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27-09-2009, 02:39
Just firing off a quick report of a battle that took place after our 'Ard Boyz event today, with myself (organizer) pulling out the list I had in case of emergency to get in a game against someone who finished early (IE 40 minutes into a 3 hour slot). I'd love to do some narrative here, but I'm really not feeling it right now, and I want to post this before I forget. I might post it up later.


Karl Franz, Imperial Dragon, Ghal Maraz

Arch Lector of Sigmar,
War Alter, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Biting Blade
VanHorstmaan's Speculum

Warrior Priest, HA, Shield, Barded Warhorse
Sword of Battle

Battle Standard Bearer, Plate, Barded Horse
Banner of Arcane Warding

Wizard LV1, 2x Scroll

Wizard LV1, Rod of Power, Ring of Volans

Flagellants x 20
Handgunners x 10
Hangunners x 10
Knights x 5, Musician
Knights x 5, Musician

Inner Circle Knights x 10, FC, Steel Standard
Great Cannon
Great Cannon
Great Cannon

Steam Tank



Kholek Suneater

3 x LV 2 Nurgle caster on horse. Random items that don't come into play


4 x 10 Marauders


3x5 Chaos Knights, I think with command. Archaeon's Swords have banner of Rage, all MoN

Spawn x 5 or 6, MoN

Table Set up has a central hill one deployment zone, with flanking forests and another hill to the left board edge, and a building on the far right board edge.

Empire wins side and takes the hill. Deploys as follows, from Left to Right:
Great Cannon, Knights 1, Karl Franz, Inner Circle Knights, War Alter, Handgunners, 1 Great Cannon, 2nd Handgunners on hill, then Steam Tank, Flagellants, Knights 2, then Great Cannon 3. Wizards hide behind hill to play scroll caddy. Ring of Volens rolls Fireball, so not exposing for that.

Chaos Deployment from Left to right (all directions from MY table edge), Knights 1, Knights 2, Archaeons Knights BEHIND Knights 2, then 4 Marauder units with interspersed Spawn, then Kholek, then the last Spawn. 1 mage with each Knight unit.

Chaos Rolls for first turn:

Turn the first, in which our lord Karl Franz is afflicted with a terrible rash, and the gunners of Nuln again prove their proficiency against the mountain who walks

Chaos line generally advances. The first knight unit moves up to threaten the Great Cannon. Archaeon gets on to the hill pointing right at Karl Franz, and Knights 2 Swing behind Archaeon. The Marauders advance, along with the spawn. Kholek positions himself to hide from 1 cannon (best he can do), and be within charge range of the Steam tank should it move too far forward. The rightmost spawn moves through a small gap between the forest and building towards the Great Cannon (rolling a whopping 12" for movement). The Chaos magic phase is largely shut down, though they manage a wound on Karl Franz from Buboes after I roll 4 twos to dispel. Kholek targets Karl Franz with his lightning, but the Silver Seal saves it, or else it doesn't wound the Dragon.

Empire turn, Steam tank gets 4 SP. Karl Franz flies directly right and turns towards the Knights. Knights 1 advance right in front of Archaeon's Frenzied unit, hoping to draw them into a bad spot. The Steam Tank gets itself central to try and Terror off all the stupid Marauders, with the Flagellants getting between it and Kholek to save it from his charge. The War Alter moves to a spot where it can Flank knights if the try to support Archaeon, or charge his unit possibly. Inner Circle Knights advance to threaten either Chaos Knights (who they can now Outcharge) or blow up the cheap marauders and come through the back. Knights two position themselves where they can either go after Kholek later or hit that spawn heading for my cannon. In the magic phase I try with the priest, the Arch Lector and the War Alter to heal Karl Franz, but it's all dispelled. I store 3 dice in the Rod. Shooting opens up with some Cannon awesomeness. The first shot is relatively simple, and nails Kholek for 4 wounds. The second fires 41" to land right in front of Kholek and take 3 more, leaving him with 1. The last cannon that can't see him shoots about 45" to land right beside the flank of Archaeon's unit, then rolls a 2, only hitting 2 guys, an killing 1. The Handgunners kill some Marauders, lacking anything better to hit. Steam Tank cannon overshoots..whatever I shot it at. A spawn I think.

