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Fresh Meat
17-01-2006, 02:46
at my local gaming club, at least 2/3 of all the armies there have at least one unit of fast/light cavalry flanking units. i play orcs and try to get to the enemy as fast as possible, so i cant really pull a units of 20 orcs away just to prevent 5 models get me in the flank, what is the best way to counter these units?

17-01-2006, 02:54
Most fast cav have crap saves and are low toughness so some Arrer boys might be useful to keep them from getting to the flank, magic missiles serve the same purpose as well. Other then that you could try leaving goblins with fanatics on the flank.

17-01-2006, 03:33
Snotling swarms, perhaps? Normally I'd suggest skirmishers, but the orcs don't have any, so ...

17-01-2006, 04:27
Gobbo chariots, wolf riders or magic are all good ways or keeping you flanks clear while threating his.

17-01-2006, 21:36
Yeah, any kind of shooting will cause typical fast cav units trouble.

Crazy Harborc
17-01-2006, 21:47
Try to use terrain to protect flanks ( IF it's possible). As mentioned, archers can do a job on small fast cav units.

IMHO, smaller units of Orcs as flank protecting units can usually handle small (5/6 minie) fast cav units.

On our battlefields normally we players place the terrain. Real world generals tried to pick ground they liked, to make a stand on. We get to arrange the terrain after randomly rolling for it.

17-01-2006, 21:50
The above suggestions are probably better than this one, but for a risky, sneaky, and fun tactic, have a unit of night goblins on your flank, and put just one whirling lunatic in there. Fanatics can pop out the side still, right? It would just be 25 points. It would be worth the points just to see the expression on the oponent's face when you say, "a fanatic is a-comin'."

Make the night gobbo unit archers as well if you'd like.

Mad Makz
17-01-2006, 22:52
Yeah, units of gobbo archers with a single fanatic are effective at stopping fast cavalry. They don't cost a lot, can stand and shoot and release the fanatic, and even if they are destroyed won't cause panic in orcs nor will they be very expensive.

use 15 or so plus fanatic to protect each flank and you should be fine (just march them up with the rest of your troops, don't bother trying to get shots other than standing and shooting or when wheeling to prevent yourself from being flanked by the fast cav.)

18-01-2006, 00:01
i'd suggest 20 as its the minimium unit size for gobbos :)

Magic, Chariots, warmachines[gobbo boltthrower is only 35 points]
Goblin wolfriders......Squig hoppers:)

How about put your hardest units on the flanks with a chariot behind each to counter charge should your opp attack them

Mad Makz
19-01-2006, 00:27
Doh, being a skaven player I should have thought about a realistic minimum unit size. :)

19-01-2006, 01:44
I would stick with the goblin chariots, they hit pretty hard fro there price and move as fast as most units. I think they would be your mose effcient bet

Crazy Harborc
19-01-2006, 02:56
Using NGs as flank guards might work. Around here, Night Goblins do attract shooting. They just don't hit the tabletops without some wackos with bowling balls on chains in the unit.

Regular Gobbo archers could work. I would likely chicken out on it being a "small unit". Hey, thirty bows...."might" hit something.:D

19-01-2006, 04:15
Good ol' bows.

19-01-2006, 14:13
Simply archers or a 1d6 magic missile. Fast cav is easy to counter if you have maneuverable shooting. Also, if your opponent tries to set up the charge, a good bol thrower shot in the flank works wonders (although gobbos donīt hit much - at least BTs are cheap).

30-01-2006, 11:07
Take your own fast cav. Goblin wolvies with bows arent the greatest, but they are some of the fastest, so you can charge them down or maybe get lucky and kill one or two with bows. And it gives you a shooting phase. 1 box will give you two units for 152 pts and will do wonders for evening the fast cav dilemma. And if they dont bring their own cav, you've got two units of flankers, and mage hunters/march blockers of your own. If points are tight, drop the bows for another 20pts(10 more goblins :D) .

30-01-2006, 11:56
Looking at it from the perspective of someone who uses fast cavalry a lot:

- Magic? ... doesn't worry me, miscasts and dispelling make it too unreliable

- Spear Chukka's? ... doesn't worry me, I won't offer a flankshot and the odds of it hitting are not that good, again way too unreliable

- Gobbo Chariot? ... that would keep me at a distance, it probably wouldn't get a charge on me, but it would keep me away from the flanks of his army

- Gobbo cavalry? ... same deal, it would be a game of hide-and-sneak with no chance for an easy flank-charge for me

- Snotlings ... dunno, can they charge to all sides? If not then they would end up being outmanoeuvred

- Shooting Gobbo's ... not much range, lots of misses. Most of the time shooting is just one more reason to get into combat quick, not to keep me away from it.

- Fanatics ... yes please! That's what cheap screening units were made for!

Conclusion: Gobbo Wolfriders and Gobbo Chariots are the only things that would make me very cautious ... some of the other things might work, but need too much luck to be considered reliable.


30-01-2006, 15:36
A smart opponent will have multiple units in position for a flank charge.

This means that you need to counter each flank-charger with a unit of your own if you want to keep him off your back. Goblin chariots take up special choices, and Wolf-riders are pretty weak.

Physically blocking the approach to your orc units with other units may sound like a good idea, but the screening unit needs to be a bit faster than the boyz in order to both keep up with the mainadvance *and* present a none-too vulnerable front.

I would recommend the following:

Position your army closer to the short edge of the table (deny the enemy one of your flanks) and focus on protecting the other with fanatics, trolls, giants or snotlings. Allow for an extra turn or two for advancing and you may do just great!


31-01-2006, 22:18
remember that wolf riders are fast cav to, so give em some bows and send 2 units of 5 to run around the enemies fast cav, i've started using 2 units of 5 with champion and musician and they seem to work pretty well

Gratnuk Ironfist
04-02-2006, 06:59
Well as a dwarf I'd use rangers, gyro and shooting with small units to portect my flanks.

As a skaven I'd use swarms (with poison baby, yeah), slaves, ratling and magic.

05-02-2006, 05:31
Never, ever take a champion with your fast cav. It stops you mage hunting (they can just challenge the champion and reduce the amount of attacks their way by 1/2-2/3), it opens you up to tremendous overkill, and it wastes 12pts.

NG work fine for protecting an infantry flank. I just tend to field rather fast armies, so wolvies were the best choice (never field less then 4 units of them, just to stuff up any fast cav matches for the opposition, give them bows just to make your shooting phase look tougher for 40pts). Chariots usually go in my main attack, but with a chariot heavy force, 1-2 for flank guarding can work wonders. They've even got a tiny bit of bow fire, not that it'll hit though.......................

07-02-2006, 15:17
Always take a champion.

If you for some reason find yourself in a situation where you do not wish to get involved in a challenge - refuse!

Any excess wounds inflicted on the champion will hurt *more* if inflicted on the boyz:

1) it reduces your Unit Strength, perhaps to the point of rendering the unit unable to negate rank bonus.
2) you risk being unable to rally.


07-02-2006, 20:42
... then again, if you don't have a champion there's nothing to challenge.


Gratnuk Ironfist
08-02-2006, 05:27
Although a musician is always essential.