View Full Version : Vamps 2k Is this a good list?

26-09-2009, 14:23
I want a really good balanced list, I'm have trouble. What you think of this one?

Vampire lord level 3 w/ dreadlance, cadaverous cuirass 420
Summon ghouls, red fury, dread knight
Necromancer w/ book of arhkan on Corpsecart w/ balefire 190
Vampire w/ flayed hauberk, sword of striking 185
Summon ghouls dark acolyte

15 ghouls w/ghast (lord in a ghoul unit) (summon up this unit a bit)
16 ghouls w/ghast (summon up this unit a bit)
10 ghouls w/ghast
2nd Corpsecart w/ balefire

18 Graveguard w/ champion, banner ( of the barrows) 303
6 Black knights w/ champion, banner (of strigioi) 211
3 Bats

2 + 1 Wraiths w/ banshee

28-09-2009, 14:08
i personally don't like the set up on the heros considering what you appear to want to do with them, and that's hit things in the face.

at this points level try and keep the lord to 400 or less

the book of arkan is likely to get dispelled easily as you aren't REALLY putting alot of strain on their dispel dice. so you may wish to free up those points for more ghouls

sword of might would be a better option for the other vamp as you maybe hit slightly less but youll kill a lot more.

change the dread knight to avatar of death and chuck the vamp in the GG, put the second vamp in those ghouls, take the ghast out of the 10 man unit use pts to buff other unit, 3 bats seems alittle like a waste i don't use them so can't say