Turn the Second, where Sigmar's blessed gloriously sacrifice themselves, and our Lord Karl Franz confronts the Archenemy! Deus Sigmar!

Archaeon's Knights charge Empire Knights 1, along with Chaos Knights 1. Empire Knights flee and get away. Kholek charges the Flagellants, which seems a better option than getting Cannoned, with a spawn also making it into them (more on this in a moment). The leftmost marauders advance right in front of the Inner Circle knights, with the next unit turning to flank me if I overrun. The other two marauders and the spawn advance a bit. Chaos Magic is completely shut down, as most of it hits MR, as well as my scrolls and 10 Dispell Dice. Kholek doesn't frenzy in shooting. In combat Kholek FAILS. 7 attacks, 6 misses and a 1 to wound. Looks like he might break from the Flagellants, until the SPAWN kills 4, drawing combat. The last flagellant tries to finish Kholek with his flail, but it gets saved.

In the Empire half of the turn, caution is thrown to the wind, and Karl Franz and the Arch Lector smash into Archaeon's unit. The steam tank gets the 5 points it needs to smash into one of the Marauder units, and the Inner Circle Knights charge the Marauders in front of them, who flee and are run down, leaving me in a position to get flanked by Marauders. I am unconcerned by this. Knights 1 regroup. Magic is turned off for me, and I save 3 dice again. Shooting, I fire the first cannon at a spawn, misfire and can't shoot for 2 turns. Having no better targets than spawn, I don't fire number 2 to save it for Kholek when he gets out. Cannon 3 rolls a 10 and overshoots Chaos Knights 1 and 2. Handgunners whittle some Marauders from the unit that isn't sideways and isn't hit by a steam tank. Knights 2 moves to intercept the spawn advancing towards my cannon. Heading into Combat, Kholek and the spawn smash the Flagellants down to 8 after I immolate. They stay there, being insane and all. Archaeon challenges and Karl Franz must accept given that he's the only one in combat. Hitting on 5's he manages 1 hit with Ghal Maraz, which wounds. Archaeon's ward save clatters a 2, and he takes 3 wounds from Skull-Splitter. He is clearly shocked by this, as the Dragon does 2 wounds to him. He fails 1 armour save, then rolls a 1 for his ward and is destroyed by the lord of the Empire! Kind of a shock, but makes for a glorious story. The Arch Lector kills 1 knight from Impact hits, and takes a wound in return. The Swords of Chaos break and are run down. The two Empire Lords carry through into Chaos Knights 2. The Steam tank butchers the Marauder unit he's in combat with, gooing them all with impact hits.

Turn the third, in which Our Lord sees off the Knights of the Plague God, and the Ancient One falls, surrounded by the bodies of Sigmar's Martyrs.

in the Chaos turn two spawn bump into the Steam Tank, while the Marauders fail a Terror test and run from it. The other Marauder's charge the flank of the Inner Circle Knights, and the right spawn hits the Cannon. Knights 1 charge Karl Franz in the flank. Chaos magic is in HtH or dead, so is shut down, despite not getting my Rod of Power dice. Kholek doesn't frenzy. In combat I immolate 3 Flagellents, and Kholek kills the rest, leaving him standing in front of cannons. The spawn kills Cannon 3. The Marauders can't get past the 1+ save, and 2 die in return. They break and are run down by the Knights, who hit the spawn against the Stank. Karl Franz challenges and takes Max overkill from the front Knight unit. The Arch Lector kills 2 more knights, then survives. The side Knights can't attack as Karl Franz is in a challenge, and he's all they're engaged with. Both Knight units break, with the Lector chasing the front unit, who get away, and Karl Franz running the other unit off the board. Spawn gets killed by the IC knights, while the other one bounces off the Stank.

