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28-09-2009, 01:40
Focussed Rumination, Plaqu of Tepok, Blood Statuette of Spite 315

Skink Priest-
Lvl 2, Diadem of Power, Charm of the Jaguar Warrior 150

Skink Priest-
Lvl 2, Rod of the Storm, Engine of the Gods 415

Scar Vet-
Enchanted Shield, Burning Blade, Light Armour 125

Saurus x17
Spears, Full Command 234

Skink Skirmishers x10
Jav/Shield 70

Skink Skirmishers x10
Jav/Shield 70

Chameleon Skinks x5

Saurus Cav x6
Muso, Standard, Warbanner 265

Temple Guard x16
Full Command 291

Razordon Hunting Pack x3
2x Extra Handlers 235

10 PD/6 DD (Or 8PD/8DD)

This was the initial list I wrote up but have realised a few things since.

1) Temple Guard are the wrong size, I miscalculated the Slann base size, so I can drop them to 14 strong (32pts)
2) Not sure if the Scar Vet is worth using, so chuck in an extra Saurus (-125, +12

Now with the points left over I can get a Sallie, another unit of chameleons and still have a couple of points to tweak. Thoughts?

Tzeentch Lord X7
28-09-2009, 01:55
is this te list you bring normally for friendly games or to tournaments???

28-09-2009, 02:10
Friendly... I've never participated in tournaments. This is just for my friends and the locals at the GW store. Though from the sounds of things most locals are beards WoC with 2 shaggoths... DE with a 700 pt black guard unit and 2 hydras... etc.

But you're welcome to analyse it for competitiveness :)

Guard of Itza
28-09-2009, 12:40
Take the charm of the priest and put it on the saurus by taking the enchanted shield off him. Now you can fly at skirmishers that are pissing you off or to catch a war-machine crew off guard. The slann is the right size so no problems there and keep them at sixteen. You have to buy handlers for every member of the pack (i learned this posting here too) but razardons are usually a waste. Try a pack of two salamander (with extra handlers) sand another pack of one salamander). I personally do not like chameleons but maybe you have had much success with them or you were tight on points but i advise against them.

28-09-2009, 12:50
Interesting. Though I was going to use the Jag charm as a dispel pull as well as a free repositioning of my Slann's los during the magic phase :D

As for the Razors... I used Leadbelchers all the time in my Ogre armies and had a whirl with them, and thats why I originally used Sallies in the previous book. I think the current sally rules are a little unreliable and hard to judge. Besides, a possible 60shot stand and shoot reaction isn't to be laughed at.

Finally, chameleons are to march block and be generally annoying. Even if you do try to shoot them and bump them off, you're usually taking -3 penalty (-1 skirmish, -1 chameleon, -1 moving to get los).

Guard of Itza
28-09-2009, 14:01
buy the cloak of feathers if you want the priest for repositioning as most will not care if you get an extra movement to get at them whit a toughness two priest (they should if you have a AOE spell but they will not). Plus you are already a large target so it is only stuff behind woods and out of range that can escape you.

If you roll one misfire on the stand and shoot you loose all the shots for that razor. Plus you are using the normal restrictions for stand and shoot but can only ever hold a charge. I am sure there is a debate over this somewhere but realize for thinning low toughness hoards with low leadership sallies are best by causing panic. Sallies are also best at taking out high armor models too. They are just better in most ways.

Here is a discussion on hunting packs.

I refuse to get into the chameleons vs terradons argument in this thread but I have found every time i used chameleons in this edition (I used a skink hoard in the previous edition so I have experience with scouters) they did nothing or helped my enemy my getting to overrun through them. Not to mention that they are tricky to position well. If you want to keep them do, but there is a reason they are a rarity in most maximized lists.

28-09-2009, 16:55
I have also had trouble getting chameleons to do anything usefull in this version. Terradons on the other hand have been endlessly valuable now that they got drop rocks back and gained the ability to fly through woods.

Everyone knows a couple of things about Skink priests, they can act as los for Slanns, they use the lore of heavens (so rangeless spells), and a stiff breaze will kill them. Nobody will ever stop the charm if it is on a priest, like Guard of Itza said your better off with the cloak of feathers.

I say if you have had success with razordons go for it. In fact in my experience the 65 points that salamanders used to cost is about 40 points to much for them now. They will miss half the time, when they do hit half the models they touch won't get hit, of those that do you can expect no better than half to die (unless shooting at other skinks or zombies of course). The panic thing is the only real vaulable attribute. My razordons on the other hand have cut through Cold One Knights, Black Knights, Vargulfs, Ghouls, Shades, Dryads, Witch Elves (there is nothing better than razordons against witch elves for me), and many others. With sallies I have had the most success shooting at large units of undead (mostly zombies), and very limited success against skirmishers.

I know that some people swear by javelins and shields on skinks but I have never found them worthwhile. They are more acurate when I am fighting skirmishers like shades or half the WE army but the skinks end up in charge range (and I prefer to keep redirecting units as cheap as possible). Anything else blowpipes are still less acurate but with more shots I just find they do more damage.

I also hate one use only items in general and find nothing to be quite as useless as one use only bound spells, I would dump the blood stauette and the rod of the storm and pick up some dispel scrolls, or maybe Focus of Mystery.

Last thing, I really like Scar-Vets and find them to be endlessly usefull in adding combat res through kills when fighting tough opponents (WoC warriors, elven elites, etc). Plus if you throw the charm of the jaguar warrior on him he becomes a wizard and warmachine seeking missle.

These are of course all just my opinion and I would argue that ultimately if you already have a plan worked out for how to use the units you listed then you will probably have more succes, and more fun, than by simply following the advice here.

- .- ..-
28-09-2009, 22:47
you need more temple guard my brother plays lizards and if you place 20 guard ( or more :D ) then you will conquer

i thik the only Guard flaw is that their going to get blown away if you dont find a way to shield them :(

other that that i think that camo skinks are good but not necesary

The troops of skinks you have right now doesn't look to competitive, mayby like 10 more (split between the two troops) and give them blowpipes

i also agree that unless you are good with razordons (or salamanders) you should n't use tham they are very bad ( unless known well)

DONT GET TERRADONS i know a lot of people like them but they dont seem to usefull

im impartial to the Scar-vet and you might want to add saurus but im still thikning about that

but you might not want to listen to me since i dont play lizards, my brother does

Anyway these are my opinions

28-09-2009, 23:01
Ah internet grammar and spelling. I didn't miss you.

Lines and dots guy. Temple Guard are awful. The only reason you ever buy them is to house a slann and boost his los. Thats it. Otherwise they're hideously expensive and only marginally better than normal saurus.

I take all the points about Razors vs Sallies. I'm gonna try and head in for a 1000 pt game today and try out the new Sally rules and see how they go. As for chameleons, well I needed a march blocker and had no points for Terradons. Simple as that. Plus, 3 Terradons won't have much of a life expectancy I don't think.

Finally, the Jag totem gives same speed as cloaf of feathers, yes. BUT, and more importantly, it goes off in the MAGIC PHASE. Thus he can alter his position by up to 32" in the one turn. Furthermore, I am looking at running with Lore of Fire for my first few games when the army is up and running, and Burning Head isn't going to work properly from the Slann as I need to draw a line through friendlies... The last thing I need is scoring a single wound with my own spell and disastrously failing the ensuing panic test.

I can also see the points about Pipes, but they're not gonna be able to do much. Skirmies are always moving, the pipes take range penalties, multishot penalties... 6s to hit all the time. :/ I know from running Bloodcurdling Roar in my Chaos list that I'm pretty bad at getting 6s