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Pokey ork
27-09-2009, 23:31
Hey all

For a while now my main focus has been on Warhammer 40k with the Greenskins. The many games I have participated have been exciting and challenging and I thoroughly enjoy the futuristic form of Warhammer. However, recently I have been considering, after many years, in cleaning off the dust in my Greenskin army [Which was roughly 1k points] and perhaps begin them anew. I had in mind either an all NG and CG army [With the AOW Gobbo as my leader] and since I have some Gobbos to begin with I felt it would be most appropriate to expand on it.

But I have a few concerns in doing so which I would like to clarify here on Warseer.

1. One of the most intimidating aspects and main factor which is still making it difficult to decide to re-enter Fantasy is the "Army tiers" I have read here and around a few other websites. How viable/how much can an Orc and Goblin army now face up to the others with all the recent new army updates being released?

As I said above I have the intention of having an all Goblin army, or perhaps to even things out an Orc unit or two [Heck even a Wyvern if the army is at an even greater handicap than I expect].

2. An all Goblin army and NG army I hear are very enjoyable to play with though naturally due to animosity and army restrictions, are not the most competitive. Despite not being very competitive, just how decent is the army in itself for regular battles?

3. Is the O&G army really in a bad a state I sometimes read/hear people say? Or can they still hold their own?

Thank you

27-09-2009, 23:43
As I play the army you're talking about (all gobs), I can give my two cents I suppose.
1. They're viable, they CAN win against everybody, but it's awfuly dependant on luck against the newest armies. With a regular list, it's a pretty uphill battle (against vampires, for instance).

2. Well, as I said, if you face "normal" armies (not tournament winning things), they can do it. I have about a 50/50 win/loss ratio, but I play people who don't tool up their lists.

3. They require more work to win than the later armies, that's for sure, but there's worse (ogres, beasts, maybe tomb kings, I don't know them). You won't have fun if you play against WAAC guys, though.

28-09-2009, 00:03
Just take some squigs chariots spear chukka's doom divers and dont go crazy on the magic and you'll be alright. Just dont expect 'em to do fantabulous cuz they wont. But there is only one army that is more fun than these guys. Gnoblars.

28-09-2009, 01:00
The O&G play so randomly that I have no idea if I'm playing them right, or if they're gimped when it comes to a power level. All I know is that my couple of games have been hilarious!

Last game my black orc big boss wiped out an entire rank of Orcs during animosity tests, then rode off on his boar to smash some elven heads in, all the while drunk out of his mind on the battle brew. Good times. Of course, my shaman spent three turns squabbling with his unit of arrer boys, so didn't really do much. Just what you have to accept with this army book, it seems.

I play pretty much straight Orcs with no gobs other than an occasional caster and the almost required pair of spear chukkas, so I can't really comment on an all Goblin force, but once my Orcs have a game with my buddy's pure NG force, then we'll have something to talk about. :D

28-09-2009, 01:18
Three things to focus on in an all goblin army:

1) Numbers. Lots and lots and lots of numbers upon numerous numbers. Because Goblins don't do very well in combat, you'll want to make up for it in getting consistent bonuses for ranks and outnumbering.

2) Goblin fighter character can be very cheap, and decently effective. A fighty Goblin Hero has the same Strength value as a fighty Orc or Black Orc Hero (though they have a lower WS). Also, as situational as some of those goblin only magic items may be, they work amazingly well considering how often the situation comes up. How often do you see a character with Magic Items on him? Pretty much all the time. How often do you see an IMPORTANT character with a Ward Save? If the opponent wants to keep him alive longer, probably.

3) Trolls are more Goblin-y than Orcy in my opinion. Trolls have a few good uses, you just have to get by their Stupidity. Run a single Troll model right next to a unit of Goblins, in most cases the enemy has to make a Fear Tests when they get into combat with that unit.

Also, Squig Hoppers and Squig Herds. Squigs in general. They're Stength 5 for crying out loud.

28-09-2009, 01:45
SQUIGSQUIGSQUIGSQUIGS! Best. Damn. Things. In the whole *******' book. 15pts for 2 str 5 3d6"mv and skirmishers? 15 pts for 4 str5 atacks and 2 str 3 attacks? And the ability to squigbomb? HELLYEAH!