Empire Turn 3. Arch Lector charges the fleeing Knights, and they keep running, though they get away. Knights 2 charge the Spawn. Magic can't really do anything, as Karl Franz is currently off the board, and can't be healed, and there's nothing else worth doing. The steam tank generates 4 points safely to grind the spawn, while the IC knights turn around so as NOT to be stuck to the tank. 2 cannons blast at Kholek, but he lives, as 1 misfires and the other flies over his head. It's down to the handgunners to stop him, and they do, managing 7 hits, and 2 wounds. He fails one, and topples to the ground. The knights do two wounds to the spawn in Combat, which stays, an the Stank grinds the other Spawn to dust.


We called it at this point, as a clear massacre to the Empire. Karl Franz and the Arch Lector had smashed something like 65% of the Chaos Army's total points, and the cannons had largely taken Kholek out of the picture on turn one, leaving him very easy to finish off. While the Knight Heavy flank was daunting, I was able to recognize that the bulk of the Chaos models posed no threat, and that devoting my resources to the Knights and characters was the way to win. (the other opponents of the Chaos player, who finished 2nd, tried to engage his cheap stuff like a battle line rather than just ignoring it, and payed HEAVILY from the knights). My magic defense held admirably, with the Magic resistance on the 2 important units supplementing my dice and scrolls to shut down the Nurgle sniping and Archaeon's flickers and Treason. I must admit that while I knew Karl had a shot, I figured he'd get pasted by Archaeon, but it was just too Epic not to do, and I was rewarded for my audacity with a huge win. Praise be to Sigmar!!

Karl Franz lept down from the Dragon, unable to keep a huge grin from splitting his face as he walked towards the Reiksguard captain. Though physically exhausted, the Emperor was buzzing with energy as he surveyed the battlefield. Some of his men were in the process of dispatching any Chaos survivors, while many other stood gaping at the massive corpse of the great Shaggoth. He could not believe the scope of their victory! He had been prepared to sell the lives of his men dearly to protect Altdorf, yet Sigmar had truly favoured him, as they had routed the Arch Enemy from the field, and their only real losses had been doom seeking fantatics. His only regret was that he did not have Archaeon's body to display, as the Nemesis now lay in the gullet of his Dragon. He could still feel the ringing force of energy that had coursed through him when Ghal Maraz had stuck the dread Lord. For a moment again he was Sigmar, a feeling he could never forget. As he breathed a deep sigh of relief, he became aware that the eyes of his men were upon him. He opened his mouth to speak, but in that moment his famous skills at oratory left him, and he could only think of one thing to say. "DEUS SIGMAR!! WE ARE DELIVERED!" he cried, a shout which was soon echoed by thousands of throats. The great enemy was destroyed. The Empire was again safe.

27-09-2009, 12:05
an epic matchup that archaeon vs franz, my money would have been on the everchosen as well.
Very elitish armies but ard-boys is ard-boys

27-09-2009, 13:46
That is some atrocious dice rolling on the WoC's players part.

but a deserving victory for you nonetheless.

Your win is one more reason why I abandoned WoC for The Empire!

30-09-2009, 05:38
an epic matchup that archaeon vs franz, my money would have been on the everchosen as well.
Very elitish armies but ard-boys is ard-boys

Indeed. It's funny, given that we were alloted 3 hours for our games, the number that finished in like...40-50 minutes when two tricked out armies just smashed into each other and one got obliterated in this fashion....

We cut our game time to 2.5 hours after the first match when every table was waiting for one game....

Awilla the Hun
04-10-2009, 14:39
Although Comrade von Stahl will probably chastise me for this, I couldn't help but grinning very broadly when Karl Franz took Archaon. For the Empire! Death to the Chaos Worshippers!

08-10-2009, 16:46
Deus Sigmar!

Very nice battle and Epic duel between the two.

08-10-2009, 18:21
Franz on a dragon is a monster and against an army with no war machines he basically has free reign to do and kill what ever he wants.

The winner was pretty clear from the lists ;)

Good game though and always interesting to see the big special characters in battle.