View Full Version : what to get next for a khorne mortal force

27-09-2009, 19:36
Ok,ive got my khorne force sorted and am ready for my next purchase,my problem is weather to get a box of ogres,spawn or possibly a giant.....

heres what ive got so far...

Enough characters,so thats out of the question
3 big units of marauders
big unit of chosen
big unit of knights
10 hounds
10 forsaken
deamon prince

I dont really want to add marauder horsemen,as i dont like the models,also if i get the spawn box,im going to make scyla.

any help would be appreciated.


28-09-2009, 07:34
Well for a start I would say ditch the forsaken for a unit of Khorne Chaos Warriors with 2 hand weapons. That makes 4 strength 4 attacks at WS 5. Forsaken only have WS4, a worse armour save (5+ instead of 4+), and on average 3 attacks. For the same cost. Anyways, for a khorne force that will realy suffer from shooting I would recomend a Giant, as everyone tends to panic and go "Aaaaargh! Shoot the giant!". Plus Khorne giants have Strength 7 and so will instant kill chariots.

28-09-2009, 21:31
Well, you have a good force already. Might I suggest some Dragon Ogres and a some more dogs. You can never have enough dogs, especially if you are a khorne fiend. and if you wind up playing demons, they can be used as fleshounds for them.

Spawn are OK, but don't bother with the khorne mark as it is not needed and only bloats your list.

Chariots are fun, but given a khorne mark they can be tricky (hence the dogs). Plus the are finicky to paint and you might not get alot of use out the investment in time and money for them.